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| haircolor = Gray
| haircolor = Gray
| eyecolor = Black
| eyecolor = Black
| skincolor = Dark-Skinned
| skincolor = Brown
| equipment = Standard [[Star Command]]-issue
| equipment = Standard [[Star Command]]-issue, plus a plasma cannon built into his peg leg.
| first = [[The Adventure Begins]]
| first = [[The Adventure Begins]]
| last = [[42 (episode)|42]]
| last = [[42 (episode)|42]]

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Biographical Information
Full Name Commander Zeb Nebula[1]
Alter Ego(s) Shiv Katall (formerly)
Occupation(s) Commander of Star Command
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Brown
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Standard Star Command-issue, plus a plasma cannon built into his peg leg.
Production Details
First Appearance The Adventure Begins
Last Appearance 42
Voice Actor(s) Adam Carolla
“And that's an order!”

Nebula is the commander of Star Command. He is well-known for his short temper and no-nonsense attitude.

Physical Appearance

Commander Nebula, although an aging human, is well-built, with a broad chest and shoulders. He is very dark-skinned, has a large chin and possesses a gray mustache and gray eyebrows and hair. In fact, his mustache will sometimes express his mood when he acts out in a certain manner, like sadness or dread. And, needless to say, his left foot is a pegleg.


It's not known how Nebula became the Commander of Star Command, but during the entire series he is the space station's top cheese.

Sometime in the past, possibly before he was Commander, he assumed the role of undercover bounty hunter Shiv Katall, and smuggled defecting minions from Evil Emperor Zurg into the Galactic Alliance. However, he later passed on the role to Buzz Lightyear.


Rough, abrasive and a general hot-head, Commander Nebula's had years of practice honing his voice by barking out orders to his Space Rangers. He's got a loud voice that can be heard even if you covered your ears. He hates to file paperwork, and would rather observe his Space Rangers at work than sit behind his animatronic desk.

But he is not always so abrasive, as he does show concern for the Rangers from time to time if they are in trouble or in some type of distress. He will even come to their rescue if their lives are threatened in any way, shape or form, as he's done in countless episodes.


Even though he has a pegleg, he can use it as a cannon when in battle.


Star Smasher

  • "Huh. Those invention reviews are more borin' than watchin' constellations form."
  • "Fantastic. Another paper clip requisition form."


  • According to Crumford Lorak, Commander Nebula's left leg was taken out by Shiv Katall.[2] However, because Shiv Katall was originally Nebula in disguise, and because Crumford Lorak is sometimes not the most reliable source of information, this is not likely to be true.





Video Games


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