Biographical Information
Full nameXperimental Ranger

BirthplaceStar Command

ResidenceStar Command

OccupationSpace Ranger (experimental ranger)
Physical Description

Hair colorNone

Eye colorYellow

Skin colorYellow, Metallic White
RelativesNebula (adopted father)
XL (adopted brother)

Powers and Abilities

WeaknessesBeing blown up often

EquipmentStar Command-issue

Production Details
First appearanceThe Adventure Begins

Last appearance42

Voiced byLarry Miller
Neil Flynn
“I came, I saw... I interfaced.”

XR is a robotic Space Ranger who was originally created by the LGMs to be Buzz Lightyear's new partner, but wound up becoming a member of Team Lightyear and the first offical robot Ranger in Star Command.

Physical Appearance

XR is a robot that sports Star Command's colors (purple, green, white) and logo on his chassis. He has a disembodied gold/bronze-colored head with yellow optics, encased purple circles and green eyelids. However, sometimes the optics appear green or red depending on his mood. He possesses short arms and legs which can stretch out to any length he wants. He also possesses continuous treads encased in green for feet and purple hands. His head is surrounded by an oval glass dome.


The Xperimental Ranger, or XR for short, was created by the LGMs as the second robot Space Ranger, following the failure of the original XL model, programmed to learn from one of the best Rangers, Buzz Lightyear. On his first mission, he imitated Buzz repeatedly during their attempt to save the LGM homeworld from the Evil Emperor Zurg's dark forces, and was destroyed by Buzz's old partner in Zurg's employment, Warp Darkmatter (now Agent Z). The LGMs attempted to rebuild him, but the loss of their Uni-Mind to Zurg left them off their game, leading them to rebuild him with improper parts. This gave him a human, less proffesional personality, and he was temporarily reassigned as a janitor alongside Booster Munchapper until he eventually joined Buzz's team after helping him save the galaxy from Zurg's Uni-Mind powered mind control machine.


Originally XR was obedient, imitating all Buzz's actions to learn how to act as a ranger. However, after his reprogramming he developed a huge ego and sarcastic humour.

Despite having great intelligencem XR's personality is deeply selfish and self-serving, frequently looking out for his own self-interests rather than the good of the universe. Should an opportunity for money, women or fame present itself, XR's priorities are known to flip in an instant. He is as childish as Booster's via the fact that he tends to crack jokes at the worst times in most episodes. He also gets cocky after a single success, yet fearful after he can't repeat the same success twice. Despite his numerous personality flaws, XR is genuinly loyal to his friends and team, and at his core is a dedicated Space Ranger.

Despite being created by the LGMs, XR believes that Commander Nebula is his father on account of his signature (and initials) on the paperwork during his project stage is what allowed his creators to give him life, and tends to point that out much to the commander's annoyance, and the confusion/disturbance of his teammates, especially Buzz Lightyear himself. 

He possesses deep hatred and anger against the Vulturans, due to their scavenging behavior upon spaceships, space stations and, most disturbingly, robots.


As a robot, XR has many abilities, including flight with a jetpack. He can pull out multiple guns from his back and hands, and also has one big gun in his chest. His chest compartment can hold a wide variety of items, some of them nonsensical. He has many other features such as a built-in stove, a jamming signal, and others. He has the ability to be rebuilt after any damage he receives, either by the LGMs that built him or via self-repair systems, depending on severity.


The Adventure Begins

  • "XR reporting for duty."
  • "You know, the guy's supposed to be some kind of evil genius, and the best he can come up with is a ventriloquist act. What's next, evil juggling?"

Stress Test

  • "Yeah, Zurg's probably going, (imitates Zurg) 'How can I destroy the universe without my pen?!'"

The Slayer

  •  "One thing I can't stand is gambling! I'll lay you seven to one odds there's no more poker after tonight." 

The Shape Stealer

  • "As you know, normally I'm not one to panic, primarily because Buzz always comes to the rescue. But we're currently fighting Buzz, so who's coming to the rescue?"

Eye of the Tempest

  • "Yeah, but, it's dangerous out there. One false move and someone could be blown to bits - maybe me!"


  • XR was mentioned in a 2010 "Free Comic Book Day" Toy Story comic, "The Return of Buzz Lightyear: Part One".
  • According to XR, he failed to pass a certification test for the laser drill aboard Team Lightyear's ship due to spelling errors and neatness in "Sunquake", and in "Gravitina", Buzz is annoyed that XR sent Gravitina the love letter without letting him proofread it. This may prove that XR is not the best at spelling, especially as in "The Return of XL", he misspells "au revoir" as "au revior".
  • XR is the only character other than Buzz Lightyear to appear in every episode of the series.
  • A running gag in the series involves XR being constantly blown up, but this proves to be little more than an inconvenience than a serious problem.
  • XR is primarily voiced by Larry Miller, but in select episodes is instead voiced by Neil Flynn. The reason for the change in voices is unknown, as Flynn's replacement as Miller was sporadic throughout the episode order.





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