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War and Peace and War
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Production Information
Original Airdate November 29, 2000
Ep. Number 049
Prod. Code 064
  • Tad Stones
  • Mark McCorkle
  • Bob Schooley
Director(s) Victor Cook
Story Editor(s) Gary Sperling
Story by
Writer(s) Gary Sperling
Studio Jade Animation International Limited
Series Continuity
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War and Peace and War is the forty-ninth episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and the last episode of the first season. It first aired on November 29, 2000, and is the sixty-fourth episode in production.


A routine equipment test is interrupted by Zurg, leading to a duel between him and Buzz. Their quarrel is interrupted by the image of a great floating head which wishes to impose peace on the galaxy by any means necessary. Buzz and Zurg reluctantly ally themselves to stop this threat when they discover these aliens are only promoting peace to weaken their defenses so they could conquer the galaxy.


Buzz Lightyear is performing a routine test on a new piece of equipment (a rocket-powered harness/frame equipped with heavy weaponry) the LGMs have developed in space when he is attacked by an army of Hornets and Beetles, who are trying to steal the weapon on behalf of Zurg. The LGMs are about to explain to Buzz how to operate the weapons system when they all go into an unusual trance at once, their antennae twitching as they all start repeating "Must Heed the Heed". Despite Commander Nebula's protests, they all leave their posts and head toward the hangar.

Buzz, meanwhile, is still trying to fight off the Hornets despite not being able to access his wrist laser while strapped into the new weapon. Hearing over his communicator about a "situation" on Star Command that's leaving him on his own, he assumes aloud that Zurg is behind it; Zurg, spying on him, admits (to himself) that he's not, but that will be "[his] little secret". Buzz manages to figure out how to use the weapons on the harness through trial and error and begins to gain an advantage against the robots. Zurg, infuriated, orders his Grubs to send in more troops, only to find that they, too, have entered an antenna-twitching trance. They leave, repeating "Must Heed the Heed".

Back on Star Command, the LGMs, still pursued by Commander Nebula, hijack a Star Cruiser and take off into space. The Commander radios Buzz to follow them and "find out what's what". Meanwhile, the Grubs are doing the same thing, leaving Planet Z with Zurg in hot pursuit. Both groups land on an unidentified planet that features an unusual-looking tower; when encountering one another, the LGMs and Grubs both claim they were "called". A giant glowing alien head then appears and introduces itself as Guzelian of the Heed, a "super being" that has "evolved into pure energy", which the LGMs and Grubs both immediately defer to as master. Guzelian declares his intentions to spread peace throughout the galaxy, which both the Grubs and LGMs seem to favor.

However, Zurg then appears on the scene and confronts Guzelian, threatening and firing at him with his Ion Blaster (which passes harmlessly through Guzelian's head). Buzz arrives as well, warning Zurg to stand down, as he believes Guzelian to be on the side of good. Zurg and Buzz begin firing on each other, only to find their guns stop working; it is revealed both the LGMs and the Grubs have built remote "off-switch[es]" for their leaders' respective weapons, and have used them under Guzelian's direction. Buzz then tries to take Zurg in using hand-to-hand combat, only for both Buzz and Zurg to be carried away by their respective antennaed allies, who declare "Peace". Zurg and Buzz are carried back to their ships and returned to their respective homes, with Zurg shouting dire warnings at Guzelian and Buzz protesting that he's losing a chance to bring in Zurg.

Buzz reports to Commander Nebula and the other rangers what he has learned. Their reactions are varied, from happy to suspicious. The Commander instructs the LGMs to return to their posts; they comply, but declare they will no longer "assist or support the use of weapons of any kind". The President of the Galactic Alliance then calls, reporting that Guzelian is now on Capital Planet and is causing a mass panic. Buzz and the other rangers go to the scene and confront Guzelian about "frightening these good people". Guzelian restates his desire to spread peace in the form of the musical number "Let's Make Peace", which fails to convince Buzz, but does convince the President and other Galactic Alliance citizens. When Buzz next tries to talk to the Commander about it, Nebula informs him that the President has given the order to disarm, and the LGMs are dismantling Star Command's super-secret Ultra-Spire, a force-field generator that is their only defense against Zurg's Hyper Death Ray. Buzz expresses frustration about being the only one who "thinks this is crazy", unaware that Zurg is struggling unsuccessfully to keep the Grubs and Hornets from dismantling his own weapons, including the Hyper Death Ray.

