Biographical Information
Full Name Wirewolf
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Robot
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Red
Skin Color Metallic
Production Details
First Appearance Wirewolf
Last Appearance Revenge of the Monsters
Voice Actor(s) Steve Hytner

Wirewolf is what Ty Parsec became when he was bitten by NOS-4-A2 and affected by the radiation of Canis Lunis's moon.

Physical Appearance

With a body of chrome-like metal with blue accents, the Wirewolf is a very noticeable creature. It can leap and bound on all fours or stand upright on its hind legs. Its claws are razor sharp, and its tail tapers off into an equally sharp point, and its teeth can chew through metal with almost no effort. It has luminous, bright red eyes and azure "facial hair" upon its snarling muzzle.

It has blue fins along its back (a stylized representation of the ridge of hair down a wolf's back), and its voice is uniquely dual-toned with mechanical and organic bits.


Wirewolf first came into being when Ty Parsec was bitten by the energy vampire, NOS-4-A2, then bathed in radioactive moonlight. From there, the Wirewolf wreaked havoc upon the research facility, and it took nearly all of Team Lightyear to stop it from eating the robots and threatening the scientists. The moon is destroyed, but NOS-4-A2 acquires a small chunk of it.

Later, showing that the curse was not gone, Wirewolf was brought out of Ty yet again, thanks to a fiendish scheme from NOS-4-A2 to turn everyone into wirewolves to facilitate his feeding.

After the last remaining chunk of moon rock is destroyed, the Wirewolf never surfaces again; however, Ty presumably still has the curse....


Hostile and vicious, the Wirewolf shows mostly wolfish behaviour. It snaps at robots, rips them to shreds, and otherwise acts like a very large, nasty canine. However, the transformed organic still has some say, such as the instance where Buzz Lightyear tried to reach out to Space Ranger Ty Parsec in a heartfelt plea for Lightyear's life.


It possesses sharp claws, strong jaws, and extendable cable-like coils to ensnare prey. It is also a fast runner and is exceptionally strong.

The form of the Wirewolf protects the organic being who's been taken over from exposure to harsh environments such as heavily radiated areas and airless environments, like a space-suit.

It can speak coherently, but it mostly snarls and growls.


  • "You're done..."
  • "Buzz..." (its sinister expression changes to one of concern and surprise, blinks)


  • The name wirewolf is, needless to say, a pun on the word and folkloric creature "werewolf".
  • The Wirewolf is technically a cyborg, being a combination of man and machine.
  • It's never explained how a robotic vampire's bite can turn a human into a wirewolf, even with the radioactive full moon in play.
  • His growls are familiar to Sheeva from "Parasite Eve".



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