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*"All right, we're wasting valuable time here." (''tosses plug onto the floor'')
*"All right, we're wasting valuable time here." (''tosses plug onto the floor'')
*"Don't you see?! I AM THAT THING!"
*"Don't you see?! I AM THAT THING!"
* "What ever is attack and night!
===[[Revenge of the Monsters]]===
===[[Revenge of the Monsters]]===

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Ty Parsec
Ty parsec
Biographical Information
Full nameTy Parsec


OccupationSpace Ranger
Physical Description

Hair colorBrown

Eye colorBlack

Skin colorTanned
Powers and Abilities
PowersCan shift into the Wirewolf via the Canis Lunis radioactive moon rock

WeaknessesCanis Lunis moon rock Cannot control himself as Wirewolf

EquipmentStar Command-issue

Production Details
First appearanceRevenge of the Monsters

Last appearanceWirewolf

Voiced bySteve Hytner
“Not on my post. I'll do the rescuing.”

Ty Parsec is a Space Ranger who was once stationed on Canis Lunis and turned into the Wirewolf thanks to NOS-4-A2's bite combined with the radiation from the planet's moon. He became the Wirewolf on one other occasion, due to NOS-4-A2 locating some of the moon's debris, but returned to normal when it was destroyed and the energy vampire defeated.

Physical Description

Thinner than Buzz Lightyear, Ty Parsec possesses tan skin and dark brown hair which is styled into a pompadour. His face is angular and sharp, and his eyes are larger than average. He has a typical athletic build, and is drawn in the style familiar to the series.


Early years

Prior to the series, it is only hinted in passing that Ty Parsec has had previous history with Buzz Lightyear; the latter being the one always rescuing Ty from distress or danger. It is not shown or elaborated as to how Ty became a Space Ranger, but the first time he is shown in the series has him stationed out on Canis Lunis where he guards a research facility.


After a fateful encounter with the energy vampire, NOS-4-A2, however... his fate takes a slightly more dark, and fang-filled path. He becomes very crucial during NOS-4-A2's plot to turn the entire galaxy into wirewolves thanks to his unique mutation when bathed in radioactive moon glow.

Revenge of the Monsters

He almost lost his job as a Space Ranger due to being a security threat, but he is seen keeping it in the end.


Tired of being in Buzz Lightyear's shadow, Ty Parsec is naturally dismissive and cynical of the former's near-perfect success. He doesn't possess the ever-positive outlook as Buzz Lightyear does and Ty is prone to grumpy tones and sarcastic remarks. That said, the Space Ranger isn't a bad person however, and he performs his job to the best of his ability.

He is also shown to be selfless, putting the needs of others before himself. He displayed his selflessness when he warned Team Lightyear to leave Canis Lunis when he figured out he was the Wirewolf, and when he defended Commander Nebula from XL while he was unarmed and temporarily discharged from Star Command.


Cyber Lycanthropy: Due to being bitten by NOS-4-A2, Ty Parsec can shift into the ferocious Wirewolf when caught in the allure of a radioactive moon.



  • "Him!" (bangs against helmet in frustration) "Where's a wormhole when ya need one?"
  • "Hey! At my post, we go by the book! Nobody's special."
  • "All right, we're wasting valuable time here." (tosses plug onto the floor)
  • "Don't you see?! I AM THAT THING!"
  • "What ever is attack and night!

Revenge of the Monsters

  • "Oh...oh, it's nice to be me again."
  • "Well, that's twice now. Not that I'm keeping count."


  • Ty's last name is, like Buzz's last name, is a unit of length of astronomy about 3.26 light years, or 31 trillion kilometers.[1]. This is somewhat ironic, given that Ty was constantly in Buzz's shadow before their friendship was restored, whereas his name is the larger unit.



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