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Act One



We have our establishing shot. The camera sweeps across a canyon and two planets across the night sky, with fog and mist covering the landscape. Pan downwards to the mist clearing to reveal TY PARSEC and SENTRY ONE, followed closely by sensors.


Nothing on sensors, Ranger Parsec.

                                         TY PARSEC enters from the left into the frame. He's not a happy camper. 

        TY PARSEC

      (He sighs) Nothin’ ever is. (He glances over his shoulder at the robot to jerk a thumb to his left

Whaddaya say we go find nothing in Sector Four?

                                                                            They walk offscreen.

          We watch as Ty, Sentry One, and the sensors come over the horizon. We then pop up behind them.

                                                                                     SENTRY ONE

Sector Four looks clear too, sir. 

                                                                              TY PARSEC

                                                                Ty turns around, sarcasm evident.

Really? That's a surprise.        

 Cut to a BIRD'S EYE VIEW over everyone.                                                                                                                     

Upwards while Ty speaks.

Another dead-end assignment on a backwater rock. I'm STARVING for some action. (O.S)

We stop on a figure hanging upside from a tree branch.



And I'm starving for some energy. 

Fade to black as we slide into next scene. 

We pan closer and pass the trees to what appears to be a station hidden in the fog and mist.


Downwards to everyone as they walk to the station. 


C’mon, please. Turn off the sensors, you’re just wasting power.  

Sentry One is suddenly tackled from the left side. Ty stops, bewildered, before he cringes and his hair is blown off to the side. A brief shot of his back as he turns around, with an anxious look on his face.

Uh, where are you?  

From up above, we see the sensors still shining lights while Ty looks around in fear.

PAN TO--    

A bush with red light shining behind it and an electricial sound emitting from the bush. Part of Ty's body is in the shot. He turns his body slowly to make his way over.

The bush is highlighted in red. Ty comes from over it, wary. He places a hand over it as he witnesses what's going on.


                                                                        (O.S) Looosing powwww..... 

       As he says this, we see through...


We see the back of NOS-4-A2, feeding on the robot’s energy. He stops for a minute, and then he turns around, hissing as we see a torn out spot on the robot’s body. The image is very gruesome here.


Taken aback, he throws hands in air, very scared.   

Sweet Mother of Venus!

Cut back to NOS-4-A2, who sprouts his wings, as blue electricity briefly erupts from his chest. He puts out his hands as he slowly makes his way to Ty.

Ty falls back onto the ground, with the sensors in the air. He fearfully starts crawling away.

NOS-4-A2 floating malevolently behind him as Ty crawls. He stops and pauses as he sees, and we see, the sensors flying away, disappearing into the mists.

Back to Ty as he is still on the ground. He gasps as NOS-4-A2 floats right above him.

NOS-4-A2 hisses and prepares to attack Ty.

Ty turns around, afraid, but is going to fight NOS-4-A2. His fingers tap onto his left arm, as if to type in a command. He then places his left hand on his right arm, shooting out a laser from his wrist.

The laser hits NOS-4-A2 in the chest and he immediately rockets off into the air, leaving behind him a trail of blue mist. Ty watches the energy vampire fly off, the blue trail of mist evaporating as NOS-4-A2 heads to the green celestial body.

Next cut shows a close-up of Ty. He's leaning into the camera from the left, gaping. He blinks two times, and then looks down, concern suddenly crossing his face.

We then see Ty crawl over to the robot, who is on his side, with nothing indicating he’s alive.


 Ty turns the robot onto his side as he asks:

Sentry One, are you alright?       

Behind Ty's head and over the two of them, we see Sentry One on the ground. SENTRY ONE turns his head to look at Parsec. 


Weakly, he responds: action, sir.

Cut to Ty, who quickly kneels upwards and opens his communicator on his left arm to talk to Star Command. He looks afraid and apprehensive.


Uh, uh, Ranger Ty Parsec reporting to Star Command. We have a situation on, uh, planet Canis Lunis. 


He briefly turns away from his communicator as he has an epiphany. He smiles and turns back to his communicator:

Nothing I can't handle.  

Sentry One’s arms spring up and he clasps onto Ty’s arm, with Ty taken aback.


It's an energy vampire! Send backup!

Sentry One falls down, letting go of Ty's arm. Dust rises up and then evaporates. Ty quickly leans over his communicator, alarmed.


 He shakes his head as he says:                                                            

Uh, s-scratch that. Uh, no, no. Situation under control. 

He smiles in eager confidence once more. 

I can handle this. 

He crouches down as he hear NOS-4-A2 behind him.  

Cut to scene to reveal Ty on his knees, Sentry One’s body lying next to him, motionless. Ty looks up, seeing the cape disappear off screen. 

Cut back to Ty, who looks down at his communicator again. He whispers, with some apprehension: 

I'm PRETTY sure I can handle this.

He looks up and gets onto one knee. 

PAN TO--    

The camera pans up from Ty to the green moon with NOS-4-A2 flying into it.



Cut to Star Cruiser 42, as it spins and flies over the green moon.

        BUZZ LIGHTYEAR (Voiceover)

Touchdown on Canis Lunis in five minutes.


We're on 42's bridge, with TEAM LIGHTYEAR in view. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, MIRA NOVA and BOOSTER MUNCHAPPER are all in their respective seats and XR is in his own standing position. Camera closes up on Buzz as he smiles and says,


It's gonna be great to see my old buddy Ty Parsec again. 

We see Booster, who leans over his machine and responds:


You two are legends at the Academy. Oh! Tell me about the time you saved Ty from the flesh-eating drill wasp.

We follow the camera from Booster to Mira. She yawns and places her head in a hand and looks away, bored. 

Cut to behind Booster's head, Buzz turns in his seat to explain....and is somehow able to keep the ship going without looking forward.


Well, Booster, there we were...


As he's saying this line, he motions with his hands above his head and places hands on cheeks, as if to make a face.

Oh, no, no, wait! How about when you saved him from the brain ticks of Betahart 4? That one's creepier

XR, who's hiding behind the glass tube with fear, comes out.


Speakin' of creepy, tell me why (wheels closer to camera and out from behind glass tube) we're flying right into the clutches of NOS-4-A2! (grips his hands) My nerve servos are frying!

We're back to Buzz, now in the foreground and XR in the background.


Because, XR, (he turns to look at XR from his seat) he's been feedin' at a top secret energy facility that's critical to the Galactic Alliance. (grips his fist and grins confidently) We've gotta stop him.

Cut back to XR, who throws his arms in the air with frustration.


I couldn't agree more, but why me?! ME?! Why m-?! (wheels over to the right, where we see Booster in view as XR rants) What does Star Command think the X in my name stands for, "eXpendable"?!


Doesn't it?

Mira's in her seat. She turns around as she says:


Hey, we can take on that energy vampire. You took him down the last time, no problem. A-Alright, granted you were (cut to XR, nervously fidgeting his hands while Mira speaks off-screen) under his mind control for a week, and then (cut to Booster, who lowers his ears for a brief second as if confused) you almost destroyed Star Command... (we go back to Mira) well, now that I'm thinkin' about it, that was a HUGE problem, hm. (She puts a hand to her chin, as if thinking it over)

XR wheels up to Buzz, giving him something.

From Buzz's POV, we see what he looks at what XR just gave him, which is a card of some sort with XR's picture on it. He responds in a deadpanned tone: 


My gear and circuit donor card.



Star Cruiser 42 enters the atmosphere of Canis Lunis, past a giant pink planet, and a pair of smaller celestial bodies, one red and one blue. 42 passes them and then disappears off-screen, before we head down to the energy facility, where the green celestial body appears to be hovering above the facility. 

