Biographical Information
Full nameTremendor


Physical Description

Hair colorGray (horns)

Eye colorFuchsia

Skin colorPurple
Production Details
First appearanceInside Job

Last appearanceAt Large on a Small Planet

Voiced byKevin Michael Richardson

Tremendor is a Gargantian and the leader of the Gargantian Militant Movement.

Physical Appearance

Standing at a few inches high, he is purple with three horns on his head. Despite his size, he appears to be well built.


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Tremendor is a ruthless and cunning leader. He appears to be much more intelligent than his underlings, often using large words that confuse them, such as "autonomy" and "capricious". He tends to impatiently simplify his statements when they don't understand.


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  • "It's outrageous! The proposed accord with the Alliance is an affront to Gargantian autonomy! (his minions mumble in confusion over his use of big words that they don't quite get; annoyed sigh) The treaty stinks! (as his minions start to get the picture) To protect the sanctity of our heritage, I've arranged for our ambassador to have a little (air quotes) "accident." (as his minions mumble again; unholsters his laser pistol) He's a goner! (blasts the portrait of Ambassador Ursona Major; in unison with his minions) FOR GARGANTIA!"


  • Despite his affiliation with a known terrorist organization, it is assumed that Tremendor truly believes that what he and his minions are doing really is for the greater good of Gargantia, and thus, Tremendor sees himself and his minions as Gargantian patriots. According to TV Tropes, he could technically qualify as a well-intentioned extremist. 



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