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Act One



We have our establishing shot: a picture of the large space station, Luma 9, as the glittering station is seen orbiting a planet of unknown origin. Behind the station, in the distance, other planets float among the nebulae and stars. As we take a moment to step back to get a good view of the station, we hear a male voiceover.


Luma 9. More than just a space station, this glittering jewel holds a secret. A top secret.

The voice reveals its face, and it is none other than...


Brent Starkisser here LIVE at the site of the Galactic Alliance's latest top secret summit! As he reports in front of the space station, we suddenly close in on the station where numerous Space Rangers fly on either Star Command bikes or their own jet packs in every direction around the station.

Act Two

Act Three

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