Alternate universe XR

XR, in the back

XR is the version of XR from the Alternate Universe where Buzz Lightyear's counterpart is evil and has laid waste to much of their reality.


Like his counterpart, XR is a member of his universe's Space Rangers, presumably having either survived the destruction of Star Command or having been built afterwards. He later appeared with Commander Nebula to prevent alternate Mira from killing the good Buzz Lightyear from the other universe, as Nebula believed him to be key to defeating the alliance between their Buzz and the other reality's Zurg. This led to him and the others meeting their counterparts as well, though the other universe's XR briefly discouraged them from fighting together as he believed it might have catastrophic consequences. When this proved not to be the case, the two XRs worked together, and the more diminutive one asked the other about his oil weight preference. Following Evil Buzz and Zurg's defeat, XR and his companions returned to their home universe after being resupplied by the alternate Star Command.

Physical Description

The Alternate Universe version of XR is much taller and muscular looking than his original universe counterpart.

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