Ty's leaning against a crate with arms crossed and a foot on the crate, looking VERY annoyed. SENTRY TWO, his new partner, is standing beside him. 


Star Command didn't have to send backup.

Sentry Two turns from him to watch the Star Cruiser land, with dust flying. Ty glares at the ship. 

I'm on top of this situation.

From a BIRD'S EYE VIEW, we see Ty and Sentry Two. Ty gets off the crate to walk over a few feet. 

Oh well, just as long as they didn't send-

Ty stops walking and places his fists on his hips.

Buzz is in the Star Cruiser, standing in an open doorway with a grin and arms outstretched. We close in on him as he warmly greets Ty.


TY! Buddy! He laughs.


-HIM! (Ty groans and bangs across his glass helmet two times in frustration with Sentry Two watching him. Ty's not happy to see Buzz. Ty looks off to the side to quietly moan) Where's a wormhole when ya need one?

 Ty turns to see Buzz coming into view and saluting.


This is like a rescue reunion. 

The rest of Team Lightyear is there as they watch Ty and Buzz interacting.


Ty's still glaring at Buzz as he responds in a deadpan tone.

Yeaaaaaah, what is it, our fifieth? 

Ty turns to face us, but looks off to the side, while Buzz puts a hand around Ty's shoulder and enthusiastically tries to correct him.


Oh, it couldn't have been more than twenty times, tops! He pumps a fist.

Booster looks over some papers, graphs perhaps.


Um, he's right, Buzz, (looks up to look at Buzz and nod with Mira looking up at him with arms crossed and a smile on her face) it really IS fifty.

 Ty begins to walk off-screen.



The Rangers and Sentry Two head inside the energy facility with XR trailing behind everyone. He trails by to tread besides Sentry Two.


So...I hear you have an energy vampire...(whispers and puts hand close to mouth) Hey, just between us robots, where are the good hiding places on this berg?

XR looks up at Sentry Two while Sentry Two looks down at XR, his red eye on him.


Eh, air ducts four through seven, (he looks back up) but you didn't hear it from me.



One of the Ranger's hands is on a SCANNER. The large machine speaks in a male monotone voice and a green line pops up like a heart monitor whenever it talks.


Ranger Ty Parsec. Pass.

Ty removes his hand. 

Ty steps forward and motions with his hands to the machine, acting as a guide to Team Lightyear.


Now if you'd each do the same-

Procedure, y'know. He crosses his arms and looks off to the side, as if impatient and wanting them to get this over with.

Buzz and Booster are standing by while Mira is off to the side fixing her hair.


He puts his hands in the air like the fanboy he is as he motions to Buzz, who's looking mighty proud of himself.

As if you didn't know THE Buzz Lightyear.

Ty's still glaring and something snaps after Booster talks. Taken aback, he clenches his fists.


HEY! At my post, we go by the book! Nobody's (he motions with his hands) special.

   Buzz goes to the machine.


Ty's right, Booster. You can never be too thorough.

Ty clenches his fists and grits his teeth as he watches Buzz do his thing.

Buzz places his hand on the scanner.


Ranger Buzz Lightyear-

A WORM'S EYE VIEW of Buzz and Booster.

Holder of the Galactic Starburst, the Order of a Thousand Suns, the Cos....(the machine starts to slur)...mic ...pul...sarrr of glory...(Buzz and Booster frown at the machine as it shuts down)

The culprit is Ty, who is holding the plug in his hand and scowling.


Alright, we're wasting valuable time here. He tosses the plug onto the floor.

Booster and Mira give each other uncomfortable looks.


A group of Star Command workers are in a room with lightbulb-shaped lights, as we see Team Lightyear follow Ty into the room. The team look around the room as Ty shows them around.

PAN TO--    


So, Ranger Parsec, whatcha cookin' here?



A female worker is at the controls. Ty enters from stage left and explains with hand on hip.

-we collect radiation from the planet's green moon-

The monitor shows an image of the satelite and green moon as Ty's hand motions along. 

(off-screen) -and then we convert it into pure energy.

We're back to Ty, with hand still on his hip. He starts smiling and puffing his chest in pride.

Codename: Operation Moonbeam.

XR crosses his arms and grumpily retorts:


Doing business as the NOS-4-A2 buffet.

BIRD'S EYE VIEW of Team Lightyear and Ty as the machine generates electricity above them. Ty comes into view and motions while he speaks.


This energy has the potential to be bigger than crystallic fusion.

We move in on Ty, as he looks directly upwards and grins with confidence.

That's right. 

The grumpy XR still has his arms crossed and Booster appears perplexed.


'Course it does. 

Buzz walks up next to Ty, who places his arms down at his side and frowns in seriousness. 


So let's get down to business. He leans a bit forward and looks around, as if suspicious. Where'd the energy vampire attack? He looks to Ty after he's done searching.


He jerks a thumb to his left. The body's over here.

XR freaks out and immediately treads away from the camera. He shakes his hands as he does so before he's cornered.


He nervously smiles. And I'll just be over here, y'see, counting rivets in the wall. One, two, three...

Buzz is standing over a covered up body on a table, lights shining and hanging brightly above his head. He looks a bit distressed and sad at the remains of the robot. XR continues to count. 

XR (O.S.)

Oops! Lost count, start over. One, two...

Buzz pulls the cover off to reveal the body of Sentry One, now lifeless. Mira comes into view and looks over the robot.


Uh-huh. She points to the bite marks on Sentry One. Bite marks on the power pack. This is CLEARLY the work of NOS-4-A2. 

She looks back at the bite marks. Then again, could just be a robot hickey. She laughs, even gripping Sentry One's head!  

Buzz rolls his eyes at Mira's horrible joke as he slightly covers up Sentry One.

Can you imagine, two robots?

SENTRY THREE and SENTRY FOUR look at each other in awkward confusion.


Ty, on the other hand, seems irritated, with hands on hips. Buzz enters the frame from stage right. 


Uh, thank you, Mira.

We'll start a search right away and find that energy vampire, (he smiles and and leans a bit towards Ty, as if sharing some inside joke with him), and uh, (leans back and slightly pumps a fist) like I always said back at the Academy, (points a finger in the air, keeping one of his hands on his hips, and proudly yells) "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!"

Buzz laughs and puts a hand on Ty's shoulder, Ty looking at his hand as if it were a disgusting bug. After the brief moment of laughter, Buzz removes his hand and places it back on his hip. 


He groans and places a hand to his face, then turns away from Buzz. He's not looking forward to this at all. No matter how many times I hear that, (he looks at Buzz, his voice dripping with sarcasm) it still sounds fresh.

Ty exits the frame, leaving Buzz behind.

Mira and Booster are observing Ty's behavior, with Mira the most observant. She looks slightly worried before glaring and shooting Booster a side glance.


Does Ty seem a little testy to you?


Mira's arms akimbo on her hips, and Booster's legs as XR comes between Booster and Mira. 


Testy? Are you looking for testy? 

Booster and Mira, who removes her hands from her hips, leave the frame to catch up with Ty and Buzz.

'Cause I can give you testy! How about this?!  

XR starts wheeling off-screen, then we cut to a BIRD'S EYE VIEW of the room. We follow XR, the rest of Team Lightyear and Ty out.

I'M reliving my worst nightmare, and you're worried about what's eating Ty!

We see workers working, Sentry One on the table, and the camera panning over the Rangers. It comes to a stop at the doorway, where we see Ty slumping over, the entrance opening up as everyone heads out.

