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A Vulturan.
Biological Information
Homeworld Unknown
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities Flight
Weaknesses Unknown
Physical Description
Average Height Varies
Average Weight Varies
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue, Yellow
Skin Color Brown, Black
Characteristics Talons, wings
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Production Details
First Appearance Head Case
Last Appearance The Shape Stealer

The Vulturans are an avian-like race infamous for their tendency to prey on lone space stations, spaceships and robots. They are especially notorious among the robotic populace.[1]


Vulturans are stocky and of below-average height, with avian-like features including a beak for a mouth filled with teeth, and two tufts of feathers on their heads that resemble "ears" or "horns". They possess taloned hands and feet, as well as wings on their backs which they keep hidden within their clothing when not in use. Their skin, which is possibly comprised solely of feathers, ranges from various hues of brown to almost black, and they have blue or yellow scleras and black pupils.

Their taloned feet are strong enough to tear metal apart, and they are fast, nimble, and able to recover easily from jumps more than five times their height.


A Vulturan tearing up a robot for parts.

Vulturans are scavengers who make a living by stripping spaceships, space stations and robots of their parts. What drove them to pursue such living is unknown, but they did launch an attack against a lone space station which was soon rescued by Team Lightyear.[1]


In addition to scavenging, some Vulturans work as bounty hunters.[2]




Their space ships resemble large predatory birds.[1] It is not known if the Vulturans have an organized military.

Notable Vulturans




  • (Speculation) The closest real-world equivalent would be Somalian pirates, since the people of Somalia were unable to trade due to their complete lack of an economy. As a result, many Somalians became pirates.


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