Biographical Information
Full nameX-Treme


Physical Description

Hair colorNone

Eye colorGreen

Skin colorYellow, Purple, and Navy
AffiliationClone Rangers
Powers and Abilities

EquipmentMultiple guns

Production Details
Appears inClone Rangers

Voiced byNeil Flynn
X-Treme is the robot based on XR built for the Clone Rangers.

Physical Appearance

He is an evil counterpart of XR with many differences. He has a purple and navy blue body with the Zurg insignia. His head is bigger than XR's head and has a green visor instead of dark green/yellow eyes. His hands have three fingers, which are clawlike in appearance.


When Zurg created the Clone Rangers, he neglected to build them a robot equivalent of XR. The clones took this matter into their own hands and built X-Treme. After causing mayhem around Carni-World, X-Treme was stopped by the use of a magnet. He later helped the other clones to escape and is still at large.


X-Treme prides himself on being completely unlike XR. He takes every opportunity to point out anything that makes him and his predecessor different. He is more childish than his counterpart, as are the other Clone Rangers.


  • "Okay, I know what you're doing. Preying on every clone's weakness. Well, too bad! I may look like XR, but I'm no clone."


  • Unlike XR who has a total of four fingers on each hand, X-Treme only has three. His fingers also happen to be claw-like.
  • His name is a pun on the word "Extreme".



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