Can we have a little robot empathy here?



We're now outside with two of the sensors floating above the ground. We're seeing through eerie mist around the facility. The satelite's still collecting green moon energy.

One of the sensors comes in the frame, shining light onto us. Buzz then appears behind it, stepping around cautiously, looking around his environment. He stops for a minute, turning slightly to the left, and then walks forward, thus doing a body wipe. 

Fade slightly to black before we're in a BIRD'S EYE VIEW of Booster and Ty, a couple of sensors floating above them as well. 


Tell me about the time Buzz saved you from the chest-bursting vipers of Mothroth-

We're with the duo. Ty is silently walking, very agitated, while Booster is excitedly motioning with his hands, completely oblivious to Ty's attitude. 

-he's so modest. I-I'm sure Buzz left out some of the REALLY choice heroic stuff. 

Ty finally stops and turns to face Booster.


Alright. Hiss. Blam. Buzz Lightyear (motions with a hand, as if to point at something) to the rescue. The end. (turns to start walking again, slumping a bit) 

Booster frowns in disappointment.


Buzz tells it better.

Ty shrugs, like there's not much more to tell.


Hey, I'd love to elaborate, but-(he intentionally smashes his communicator against a nearby tree. He rubs it up and down the trunk to damage the device. After a few minutes, he stops and brings his arm close to him. The communicator's now damaged as it shows wires.)

Oh, would you look at that? My communicator's busted. (He walks off while smirking a bit. He's hoping that ends the conversation.)

Booster's disappointment disappears and he's now smiling and laughing, like Ty was joking.


Oh, come on! (puts up a hand to scoff, like he believes Ty's joking) Ranger suits have a backup! 

Ty walks away, following the sensors. Booster, with a bit of a bounce in his steps, follows after them.

You can't fool me!

We're back with Buzz, tiptoeing with care. One of the sensors above him is shining its light. Suddenly, he tenses up as he looks at the ground. He kneels down and holds up a sensor with two bite marks in it. 


Hmm...dead battery.

Buzz looks off to the side in thought.

He's close.

He looks up. His eyebrows crease upwards a bit as we see parts of wings come over the camera.

NOS-4-A2 is hanging upside down like a bat on a tree branch. He exposes his fangs and screeches before fully opening his wings, with the stars and green moon in the background.

Very close. (His tone is somewhat timid.)

Buzz is still kneeling a few feet away as he drops the battery by the tree trunk. NOS-4-A2 suddenly flies off the branch and comes toward Buzz, knocking him to the ground. The camera follows Buzz's fall. NOS-4-A2 takes off into the air, dust kicking in.

As the dust around Buzz evaporates, we see his back before turning his body to the camera, but looks at the communicator on his left arm and opens it as he speaks into it. Around him blue mist is everywhere.

Uh, I spotted him!

NOS-4-A2 is flying into the night sky, the green moon in full view with the satellite picking up green energy. 

He swoops down and then comes to rest upon a tree branch, grabbing it to land on it, his red-orangish energy wings spread out. He looks up to the satellite absorbing the green energy, with the green moon in the background. 


He licks his lips hungrily.  Mm-mm. Lovely.

A brief shot of the satellite and the green energy, the green moon big.

Power. My favorite dish. (O.S.)

NOS-4-A2 stiffens up in surprise as we hear a familiar whirring sound.

From NOS-4-A2's perch on the tree branch, we see XR treading all by his lonesome and fearful self. We see NOS-4-A2's claws.

We see through NOS-4-A2's POV briefly. Through his eye, we see red and diagnostics, words like 'tracking' and numbers increasing. 


Hmm...robot. (O.S.)

NOS-4-A2 licks his lips.

I'll never get full from one.

Cut to a brief take of NOS-4-A2 from a WORM'S EYE VIEW. He swoops downwards from the tree branch towards the camera and the green moon is behind the tree and energy vampire.

XR's looking down and doesn't see NOS-4-A2. Finally, he looks up to see a shadow creeping over him and he screams, his yellow eyes growing small in fear and green irises in place of his normally all-yellow eyes.

WORM'S EYE VIEW of Buzz flying with his jet pack. He's soaring over the trees and the sky, with the green moon near him. 

We hear XR's screams off-screen.

Buzz looks down and gasps: he sees NOS-4-A2 about to attack XR.

BIRD'S EYE VIEW of Buzz; he is higher than NOS-4-A2 and XR. We hear XR scream out,


A little help here!

Cut to Buzz talking through his communicator...which is closed for some reason. He glares.


He's heading for XR!

We're back at the energy facility with the satelite still collecting green moon energy. The green moon lurks behind. Ty enters from stage right.


Not on my post. 

He runs over to try and protect XR from NOS-4-A2, the camera following him. We briefly see Buzz flying downwards as well. 

I'LL do the rescuing. 

XR's backing into the wall. He nervously greets the energy vampire.


Oh, for goodness sake, look who it is-

Cut to NOS-4-A2 as he retracts his wings while XR, off-screen, talks.

(O.S.)-My old dark master, NOS-4-A2. My gosh. 

Y-you're a sight for sore eyes is what you are. Hold on a second here. He briefly turns to the side, yelling. A little backup, please!


A) Buzz flying downwards like Superman, one fist in front of him, the other underneath him.

B) Ty running and glaring with determination, all seen from a WORM'S EYE VIEW. 

C) We're back to NOS-4-A2 and XR. The camera's behind the energy vampire as XR speaks again.


 XR leans further back against the wall.

How's it goin'? How are you? You know what? W-we should get together sometime.

Cut to close-up of NOS-4-A2, as he stalks further into the camera as XR continues talking.

We should do lunch sometime. 

Cut to XR, smiling nervously and fearfully now. 

No lunch. No lunch for you!

NOS-4-A2 is inches from XR.

Not that you have a weight problem, (NOS-4-A2 advances on him), 'cause on you, looks good, (NOS-4-A2 grasps XR's helmet), looks VERY good. (XR braces himself for the attack)

Suddenly, NOS-4-A2 is tackled from the right by Ty, saving XR.

Panning shot of Ty and NOS-4-A2 rolling for a few minutes before Ty is on top of the energy vampire and wrestling with him. The energy vampire then lifts up Ty and throws him onto his back, and proceeds to bite Ty's suit in the right shoulder.


of the energy vampire sucking energy out of Ty's suit, with Ty looking on helplessly, eyes widening.


Losing power... (he half-lids his eyes and looks up as he struggles to breathe) ....can't....breathe...

Buzz stops in flight when he sees Ty in trouble. He looks to his left.


We see the satellite still collecting green moon energy.


Rescue 51! Here we go. He flies upwards and out of view.

Buzz flies to the satellite, turning its position to focus down towards the ground, the green energy being shown right into the camera for a brief moment, and thus blinding the audience.

NOS-4-A2's still sucking the energy out of Ty’s suit, Ty’s expression limp and passed out. Suddenly, the green light is upon NOS-4-A2 and Ty, and the energy vampire lets go of Ty, stiffens up and screams in pain. He looks up and sees into the energy, light coming out of his red eye.



Mira and Booster appear and watch NOS-4-A2 being drained of energy, Ty's on the ground, trying to get back up.


NOS-4-A2's still being drained of energy and screaming in pain. Ty suddenly grabs hold of him. NOS-4-A2 then struggles to try to escape out of Ty’s clutches.

Must escape!


You’re not going (the energy vampire tears at Ty’s suit, revealing Ty’s skin) anywhere, pal! 

