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    September 22, 2012 by Ranger-Nova

    Since we've had a number of people abuse the comments section in the past, I thought it would be a good idea to post a reminder of what the comments section at the end of each article is (and isn't) for:

    It is NOT a place to post inappropriate remarks, make inane observations (someone wrote a post awhile back pointing out all the times we saw Booster in his underwear on the show - seriously?), provide false information about the show and/or pretend to be one of the creators (we had someone do this too once), post links to unrelated websites or any other form of self-advertisement, post about anything that does not in some way relate to the show, or make pointless comments (such as telling us something extremely obvious like, "Warp used to w…

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  • Ranger-Nova

    Listing Episodes

    August 11, 2012 by Ranger-Nova

    Although there is only one accepted way of listing episode titles in articles, I keep seeing several forms of listing used:

    "The Torque Armada"

    The Torque Armada

    The Torque Armada

    The first is the correct way of listing episodes, as explained in the manual of style, but it seems that some people are either unaware of this, or occasionally forget. That's understandable (I do it too sometimes), but would everyone please try to keep the listing consistent? If you are creating an article, give the episodes the proper formatting, and if you come across an incorrectly listed episode, edit it or tell me and I'll edit it.

    This doesn't apply to the episodes listed in the "Appearances" section of character articles, by the way.


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