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Act One

[Cut to the research room - a digital bust of a robot]

NEBULA: The latest in research robotics, stolen! Our newest war bot, pilfered! This high-tech crime wave poses a threat to machines, humans, and every other life-form in the galaxy.

XR: [drives up to Nebula] We’re on the case, Pop!

NEBULA: Didn’t I tell you to stop calling me that?!

XR: Understood completely, Dad.

NEBULA: I'm not your dad. You were built by the LGMs. For Pete’s sake, I only signed the work order!

XR: [sets his hand on Nebula’s shoulder] Mind for right exactly, Papoo.

NEBULA: Get your greasy arm off me, you stinkin'—

BUZZ: We’ll get right on it, Commander.

Act Two

Act Three

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