NOS-4-A2 places his hands on Ty’s helmet and elbow, biting directly into Ty’s skin, causing him to scream out. Thus, he lets go of NOS-4-A2 and falls to the ground. 



Close-up of NOS-4-A2. 

I never drink…(rubs his mouth with his arm) blood. 

BIRD'S EYE VIEW of NOS-4-A2 flying high, Mira shooting a laser at him. We see Ty on the ground. 


NOS-4-A2 flying upwards out of sight.

Ugh, now I’ve lost my appetite completely. 

Ty's getting up from the ground, holding his bite marks as he glares and grits his teeth in pain. Buzz lands from flying, watching Ty holding his arm. He reaches out to touch it like a concerned brother. 


You alright, buddy? 

Ty sees Buzz trying to touch the wound and he jerks away from Buzz, irritated at him.


It’s just a scratch. I’ll be fine.

He walks past Buzz and slumps a bit, closing his eyes in frustration. 

 XR comes out of hiding from a bush, his treads sticking out. He then throws off the bush as he says with a smile,


Ty! My man! 

We follow XR as he wheels over to Ty, where he is standing there, holding his bitten arm and looking very serious. Mira watches XR wheel to Ty.

My hero! You sure saved my can, and when I say can, (leans slightly forward to Ty with a hand to his face, like he’s sharing a secret) I think I know what I’m talkin’ about. Not that I was scared or anything, because (he crosses arms arrogantly) I think we know I’m not. 

Cut to Booster with a wide grin. 


Yeah, but did you see the way Buzz saved Ty? 

As he says this, he exits off-camera and we see Buzz nonchalantly inspecting his hand. 

Booster comes over to Ty. Mira and XR are off to the side.

WOW! Wait till I tell everyone back at Star Command!

We see Ty looking and frowning up at Booster. He's aggravated by what Booster just said and resorts to his trademark sarcasm.


Oh, would you? I’m sure they can't wait to hear how BUZZ saved me again. (He smiles, although it’s a very tight one) Make that call, please. 



Booster's grinning from ear to ear. He salutes with enthusiasm, completely oblivious to Ty's sarcasm.

Right away, sir!

He turns around and runs back to the energy facility, hands flailing in the air.

Ty blinks in bewilderment and then does a facepalm to his forehead, as he does a headdesk to his helmet. He groans and then starts walking, passing an amused Buzz. We follow Ty.


Sarcasm is lost on the big one. 

He hugs his arms as he walks back to the facility, turning his back to us.

Buzz is looking at Ty's form with a neutral frown. Mira enters the frame.


Uh, Buzz, do you sense (points to Ty) something might be wrong with Ty? As she says this, she leans to Buzz to softly share her concern.


Well, of course I do. That bite's gotta smart.


No, n-I meant, a LITTLE…(makes motion with her fingers to prove her point) deeper. 


Ooohh…yeah, it’s just a flesh wound. He’ll be fine in a day or two. He pumps a fist and grins. Now let’s get this place secured for the night in case that energy vampire comes back! 

He leaves off-screen.

Mira stares back at him as she stammers and points a finger to try to stop Buzz.



Mira stands there and slouches, giving up and sighing.


We're inside a room filled with boxes, crates, janitorial supplies, shelves, and other things. The light of the green moon is shone through a window. Ty opens the metal door with his left hand as he clutches his wound with his right hand. 


Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! Buzz Lightyear (he closes door and walks into the moonlight) to the BIG, (takes off the upper half of his suit) FAT-

(Ty takes off his suit as he holds it in his hands) -rescue! (he looks down at it, sighing in frustration) 

Ty walks over to the window, still clutching his arm. 

There’s GOT to be a Ranger station somewhere in the universe where HE can’t find me. 

We see a shot of the green moon through the window, glowing softly. 

(O.S.) Maybe I’ll transfer to Alpha Centauri-

We go back to Ty.

No one ever finds THAT place. 

A strange mechanical noise is heard. Ty turns to his arm with serious puzzlement on his face. He sees WIRES coming out of his arm, showing…blood? He screams as he watches, and then walks off camera, gritting his teeth in pain.


A) Ty's facing away, his back to us, still screaming, and now gripping his bite wound, with wires still waving around. He rapidly turns around, eyes squeezed shut, and now grips his wrist. His human, five-fingered fist changes into a four-clawed, mechanical ‘paw’. 

B) The camera is now at a WORM'S EYE VEW of Ty as he leans into camera, teeth gritted and eyes squeezed in pain, still groaning in pain, wires now attaching to his neck! Electricity builds up around his body, and as it does this, he opens his eyes, which are now red and mechanical. His teeth become fangs. He turns to his left, his neck stretching out like elastic. 

C) Next shot is of Ty’s paws, as they scratch the metal floor, electricity dancing around them. 

D) We then see Ty on his knees, still groaning with his eyes shut and teeth gritted, his upper body now metal, except for his head. Electricity is still charging all around him. The camera closes up on him, as his mouth stretches into a muzzle.

E) We see a shadow on the wall of Ty’s lower half of his body. His back, butt, and legs are up in the air, as we see wires twirling around his lower half. A wire tail BURSTS out of his body, and his body falls off screen. A few sparks of electricity appear on the screen before…

The Wirewolf is born. 

It growls in a very mechanized manner and pulls the remains of Ty’s clothing off of it. An EXTREME CLOSE UP is done of the creature. 

Next shot shows the hallway of the facility, as the metal door to the room Ty was in is punched and trashed into the other wall, opening the room for the Wirewolf to now come out. 

The growling Wirewolf hunches his way out of the door, and starts prowling on its two legs, down the hallway. 

The creature enters a cabin of some sort, showing a bed, a calendar on the wall, an aquamarine counter, and a door. The metal silver door opens up to reveal the Wirewolf looking around, still on the hunt. A CLOSE UP is done of him as he grasps the door edges before a yellow light shines on his face, temporarily blinding him before he regains his sight.

A robotic voice shouts out:


You there, halt! 

WORM'S EYE VIEW of Sentry Two, holding a flashlight. The Wirewolf ungrasps the door and turns away from the light.

You are in a restricted area! 


A) CLOSE UP of the Wirewolf as he holds up a paw to shield his eyes from the light. He squints his eyes before he thrusts forward.

B) The Wirewolf tackles Sentry Two to the ground, the flashlight falling to the floor. 

C) The flashlight rolls around from the right before coming to a stop, light still shining out of it.

D) The Wirewolf's ripping apart Sentry Two right on the spot, clawing out robotic parts from Sentry Two’s body. Sentry Two’s shadow is cast behind him as blue oil bleeds out of him into the air and it moves as he cries and flails, 

Attacking a servo officer, eh? Alright, you’re in real trouble, pal! Eh-OW!

The Wirewolf as he lifts his head into the screen and holds Sentry Two’s head in his claw. There is a small stain of oil on his chest. Sentry Two’s red eye rolls back and forth as he laments his last words. 

Oh…oh…I should have stayed in the air…

The Wirewolf moves his head upwards and then decides to bite the robot’s head. Electricity now dances around it.


Sentry Two is now silent.

The Wirewolf puts down Sentry Two’s head as he stands up and wipes his snout. He turns to the camera, as if he knows we’re here, his red glowing eye gazing at us, his left arm covering his face. He then turns fully around and rears his head up high, standing tall and roars mechanically to the heavens.

Fade to black. End of Sequence.

Act Two



The green moon lurks in the background, hiding from the cloudy and darkly-lit facility. The camera slowly closes up onto the facility, as if sensing a foreboding secret…


We FADE into the room and through a window. Someone groans weakly.


