Ranger character designs

Character designs for the centaur-like Ranger (left), Flarn (middle) and the lanky Ranger (right).

The following is a list of unnamed Space Rangers.




Voiced by: Frank Welker as the Corporal and Kevin Michael Richardson (as Space Ranger).

The corporal is a human Space Ranger, a low-ranking officer who also occasionally works as a flight controller.

He is a dark-skinned male human with curly, black hair and a square-shaped jaw. As a Space Ranger, he alternates between wearing the standard spacesuit and the green-and-purple officer's uniform.


Ranger 01 (Ponytailed Ranger)

Ranger 01

Voiced by: Clyde Kusatsu

This Space Ranger has long black hair he always keeps in a ponytail. Unlike other background Rangers he was given a few lines, though they were brief and his name was never mentioned.

He is the Captain of Star Cruiser 19,[1] but was also seen not faring as well as he should have been on the Training Deck along with several other Space Rangers.[2] He has a clear, strong voice and respects Buzz Lightyear greatly, calling him "sir" despite them both being Captains. This was possibly due to Buzz being in charge of their joint mission and the ponytailed Ranger following Buzz's lead.[3]

His voice actor was uncredited in "Downloaded", but he was voiced by Clyde Kusatsu in "Rookie of the Year".


Blonde female Ranger

Ranger - female, blonde

Voiced by: Nicole Sullivan and Arizona Brooks

This Ranger is one of three unnamed female human Space Rangers. She is tall and slender, with blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Her face is long, but her cheeks round, and she wears earrings and lipstick. Her voice fluctuates between a high-pitched crack when she's excited[4] to a deeper and more authoritative-sounding voice when taking charge.[5]

Initially, she was a member of Rocket Crockett's team on Star Cruiser 22, serving as their navigator.[6] Later on, she became the Captain of Star Cruiser 36, with the Corporal, Flarn, and the avian-like Ranger making up her team, but they lost their star cruiser when Gravitina destroyed it.[5]

She also periodically contributes to the Star Command newsletter as a photographer, having once taken a photograph of Mira Nova on her one-year anniversary of receiving her co-pilot wings.[4]

She was voiced by Nicole Sullivan in "Mira's Wedding" and by Arizona Brooks in "Sunquake".


Ranger 02 (Brown-bearded Ranger)

Ranger 02

Brown-bearded Ranger.

Not much is known about this Space Ranger besides him being Rocket Crockett's co-pilot on Star Cruiser 22.[6] He looks particularly rugged, sporting a double chin strip beard and sideburns, accompanied by a thick neck. He is also shorter than other Rangers, but makes up for his short size in sheer bulk.

The only emotions he's prone to showing are surprise or aggressiveness, but he did seem sad at Warp's memorial service, as did the majority of the other Rangers. He's also seen smiling with pride during Madame President's peace treaty signing,[7] so presumably, he has a wider range of emotions.

He speaks briefly in "Downloaded" when ordering one of the other Rangers to open the launch doors, but his voice actor was uncredited. He is voiced by Frank Welker as Ranger #1.


Ranger 03 (Black-haired female Ranger)

Ranger 03

Black-haired female Ranger.

Being one of three unnamed female human Space Rangers, this particular Ranger has olive-tinged skin and long black hair. She also has brown eyes and thin eyebrows, and tucks her long hair into a purple thermal hood when in her Space Ranger suit, allowing only her bangs to protrude.

It is difficult to say much on her personality; she reacts much like the next Space Ranger when the situation demands it. However, she did briefly speak with Booster when he asked some Space Rangers why they were going to the Briefing Room. Her reply was "top secret" in a strong, commanding sort of voice, but she was smiling when she spoke to him, even briefly.[2] Unfortunately, her voice actor was uncredited.


Ranger 04 (Lanky Ranger)

Ranger 04

Lanky Ranger.

Not much is known about this Space Ranger. He seems to be very amiable, however, and is rarely seen in a bad mood. He is fairly tall and slender, with high cheekbones, a hi-top fade haircut, and a double chin strip beard. He is rather gangly and has a fairly long neck and large feet. He also has a healthy olive complexion and brown eyes, and is one of the most often-spotted background Space Rangers, being practically everywhere there are Space Rangers.

No other details are known about this Ranger other than he, Flarn and the centaur-like Ranger are some of the only background Rangers that have had basic character design sheets made and released as promotional images of sorts.


Ranger 05 (Brown-haired male Ranger)

Ranger 05

Brown-haired male Ranger.

