Now as many of you know, Disney is famous for sneaking all manner of inside jokes into their movies, shows and attractions. These inside jokes include cameos by other characters, recurring visual gags that they put into every movie, and Hidden Mickeys. A Hidden Mickey is basically a hidden image of Mickey Mouse, typically a Mickey head icon, but it can also be a side view of Mickey's head or a full-body silhouette of Mickey. Anyway, I've found quite a few Hidden Mickeys in BLoSC episodes. 

Hidden Mickey in Ancient Evil

Can you spot a Hidden Mickey among the hieroglyphs on the wall behind XR in this scene from "Ancient Evil"? 

Hidden Mickey in The Adventure Begins

Look at this screenshot from "The Adventure Begins". If you look at the screen on the far left, you can see a Hidden Mickey! 

Hidden Mickey in Enemy Without a Face

Where there are bubbles, there's bound to be Hidden Mickeys! Look at the clusters of bubbles in this scene from "Enemy Without a Face". Does one of them look like a sideways Hidden Mickey to you?

Another Hidden Mickey in Enemy Without a Face

Here is a different scene from the same episode. Can you see a Hidden Mickey in this scene when the smoke clears after Buzz and Booster are bombed? 

Hidden Mickey in Holiday Time

Look at the three colored gears in Santa's workshop in this scene from "Holiday Time". Do they look like a Hidden Mickey to you? 

What about you guys? Have any of you found these Hidden Mickeys, or any others? 

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