 Down to the floor. A curled up, shivering and groaning TY PARSEC is shaking on the floor in a fetal position, gripping his arms. Blue oil is underneath him. His once kept pompadour is now a big mop top. His shirt is ripped to shreds on his neck, arms and part of his torso and abdomen. His pants are only a little ripped.

He stops shivering and gets on his hands and knees, still groaning.

Ty stands up, albeit wobbly, as he groans and slowly gains his balance. Blue oil starts dripping from his hands from the stained floor. The blue oil is coming from a dismantled Sentry Two. His decapitated head lies next to his broken body. 

Ty stops groaning and shrieks back, now fully alert. His arms are dripping with oil. He’s confused and appears scared at the sight of Sentry Two’s dismembered body. 



A shot is done on his dripping hands.

What happened? (O.S.)

Ty reacts numb for a minute before he falls down to his knees. Ty kneels down at the sight of the robot body, staring in shock, groaning in fear and gaping in horror.

Cut to the same bedroom the Wirewolf came into, as the camera pulls back to see Ty coming in, as if in a hurry. He leans into one side of the door, grabbing it for support before he nearly loses his balance and bumps into the other side. He regains his balance and walks to the bed, the door closing behind him. He places his hands on the bed.

What's going on? He sounds so helpless and shaken.

Next shot is of the dimly lit hallway where Sentry Two’s body is, still lying in a small pool of blue oil, in the corner of the screen. We see shadows on the wall, and they belong to Team Lightyear. XR is in front of Buzz, Mira and Booster. They walk down the hallway when XR suddenly speeds up to the corpse.

Next shot shows us his quick reaction; a shocked gasp.

Next shot shows Sentry Two’s body on the floor, and XR rolling up to it. 


Another one! This is horrible! 

The rest of Team Lightyear approaches from behind to see the corpse.

Oh, the technology! 

Tears fly out of XR's eyes and he flails his arms in a melodramatic fashion.

Oh, the brutality! Oh-

He stops flailing his arms and crying after he spots something on the floor.

Oh, wait a second, a reciprocating gyro rastor. I could use one of these. 

He picks up a gadget with a green lightbulb sticking out.

Next shot shows XR holding the device upwards, as Mira walks into the screen from the left, her hands on her hips akimbo. 



XR puts the gadget away in his chest compartment. As he does this, Mira turns away, crosses her arms and glares in disapproval.

Isn't that a little gross?

XR, with hands on hips, turns to Mira, who's no longer glaring.


Circle of life, my friend.

Cut to Buzz, glaring with determination.


NOS-4-A2 is back. 

He punches a hand into a fist before he orders everybody their orders.

Mira, XR, check for points of entry, Booster, search for the other victims. I'll go save Ty. He laughs at this horrible joke. I'll go TELL Ty, whoops. He takes off.  

Mira's walking in the hallway, alert and wary. We hear a whirring sound and then a thud as Mira's slight shoved forward. 

XR's bumped into her and is keeping close because he's scared. Mira crosses her arms in annoyance.


Yeah-hi, how about a little personal space here?

XR quickly turns around to check and see if there's anything behind him. He backs away from Mira about a few inches, and then salutes. 

Oh, thank you! I can hardly see you from way back there. She uncrosses her arms and continues on her way. 

XR looks at us for a minute in fear before he realizes she took off and races to catch up. 

The scene changes to Buzz walking down a hallway before shifting his eyes to his right at a metal door and stopping in front of it. We focus on him as he knocks three times on the door. Near the door is a Star Command sign that reads "Ty Parsec". This is his cabin.

We're on the metal door and we watch as it slides to the side, revealing a very disheveled Ty. He’s leaning over to the right, his right shoulder giving way and his left shoulder supporting his weight. His uniform is torn, leaving his arms, shoulders, neck, and parts of his chest and abdomen exposed. His hair is bushy, sticking up in various places. One of his eyes is half-lidded, while his other eye is fully awake. He’s gaping dumbly as he’s standing there.

He blinks.

Meanwhile, Buzz hasn't taken in Ty's appearance yet. He smiles as he asks his confused friend some questions.


Say, Ty, have you heard or seen anything--(he does a take, his eyes wide and mouth ajar. He glares.) What happened to your uniform?

We go back to Ty, who's rubbing the back of his head. 


Oh? Uhh… I’m a rough sleeper. Yeah, had a nightmare. (He places a hand on the wall, trying to act casual in spite of his disorientated state) What’s the problem? 

Buzz is standing there awkwardly with crossed arms, and is very confused and bewildered. He snaps out of it to tell Ty:


You lost another robot. 

Now we're focusing on the two of them in the frame. Ty’s weight is shifted onto his right, while his left side is leaning downwards. Buzz is outside Ty’s room, his hands on his hips. Out of the blue, Ty’s pants fall down, revealing blue boxers and skinny legs. 

Buzz just calmly points out: 

And your trousers. 

And we're back to Ty, who does a brief take at seeing his pants down. He looks back up and closes his eyes, trying to cover up his embarrassment. 


I know that!

He abruptly pushes a button on the side of the door, sliding and closing the door into position and that awkward scene thankfully shifts into another scene with Team Lightyear in the frame. 


Team Lightyear is gathered into the main control room. Buzz is standing behind a chair, with Mira seated in it, both in deep thought as they stare at the floor. XR is next to Mira. We see Booster’s back as he looks at his friends. 


Okay, what do we know?


No one got in last night.


The robot sentry was the only one attacked. And WOW, was he torn apart! As he's saying this, he's pumping his arms with excitement. 

His electron modulator was so bent out of shape I thought it was an electron ALTERNATOR! (O.S.) 

XR's slowly losing confidence and as soon as Booster finishes his sentence, he begins to get sick.


I feel...faint.

XR wobbles and inflates his cheeks; he looks ready to throw up. Mira is watching with concern as XR rolls away.

He rolls over to Ty. Ty's standing near a chair with crossed arms and standing on one leg, looking incredibly bored. Once XR rolls up to stand next to Ty, Ty looks over at him with a glare, as if to say, "Don't even do it." Just when it seems XR's about to lose his lunch, he straightens up and gasps. He shines a light onto the floor. He's spotted something. Ty and XR look at what has been found.

Hey, what's that?

The light shines onto green glowing Wirewolf pawprints. 


Footprints. (O.S.)

Back onscreen, Ty, with hands on hips, and XR are glancing down at the footprints. 

All over the place. 

He shares a glance with XR.


From the size of it I'd say an 11 and a half D. A RADIOACTIVE 11 and a half D.

We go back to Buzz and Mira. Mira has an epiphany. 


Wait a minute. NOS-4-A2 doesn't HAVE any feet! She stands up from her chair. What are we DEALING with here?


Ty is off-screen when he first talks and eventually comes into the frame to meet up with Buzz. Buzz turns his back to face Ty.

Whatever it is, it attacks at night.


And so tonight we'll lay a trap for it. And to lure it in, we're gonna need some bait.

Buzz turns his head to a certain robot, with Ty glaring in determination.


Good idea! All we need is a tasty little machine with lots of power-


The POV changes and now we see through XR'S POV as we see him look at Ty, Buzz, Mira and Booster. All of them are staring at him strangely. 

-lots of gadgetry, bells, whistles, perfectly round.

We're back to focusing on XR. He stands there before he realizes why they're staring at him. He gasps and takes a step back before he starts protesting. 

