Trapped in Time
Trapped in Time
Author Jeff Albrecht
Illustrator Alvin and Associates Inc.
Publisher Random House
Publication Date September 2001
Reading Level Ages 4-8
Page Number 32 pages
Dimensions 8 x 0.1 x 10.9 inches
Shipping Weight 3 ounces
  • 073641195X
  • 9780736411950

Trapped in Time is a storytelling coloring book based on the episode "Lost in Time". It was written by Jeff Albrecht, illustrated by Alvin and Associates Inc., and published by Random House.

It is 32 pages in total, and also includes two sheets of temporary tattoos as well as three pages of maze games, and it allows you to cut out Star Cruiser 42 from the back cover.


When Buzz gets sucked into a black hole, Evil Emperor Zurg tricks him into thinking he is thousands of years in the future to get him to reveal all of Star Command's secrets. However, Buzz realizes he is being tricked, and along with Booster, Mira and XR, they escape from Zurg's clutches. Zurg fires a missile at them, but Buzz redirects it back to his dreadnought, destroying it. They think it's the last they'll ever see of Zurg... but is it really?


Differences with "Lost in Time"

  • Buzz is alone at the start of the book before being sucked into a black hole.
  • But it later shows that Zurg captured Booster, XR and Mira on his ship.
  • The word "Zurg" is written out on the wall through the hole that was blasted, alerting Buzz to the trick.
  • Treevo is the one who tells Zurg that Buzz has escaped.
  • The Grubs are the ones who capture the Robot Buzz.
  • The missile that Buzz redirects to Zurg's dreadnought was shot at Team Lightyear, not at Star Command.
  • When Commander Nebula congratulates Buzz, he thinks Zurg is gone for good, but the last page tells the reader otherwise.
  • Although it is mentioned briefly that Zurg wants to know all about Star Command, it doesn't touch upon him ever gaining such knowledge or even utilizing it as he did in the episode.
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