Ursona Major
Ambassador major.png
Biographical Information
Full nameAmbassador Ursona Major



Physical Description

Hair colorLavender

Eye colorBlack

Skin colorLilac
Production Details
First appearanceInside Job

Last appearanceAt Large on a Small Planet

Voiced byBarney Martin

Ursona Major is a Gargantian ambassador.

Physical Appearance

According to him, he is one of the largest Gargantians there are, possibly due to his wide girth.


Ursona Major reached out to the Galactic Alliance to request membership for his home planet of Gargantia. The Gargantian Militant Movement attempts his assassination to keep Gargantia from joining the Galactic Alliance. During this time, he openly befriended Space Rangers Buzz Lightyear and Booster Munchapper.

Titanux is his aide.


Amiable but self-serving, Ursona Major frequently seeks to improve the quality of life on his home planet by establishing interplanetary relations with the Galactic Alliance. In truth, most of Major's efforts are for his own personal gain, seeking comforts and indulgences he claims cannot be found on Gargantia.

He likes Booster and Buzz better than Mira and XR, as he does not even remember the names of the latter two, and he invites Booster and Buzz to Gargantia to show his people they are part of something new and exciting.


  • "Can't find that on Gargantia!"



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