Wait a minute. BAD idea. Yes, that's a bad idea! Now that I've had a second to think about it that's a very bad idea. Because-Because that's exactly what it would expect. THAT'S why it's bad, it's VERY bad--


Fade from XR’s pleading to the Canis Lunis night sky. Although jet black, the sky is alit with a few stars and purple-whitish clouds, and a few dark clouds as well. We pan over to the right, past rocky mountains and blue and purple-whitish clouds, to come to a stop. The green moon slowly rises over the mountains.


Fade to the inside of the research facility, of what appears to be a warehouse, filled with boxes and big cans. There are stairs and a door. The green moon is shining upon a lone XR, looking around rather nervously. He's lost the battle. Camera pulls back to reveal XR in the center of the warehouse, Buzz and Ty hiding behind some cardboard boxes with the Canis Lunis symbol on them, and cans under the stairs, Mira hiding on top of the stairs, and Booster hiding on the opposite side of Buzz and Ty, behind more boxes. 

 Boy, are my batteries packed with energy! His tone is deadpan.

Cut to Buzz and Ty hiding behind boxes and cans. Buzz is in front, Ty is behind him, under the stairs. Both are glaring with determination. 

Off-screen, XR continues. 

Yes, why I can’t remember when I’ve ever felt so energized. 

We're back to an on-screen XR. He stomps the ground with his treads and sweats out of fear.

I could just keep going and going and going and going-


Shot to an annoyed Buzz.

Oh, boy, do I have energy here!


Buzz slaps down on his communicator and it opens up, beeping as it does so.

Try to sound a little LESS like bait. Booster, Mira, exits secure?





CLOSE-UP of Mira

Well, uh, uh, I mean I-I'm guessing it's secure. Well, I-I-I mean, I can’t guarantee it’s secure until someone tries to get through, you know, I won’t know for SURE and-






Resume radio silence. 


You got it, Buzz. She leans her head into her hand in irritation as she looks upwards.

We go from Mira to the ceiling, where a large window shows the blue clouds departing to make way for the green moon. It starts to shine its light.


Buzz and Ty, the former still alert and tense, while the latter is leaning against the stairs railing, with crossed arms and a grumpy disposition to match. The camera slowly comes to stop, the green moonlight shining upon him. 

Ty suddenly does a take, uncrossing his arms and gasping, straightening and rigid. He shakes slightly, and starts coughing. His hair starts to stand up on end and his eyes rapidly dilate between black and white for a minute before grinding his teeth and attempting to walk away, still coughing. 

We follow Ty over to behind the stairs, where we see his shadow. It’s hunched over, and we see small wolf ears and a muzzle. Suddenly we see electricity under the stairs, along with Ty’s shadow, which is now static, as Ty changes. It solidifies into a now more familiar shape of the Wirewolf, as it growls. It rears up, howling like a regular wolf.

The howling carries over into the scene, where the camera returns to XR on the floor, with Buzz still hiding behind the boxes. 


He shivers. 

Wh-wh-wh-wh-who’s theeeeeerrrreee?

XR pats his chest compartment, trying to protect himself. 

Cut to Buzz, hiding behind boxes, the Wirewolf slowly towering up over Buzz, raising his arms. He reaches up to his full height.


Uh, Ty, do you hear that sound? 

The Wirewolf gives a small growl.

I’m not sure where it’s coming from, either. XR, sensor scan. Where’s the source of that sound?

Cut to XR’s back. He turns his head around, and then does an EXTREME take. His helmet and head float in mid-air and he gasps loudly.



The clouds slowly cover up the green moon. 

(O.S.) Buh-b-behin-buh-buh-be-behin-

We're quickly back to Buzz and the Wirewolf, the latter’s jaws now dangerously close to Buzz’s head. Buzz looks confused and concerned.

(O.S.) Be-be-be-behin-buh-buh-be-behin-

We're back to XR.

Behin-be-be-be-behin-TURN AROUND!


While this is going on, at supersonic speed, changes back into Ty. Ty now stands in place of the Wirewolf, standing there in his shredded outfit, a bit dizzy.

Behind me? He turns around to see not the Wirewolf, but Ty. What's he talkin' about?

Ty groans and wavers as he's disorientated. Buzz somehow takes no notice of this, and turns back to his communicator to scold XR.

How many times have I told you to- 

XR stops shaking and freakng out.

(O.S.)-clean behind your sensors?

XR folds his arms and glares in indignation.

Ty's hiding by the stairs. He moves under the stairs, the camera following. It stops to see him pause under the stairs, looking at presumably Team Lightyear, before starting to tiptoe away from the area. 

We float to the ceiling, where the clouds unveil the moon once more, the light descending downwards. 

Back to a tiptoeing Ty, who stops dead in the moon’s light, hunching forwards and then excessively arching backwards, groaning in pain. A slight crunching sound is heard. He floats in mid-air slightly, electricity building up and dancing along his body. 

Back to XR, whistling. He's restless as he sways on his treads.


Join Star Command, save the universe. He's saying this in a teasing way.

CLOSE-UP of XR, and a certain pair of claws above him. He shrieks as his eyes pop out of his head, and he is grabbed by the Wirewolf’s claws, now off-screen. 

Buzz jumps out from his position from the boxes, with the green moonlight shining on him.


There’s your monster! You make the caller, Ty!

Buzz suddenly halts and realizes one other Ranger is missing. 


We're thrown to the wall, where we see the shadows of the Wirewolf and XR as the Wirewolf drags away a screaming XR off-screen. 

Mira, Booster, help XR!

Booster jumps out of the boxes and Mira flies down from her spot on the platform to the floor. Mira lands to her comrades, pulling out a gun from behind her back. Booster follows suit as they search for XR. 


Where is he? She hears the mechanical growling from behind a pile of boxes and points her gun in that direction. 

We see from her POV, the pile of boxes quavering. Suddenly, XR’s body parts coming flying towards us. A detached arm, XR’s glass helmet, and his chest, in which the wires in his arms are seen. They bounce onto the floor and then fly right up into the air. There is a lack of green moonlight.


(O.S.) Here he comes!

His chest is tossed right smack into us and disappears.

A worried Booster's bathed in green light as XR's pieces fly over him. First an arm flies and then far smaller pieces fly over him. He dodges them. 

Here he comes again!

Booster stands in one spot, and then dodges to his right, avoiding more of XR’s pieces. He then literally ducks for cover and covers his eyes as gears and screws go over him. One more piece of XR bounces and lands in front of him.

It’s XR’s head, eyes wide open and mouth ajar with fear. Booster uncovers his hands from his eyes as he sees XR’s head. Booster then picks up XR's head and gently shakes it.

XR, talk to us. Who did this?

He stops shaking XR’s motionless head, biting his lip, as Mira walks on-screen. His ears droop in sadness as he turns to her.

All his power is drained.


She groans. He’s gonna be in the shop-

(O.S.)-for a week. She says this when we go back to Buzz.


Anybody seen Ty?


You don't suppose the intruder got him too? She and Booster are worried.

A normal wolf howl is heard. All three Rangers turn their attention to the source of the howling, which is behind Buzz. He turns around and leads the team.


This way!

He and Mira run offscreen and exit stage left, leaving Booster alone. He looks at XR's head before he starts picking up the rest of the pieces and puts them into a bag he's shown to have picked up. 


Pinky, pinky! Who's got the pinky? 

We're running in the hallway. The Wirewolf is coming onscreen on all fours. He is carrying something in his mouth. He runs for a few minutes before he turns to his left down another hallway into a room, the camera coming to a stop before he goes in. 

A quick closeup of the green moon, clouds slowly covering it. The mechanical growling is heard offscreen. 