Buzz, using the experimental weapon from earlier, investigates the planet Guzelian first appeared on and finds the tower is receiving signals from deep space. He traces the signals to a device floating in space, where Guzelian appears and tries to convince him to go home and "celebrat[e] the coming age of peace and tranquility". However, Buzz blows open the device and finds the real Guzelian, a small alien with a large head, operating a spectral projection system that he has been using to project his holographic image to other planets. Buzz tries to arrest him for "impersonating an omnipotent super-being", but an asteroid-esque Heed warship appears, revealing that Guzelian's "peace" campaign was just a ploy to get Star Command and Zurg to eliminate their strongest defenses before the Heed invaded and conquered the galaxy.

The warship opens fire on Buzz, who uses the experimental weapon to evade them. He calls Star Command for backup but nobody answers, due to the fact that they are all at a peace rally on Capital Planet. Deciding he's on his own, he manages to fly inside the warship, where he finds Zurg, who is also there to stop the Heed. They bicker until a group of Heed warriors arrives and pursues them; as they flee, Buzz suggests he and Zurg work together to stop their common enemy, a proposal Zurg rejects. They get separated during the fight, and Buzz finds himself near a shaft leading to the energy core. As he prepares to fire into it, Zurg appears and unexpectedly blasts some Heed that were about to attack Buzz; when questioned why, he reveals he knows (and approves of) Buzz's plan to use his weapon to "start a chain reaction in the energy core that will cause a meltdown". Zurg continues to hold off attackers as Buzz flies his now-damaged harness into the energy core while firing; ditching it, he flies out with his jet pack and he and Zurg head for the exit.

Buzz and Zurg are struggling to open a door in the hangar when they are surrounded by Heed, led by Guzelian. Buzz tricks Guzelian into gloating about his plan of "making war under cover of peace" while secretly triggering the spectral projection system to broadcast the image of Guzelian's head to Capital Planet and Planet Z. Both Zurg's minions and the Galactic Alliance hear Guzelian's confession and realize their position with dismay. When Guzelian realizes his plans have been revealed, he claims that it's too late, the Heed will still be able to conquer the galaxy before either side can re-arm. However, the ship's energy core then implodes, and the meltdown begins. The Heed decide to cut their losses and flee "home" in their smaller ships. Buzz and Zurg fly out of the ship as well, barely managing to stay ahead of the explosion, which sends them tumbling through space. When they stop moving, Buzz is holding Zurg in a bridal carrying position, a situation both react to with embarrassment.

Buzz and Zurg leave each other with threats that they will be the victor next time they meet. In the last 30 seconds of the episode, Zurg's forces finish repairing the Hyper Death Ray and fire on Star Command, just as the Ultra-Spire comes back online and blocks the beam. Zurg curses Buzz Lightyear, and Buzz expresses satisfaction that everything is "back to status quo".



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  • Despite being destroyed in Revenge of the Monsters, NOS-4-A2 is one of the many villains seen during Guzelian's musical number.
  • Ty Parsec is seen as both his human self and his Wirewolf form, despite the moon rock NOS-4-A2 used to transform him being destroyed in Revenge of the Monsters.
  • This is the first time a villain, other than Zurg, cursed Buzz's name.


  • At one point, Star Command is seen with the spire still attached, despite the LGMs having completely disassembled it in a previous scene.
  • Zurg's brims on his gloves are grey in one scene.

    Zurg's red brims on his gloves are grey.

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