Again, there is not much to go on for this Space Ranger. He is seen less often than others and is sometimes hastily drawn, appearing either younger or older in some shots. But he is consistently drawn to be short and stocky, with chubby features accompanying an athletic build. He possesses a large chin and a round nose, accompanied by short brown hair and thick eyebrows.

He was seen faring poorly on the Training Deck alongside other Space Rangers,[2] but he has proven to be competent in normal battles. Whether he is part of a team or not is unknown, as he seems to be one of the most elusive background Rangers in the series.


Ranger 06 (Sandy-haired Ranger)

Ranger 06

Sandy-haired Ranger.

This Ranger is tall and athletic, possessing a long chin and dark blond hair. He is another example of Space Rangers that don't show up very often, but he's appeared more than once and seems to have an amiable personality. He even wears a similar suit to Buzz, which is unusual given how diverse their suits can be.

He's appeared to be vicious in battle, using hand-to-hand combat to grapple with Hornets,[3] but whether this is a recurring phenomenon or whether he was simply overwhelmed for a moment is not clear. Nevertheless, it clearly indicates that he can hold his own in a fight. He is also quick to get to the source of trouble in order to provide assistance.[7]


Ranger 07 (Black-haired male Ranger)

Ranger 07

Black-haired male Ranger.

Like most Space Rangers, this Ranger is professional when it comes down to business. When Booster asks him and some other Rangers where they're headed off to once, he replies curtly: "Sorry, can't talk." However, he's not always so harsh. When Team Lightyear receives their first awards, he is one of the most enthusiastic Rangers, even whooping and waving a fist in the air.[2]

His suit is significantly different from the standard style with joined pointed shoulders that are connected to his chestplate instead of his shoulders being curved and sectioned off. He also only has two buttons on the right side of his chest. His most notable characteristic, however, is his chin-strip beard.

Despite his brief dialogue, his voice actor was uncredited.


Ranger 08 (Thick-browed Ranger)

Ranger 08

Thick-browed Ranger.

This Space Ranger possesses a suit that is similar to the black-haired male Ranger suit, with pointed shoulders and differently-shaped buttons. He's not a Ranger that has appeared many times, but he's instantly recognizable. He possesses olive-tinged skin, brown eyes and thick, bushy eyebrows, complete with a growing buzz cut with a jagged fringe. He also has a small nose and a large, rounded chin, but he appears to be sturdy and athletic-looking.

We know not of any personality prescribed to him, but he was one of the Space Rangers who towed Warp Darkmatter away after his first arrest[2] and is often seen on patrol in various locations.


Ranger 09 (Curly-haired Ranger)

Ranger 09

Curly-haired Ranger.

This Space Ranger is tall and lean, and not as heavy-set as some of his fellow Rangers, but he possesses far broader shoulders than the lanky Ranger. Out of all the human male Space Rangers, he is the only one who has distinct lips, accompanied by light brown skin and thick, curly black hair. He also wears a suit that is similar to Buzz's, the only exception being the shape and placement of his buttons on the right side of his chest.

He was one of the Rangers to lead Warp Darkmatter away from Planet Z after his arrest alongside the thick-browed Ranger.[2] He is often found in Ranger #8's company and is one of the background Rangers with the most appearances.


Ranger 10 (Brown-haired female Ranger)

Ranger 10

Brown-haired female Ranger.

This particular Ranger is one of three unnamed human female Space Rangers, and is probably one of the shortest Rangers at Star Command. She is heavier and plumper than most of her fellow Rangers, but she is quick on the draw and can hold her own in a fight. She has short chestnut-brown hair that curls slightly just above her ears, and light brown eyes. When wearing her suit, all of her hair is hidden beneath her purple thermal hood, making it sometimes hard to pick her out of a crowd.

She has been seen on Star Cruiser 19 alongside the ponytailed Ranger, the blue-haired Ranger and the bird-like Ranger (the captain, co-pilot and navigator respectively). She was possibly the weapons specialist or in charge of scans.[1]


Pointy-bearded Ranger

Pointy-bearded Ranger

Pointy-bearded Ranger.

This Space Ranger is a particularly elusive individual. It is also doubtful if he really is human or not, possessing a redder complexion than most, and difficult to determine due to his lack of appearances. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, until proven otherwise, he is assumed to be human.



Ranger 11 (Blue-haired Ranger)

Ranger 11

Blue-haired Ranger.