Ty falls and groans into a room through an open door. He falls onto his stomach on the floor, electricity dancing around him. Electricity stops sparking, and he tries to get up, only to fall down again in pain, his eyes closed and his teeth grinded. He looks like he’s passed out. The door closes behind him.

Buzz and Mira are running back in the hallway, with Buzz in the lead. A groaning sound is heard. Mira slows down and stop, turning around and her attention to the source of the sound. 

Back to Ty in the room, still passed out, and sprawled all over the floor. Suddenly we see a white glow. Mira ‘ghosts’ into the room for a quick peek to see Ty before ‘ghosting’ back out. 

Buzz and Booster are catching up with her as she turns to them. She looks over her shoulder and hooks a thumb to the room where Ty is in.


He's in here!

The door opens to let in Buzz and Mira as they run to help Ty to his feet.


Are you alright, Ty?

As they help him up, he gives a soft groan before speaking. He groans and opens his eyes as he comes to. 


What happened?

At this point, Booster comes into the room with the bag in hand.


He shows Ty the bag.

The intruder attacked XR, but it got away. 

Mira's standing behind a tired-looking Ty. She's peering over his right shoulder. 


What’s that in your hand?

Ty blinks and turns to her. He lifts up his hand, and he finds a small and strange gizmo in his possession. He arches his brows in alarm. 


You tell me.

XR's voice is suddenly heard from the gizmo.


Step back from the robot! Mira gapes and Ty does a take. You are too close to the robot! Mira and Ty both share a confused glance. And I-

We see a group shot of Team Lightyear and Ty, minus XR. Mira, Ty and Buzz are slightly in the background, while Booster takes up most of the foreground. Ty holds the device closer to him, as if to get a better look.

-am the robot! 


He gasps and He raises a hand to his mouth in shock, and points to the device and/or Ty. 

XR's voice box! 

Ty turns to Booster. He places his left hand on his right arm, in self-consciousness and embarrassment at having the thing in his hand. 

How did you...?

Go back to Ty, Buzz and Mira. Ty's still standing there before he has a shocking epiphany. Ty straightens up and gasps. He drops XR's voice box.

You have to leave the planet! You're in danger! He steps away from everyone, glaring in desperation. 

Buzz closes in on us. He laughs as he assures his old buddy.


Oh, oh, no, no, no! 

Buzz comes over to Ty and places a hand on Ty's shoulder/arm, confident in their mission. Ty is, meanwhile, bewildered and taken a little aback by Buzz's action.

We have to catch that thing.

We peek over Buzz's shoulder to look at a smaller Ty, completely worried and scared out of his mind. 


Don't you see?! He closes his eyes and throws his arms up to emphasize his point. I AM that THING!   

Now in reverse, we look over Ty's shoulder up into Buzz. Buzz grits his teeth and slightly cringes, refusing to believe what Ty just said. 

Now we see Buzz, Ty, Booster and Mira. Booster is behind Buzz, and Mira is in the foreground. Ty turns from Buzz and Buzz pats Ty gently on the back and talks equally gently.


Oh, come on, buddy….


Listen, listen. Ever since (Ty walks away from Buzz, the camera following him. Booster’s usual happy expression becomes one of shock.) that energy vampire bit me, I’ve been (comes to stop at a table cluttered with scientific equipment, placing a hand on the table, and another on his face.) having blackouts, and when I come to, (Ty takes hand off face) another robot (Ty slightly turns to face Buzz and Booster, worried and tense.) has been attacked. It’s got (turns to face Mira, raising his arms to get his point across) to be me! 

We hop behind Ty, his hands in the air. He turns right around. He creases his brow, genuinely worried and scared in both expression and tone.

You’re ALL in danger, (glares as his tone becomes darker) especially---

He closes his eyes and raises a pointed finger. The background quickly changes to show a blur of earth-colored patterns before stopping and changing back to normal to see a shocked Team Lightyear. Buzz is taken aback at Ty’s pointed hand, which is onscreen.



Ty removes his hand. 

Buzz places hands on hips. He's being so stubborn. Why would I be in danger? I came here to help ya, and if you ever needed my help--

He reaches a hand out to Ty, who's standing over the table with his back to us.  

(O.S.)--you need it now. 

Ty snaps and whirls right around in fury. His voice takes on a more mechanical vibe. 




He cringes and braces for protection. Look out! He's turning into the monster!

Mira takes the time to comment on Ty's behavior. 


And he's turning on YOU. I think you and Ty (she folds her arms, glaring. Buzz looks at her out of the corners of his eyes) have some HEAVY issues.

Ty's in the green moonlight, tensing up and screaming very mechanically as electricity appears once more, around his chest. He lashes out towards the camera and, as quick as lightning, becomes the Wirewolf, jaws open and claws out. 

Back shot of the Wirewolf in the foreground, a stunned pair of Buzz and Mira in front of him. The Wirewolf leaps out at them, but Mira pulls Buzz off to the side just in time. The Wirewolf lands where they were, and while kneeling, and claws the air.


How so?

The Wirewolf comes into full view in front of a shot of the night sky.



Mira points at the moon.


The green moon! It's mutating him! 


He quietly remarks to Mira: You may be right about those issues.

Last shot is focused on the Wirewolf's glowing red eyes.

Fade to black. End of Sequence.

Act Three



We return to the energy facility on Canis Lunis. We see the green moon in the sky, glowing through a window of the ceiling. 

PAN TO--   

The Wirewolf in the foreground, with Team Lightyear, minus XR (who is in a bag and out of commission), arming themselves with their lasers at Wirewolf. 


Stand your ground!

The Wirewolf points an arm towards himself and then outwards. Wires are released out from his palm. 

The wires wrap around the Rangers' wrists, electricity fizzling. After a minute, the fizzling stops, and the wires unwrap themselves from their wrists, going back to their owner. Booster pats his wrist twice, trying to get a laser out. 


Oh, my laser's dead!

Buzz looks down at his laser while Mira still resumes a fighting stance. 


Uh... Rangers, retreat!

He and Mira run off.


Back to the control room. A howling is heard, and all the workers hear it, while one elderly man with glasses in frontal view looks up from his clipboard to the source of that sound. A young woman with reddish hair also looks up.

They look to see Booster, Mira, and Buzz running out of a large metal door. The Wirewolf appears right by the door, but Buzz slams the door on his claws. The creature’s claws are still out, trying to get Buzz. Buzz pushes against the door with his back, trying to prevent the growling Wirewolf from breaking in. 

Buzz is struggling and groaning to keep the door closed from the Wirewolf. The creature bangs on the door three times. The banging stops, and this allows Buzz to relax and catch a sigh of relief. 

Suddenly, three claws punch through the door, catching Buzz’s wide-eyed attention. The claws go back and Buzz turns to the handle, the next shot shifting to a full view of Buzz turning the handle to lock the door. Once it’s locked, he straightens up and pushes back against it, as if trying to suggest nothing happened. 


Don't panic--

Quick shot of the concerned employees.

(O.S.) Everything is under control--

We're behind the employees now as they watch Team Lightyear.

--move in an orderly manner to the landing field.

And all employees begin to scream and panic. 

Team Lightyear watches the employees run by them, a trail of papers left behind in their wake. 


Ha. Well done, Buzz. She's saying this to him in a sarcastic tone.


Thank you. He flashes his trademark smooth grin.


The employees, with masks on, are getting onto a ship outside the facility. 


