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|last = [[Downloaded]]}}
|last = [[Downloaded]]}}
'''Vicki Vortex''' is a female [[Human|human]] supermodel.
'''Vicki Vortex''' is a female [[Human|human]] supermodel.

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Vicki Vortex
Vicki vortex
Biographical Information
Full Name Vicki Vortex
Occupation(s) Supermodel
Moral Alignment Neutral
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Tanned
Production Details
First Appearance Downloaded
Last Appearance Downloaded
Voice Actor(s) Grey DeLisle

Vicki Vortex is a female human supermodel.

Physical Appearance

Vicki has tanned skin, pink hair, and the kind body you'd expect from a supermodel. She wears a blue jumpsuit with green shoulder coverings and a green belt with a yellow planet-shaped buckle. In her hair she wears a band with a multicoloured plume.


A spokesmodel extradordinaire, Vicki has no shortage of admirers, and even went on a date with the Evil Emperor Zurg. She doesn't always appreciate the attention, however, and keeps her phone number unlisted. It is unknown if she went on any other dates with Zurg, or what her exact connection to him is.

It was through her that Zurg learned that XR had all the knowledge of the Galactic Alliance, as the robot phoned her during her date with the emperor.


She appears to be bored and aloof much of the time, and doesn't appreciate unsolicited calls, going so far as to keep her phone number unlisted. Zurg's scheming and XR's knowledge hold no interest to her, and she has no qualms about making this clear. She is confident and direct when brushing off XR's advances, and shows no sign of fear around Zurg, despite his reputation as the evilest man in the galaxy. If anything, she finds him boring and would rather go out than watch him plot evil with Warp Darkmatter.


As a human, she has no special abilities, however she seems to have a keen fashion sense and clearly excels as a supermodel.


  • "Says he has all the knowledge of the Galactic Alliance stored in his head. As if I care."
  • "Ugh, can we go out tonight?"


  • Vicki Vortex is Booster's favourite supermodel.



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