This Space Ranger is a blue-skinned humanoid female who is the co-pilot on Star Cruiser 19[1] and is often seen in the company of her Captain, the ponytailed Ranger.[3] She possesses a face with fairly human features except for her skin pigmentation, her navy-blue hair, and her slightly pointed ears.

Personality-wise, she has displayed varying levels of boredom while at formal functions and fierce determination in battles. But she was quite amiable while on Star Cruiser 22, possibly due to the success of her team's patrol.[1] She has also displayed sorrow, weeping openly when it was believed that Buzz and Mira had been killed by Zurg.[8]


Ranger 12 (Red-lipped Ranger)

Ranger 12

Red-lipped Ranger.

This Space Ranger's gender is indeterminate, and is therefore referred to in the plural. They are bipedal, possessing four fingers on each hand. Their body is strangely elongated, but ends in a pair of short legs, with no tail. They appear to have a snout like an anteater, but they also have teeth and thick red lips. Their eyes are large with small blue pupils/irises, and they also possess side-sweeping cheekbones, antennae, and large, bat-like ears. Their Space Ranger suit is unique to them to accommodate for their long body.

The only other instance we see another member of their species is with a child, whose features are less developed than theirs are.[9]


Ranger 13 (Bird-like Ranger)

Ranger 13

Bird-like Ranger.

Coming from an avian-like race, this Space Ranger has worked as both the navigator aboard Star Cruiser 19[1] and as the weapons specialist aboard Star Cruiser 36[5] which may hint at him gaining promotions every now and then.

He might possibly have wings for arms, since the armor encasing his forearms is thicker than the armor encasing his upper arms, and he has three fingers on each hand. His feet appear to be regular, judging by their similar shape to most other suits, but he possesses a large eagle-like beak for a mouth and nose, as well as pale, flesh-colored skin.

Like most of the non-human Rangers, we do not see other members of his species.


Ranger 14 (Blue-skinned female Ranger)

Ranger 14

Blue-skinned female Ranger.

Another blue-skinned humanoid female, this particular Space Ranger doesn't seem to be a member of the same race as the blue-haired Ranger, instead possessing an atypical hairstyle that looks like a combination of hair and a fin. The dark shade of her hair matches her lips, and the fin-like part of her hair is a tinge darker than the shade of her skin. She always wears her hair high, with one single elegant curl resting atop her forehead. Her face is also noticeably rounder, and she customarily wears the standard Space Ranger-issued suit.

Unfortunately, there is no real hint as to what kind of a personality she has since she reacts much like all the other Space Rangers and has rarely been spotted alone.


Ranger 15 (Centaur-like Ranger)

Ranger 15

Centaur-like Ranger.

This Space Ranger is centaur-like in appearance with four legs, a tail, and two arms. Her skin is a light turquoise, her ears deer-like, and her eye blue. She also has three fingers on each hand, elephant-like feet, and a thick, snake-like tail. She is distinctly female, possessing a clearly-defined chest and short, sea-green hair with bangs.

It is also interesting to note that she is the only quadruped Space Ranger, and in fact one of the only quadruped sentient species in the entire series.

Not much else is known about her. However, she was also featured in promotional character design art along with Flarn and the lanky Ranger.


Ranger 16 (Blue-skinned male Ranger)

Ranger 16

Blue-skinned male Ranger.

A blue-skinned humanoid male, this man is one of the more illusive Space Rangers, having been rarely spotted. He looks fairly human, despite sporting blue skin and dark blue eyebrows, as well as possessing a Roman-like nose shape. Other than the fact that he vaguely resembles Buzz, possessing a large, square-like jaw, not much else is known about him. He is often spotted near Commander Nebula and whenever large groups of Space Rangers are afoot.

However, he is easily missed in a crowd. Even the animators themselves have more often than not given him a pale complexion, perhaps mistaking him for Buzz due to how similar the two look, or simply because they mistook him for a human.[2]


Ranger 17 (Frog-like Ranger)

Ranger 17

Frog-like Ranger.

This Space Ranger is rather frog-like in appearance, with no visible nose. His skin is a mixture of blue and purple hues, and he has large brows and a massive underbite. Despite not having visible hair, he seems to have brown eyebrows and sports a double chin-strip beard. He also has broad shoulders and is quite heavyset in appearance. He sometimes appears to be rather bowed despite being of average height, with his shoulders constantly slouching forwards.

Other than that, he is one of the rarely-spotted Rangers, not having appeared in many scenes. There is also very little to say concerning his personality, but he seems to be an amiable individual.



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