Biographical Information
Full nameProfessor Triffid



Physical Description

Hair colorGray and White

Eye colorBlue

Skin colorTan and Light Tan
Production Details
First appearanceLittle Secrets

Last appearanceDirty Work

Voiced byJoel Murray

Triffid is a Rhizomian vega-genetic scientist. He is very prominent and influential in his field of expertise and may perhaps hold a high place in Rhizomian society.

Physical Appearance

Triffid, by appearance, is a stout Rhizomian who appears to be middle-aged. He dons a green and yellow outfit and small glasses. He also keeps his hair in a ponytail and seems to sport a white soul patch above his chin.


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He was disappointed to find that Star Command was not receptive to his Vega-genetic science. However, he did not give up and instead suggested it as an alternative for dealing with NOS-4-A2, an energy vampire, to the Galactic President who took his suggestion and placed him in command of the mission.

This, in turn, caused him to take a leadership role. Through his leadership, he proved that he could be very assertive when he needs to be, but still remain the generally soft-spoken, calm, and wise professor he is today.


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Little Secrets

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Dirty Work

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  • Triffid's name comes from the carnivorous and highly venomous fictional plant of the same name—the titular antagonist in John Wyndham's 1951 novel The Day of the Triffids and Simon Clark's 2001 sequel The Night of the Triffids. Since then, the word "triffid" has become a popular British English colloquial term used to describe large or menacing-looking plants. Given that Professor Triffid is a Rhizomian and greatly involved with plants, and his first appearance was in the episode "Little Secrets" (where Team Lightyear had to fight against one of his electro-plants that turned into a large, mutant plant) the similarities are not surprising.[1]
  • "Trifid" (with only one f) is also the name of a space nebula.



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