Biographical Information
Full nameZoey


OccupationGas Harvester
Physical Description

Hair colorMaroon

Eye colorBlue

Skin colorTan
RelativesMyka (son)
Joe (husband, mentioned)

Production Details
Appears inLone Wolf

Voiced byPark Overall
“Nothing I can't handle.”

Zoey is a female human gas harvester.

Physical Appearance

Zoey is a human female, possessing all the traits of one. Hair of maroon and eyes filled with blue, her skin is slightly tanned and the woman is of average height.


Seen in two timelines, Zoey is first revealed in the series when Buzz Lightyear stops onto a far-off planet to rest where Zoey and her son, Myka, live. By either fate or chance, he ends up saving Zoey's farm and fighting off Vartkes, a mean and nasty gas baron who extorted the locals for his own selfish endeavours. After Lightyear leaves the time spans twenty years into the future where Zoey is seen riding a puffer along with her grown-up son.


A rough gal who isn't easily pushed around, Zoey is as concise as her boomstick's business end when she points it at you to get off her property. She carries a mistrusting attitude towards outsiders and tends to rely on herself and her son, Myka. She knows what it takes to live out in the frontiers of space where not even the law dares to go.


None, besides being tough and knowing how to use a gun.


  • "Good question. Now I've got one. What do you want?"
  • "I came here to settle things...once and for all."


  • Interestingly, Zoey's husband is never shown in the series.
  • According to Myka, Zoey is not exactly the best cook in the house. Even her puffers don't like her cooking!



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