The left of the energy facility to an entrance. Team Lightyear runs out, with Booster carrying XR in the bag and their helmets up in place. As they run onto the landing field, we pan behind them to see the employees’ ship take off. PAN upwards to watch the ship take off into the sky.

The Wirewolf comes out of the entryway, running on all fours before making a giant leap. 

He leaps over Mira and Booster. 



Wirewolf finishes his leap and lands between Team Lightyear and their cruiser. He gets on his two feet and takes up a fighting stance, claws out. 


How do we get to the Cruiser? And if he gets to it first--

Quick BIRD'S EYE VIEW of Team Lightyear and Wirewolf.

--we’ll be stuck! 

Our jet packs can’t get us back to Star Command. She has a small trace of fear in her voice.


Especially mine.

Mira glares at him.

I don’t get as many parsecs per take as you guys. You know how they always say your mileage may vary? I think they mean me. He puts a hand on his chest while grinning sheepishly.


Y-yeah, and (camera shifts to be behind Buzz, the Wirewolf and Mira from a worm’s eye view) we’ve hours before the sun comes up!


Buzz places a finger to his chin in thought for a brief moment.

Well, if the sun’s not comin’ up, then that moon’s goin’ down.

Mira and Booster share confused glances. 


Huh? What are you thinking?


The Nuzonian Maneuver. He's so dramatic as he says this.


 The Nuzonian Maneuver! Whoa! Only YOU can think of that, Buzz! He grins in excitement.


Wait-wait-I’ve heard of that, I know this one, ah, d-d-don’t tell me, shh, shh, I can get this-


(O.S.) Booster-

WORM'S EYE VIEW of Team Lightyear.

-will fill you in. Get going! 

Booster salutes his captain, with Buzz returning the salute. 

SIDE VIEW of the Wirewolf facing off with Buzz Mira and Booster run off-screen. We PAN across the Wirewolf.

Meanwhile, Buzz prepares to fight the Wirewolf.

Let’s you and me work out those issues, buddy.


He growls and prowls off-screen.

Mira and Booster head towards their ship. In the next frame, we see Mira jumping onto the ladder and starting to climb it. She makes it up a few rungs before looking down at Booster.


What IS the Nuzonian Maneuver?

Booster appears behind her with XR in his bag.


No time to explain! 


Oh, yes there is!

She thrusts her arm into Booster’s head, reading his mind. We can see parts of her fingers...yipe.


Hey, watch it!

Mira narrows her eyes and tilts her head, searching for the answer. She suddenly pauses, her eyes widening and her mouth gaping as she has found the answer. She glares down at Booster.


Wh-Is he kidding? That's craz-! Oh, oh, and-and about that incident on the playground in third grade? She hisses and cringes before taking her hand out of his head. Yeah, gotta let it go. 


Y’know, reading people's minds is SO rude. He climbs further up the ladder, glaring all the while.


The backdoor reveals Mira and Booster running to their seats. Booster takes his usual navigator’s chair while Mira goes to Buzz’s seat to pilot the ship. She starts the ship up, pulling the lever downwards. 


42 takes off into the sky, smoke shooting out of the engine. We pull back to a shot of Buzz and Wirewolf in combat. Wirewolf gets down on all fours and leaps towards Buzz, trying to tackle him. Buzz leaps over him and lands off-screen. The Wirewolf looks at where Buzz landed.

Buzz activates his jetpack, sprouting wings. He flies on-screen, past a clawing Wirewolf, who is standing on two legs. Wirewolf tries to claw him again, as Buzz flies over him and then exists off-screen on the right.


Buzz flies high into the sky. 


Don't be afraid to tell me how you really feel!

Wirewolf then reaches his left arm out, claws shooting out of his paw. They wrap around Buzz, ceasing his flying. He groans loudly as the wires reel him off-screen.

42 is above the clouds and heading towards the green moon.


Mira and Booster are still piloting the ship. XR's idly in the bag.


You sure this is how Buzz caught the Nuzonians by surprise?


He's slightly sarcastic here. You question MY (eyebrows furrow downwards and places hands on chest, as if insulted) knowledge of Buzz lore?! You disappoint me, Mira. He smiles in spite of the serious situation.


She smiles briefly before turning back to the controls. She pulls down on the lever, which causes a red light to flash on and off above it. She then pulls on another lever.


42 speeds towards the green moon at breaking speed.



Power core set to go to critical. Abandon ship! She unbuckles herself from her seat and grabs the bag with XR in it. She runs off-screen.

Mira and Booster run out of the cockpit. Booster pauses as he remembers something important.

Ooh! Almost forgot. The distress beacon! He runs back to his seat and pushes a big red button. This causes the button to make a beeping noise. He runs back out the door.


The ship's still speeding. A small hole on the side of the ship opens up to reveal the distress beacon soaring outwards out of the ship, disappearing from sight. Mira and Booster fly out of the ship and off-screen.


BIRD'S EYE VIEW of a struggling Buzz, who is trying to escape the clutches of the Wirewolf’s wires.

Wirewolf reels in Buzz like a fish. Buzz is arching back in pain.


You know, we don't talk enough--

Wirewolf places his other arm on Buzz’s chest, electricity fizzling out. This causes Buzz to gasp loudly and flinch in pain. Losing power…can’t breathe…. Ty, I know you're in there somewhere-

CLOSEUP of Buzz.

-I need you to save me!

From Buzz's POV, we see Wirewolf glowering menacingly. We see his arm, electricity dancing around it.



Wirewolf stops glowering and looks on in shock. He blinks and looks up, concerned.

42 continues to fly towards the green moon. It flies towards the moon, which eventually comes into view. This causes the ship to shrink in size, in comparison to the large green moon. It continues flying before...


The green moon is blasted into a million pieces! Smoke, fire and green moon rocks fly everywhere. The green moon becomes a ball of light, with rings flying outwards. It then collapses onto itself and next we see larger chunks of the green moon fly everywhere. The moon is no more.


Downwards to the Wirewolf looking up at where the moon used to be, with an unconscious Buzz in his gripped wires. Wirewolf looks at Buzz with concern and gently starts to lower him down. 


A) He suddenly drops Buzz, wires and all, and screams in pain. He arches upwards. He then grips his head and thrashes around for a minute. 

B) WORM'S EYE VIEW of Buzz on the ground, on his hands and knees, and with closed eyes, trying to recover. Wirewolf kneels downwards, and as he does, his screams become more human and less mechanical. He finally lands on his paws. 

C) Wirewolf’s eyes widen, before fading to reveal Ty’s human face. He still groans.

D) We cut to a mechanical paw, which also fades back into a shaking human hand. 

E) Full view of Ty, on his hands and knees. He has a helmet on, and is able to breathe. His sleeves and gloves are missing. He lifts up his shaking hand, blinking for a minute before his eyes widen more as he brings his hand closer to his face, as if realizing what had just happened. He places his hand on the ground and closes his eyes.

F) BIRD'S EYE shot of Ty, bowing his head down, and a still kneeling Buzz, a few feet away from each other, each recovering from their ordeals. We see the Canis Lunis symbol on the platform.


Team Lightyear and Ty are in the main control room. Mira is bandaging up Buzz’s left arm, while Buzz is seated on a machine. From the side, we see Booster and a fully repaired XR are standing a few feet away from them, watching Mira helping Buzz. Ty is leaning against a pipe that runs out from the machine, with crossed arms…and a guilty conscience. He leans further back into the pipe, his expression downcast.   

XR stretches his limbs.


Whoa, that was a beautiful nap. Man, I was out like a light. A lot like a light, actually. (He chuckles) Did I miss anything big?

WORM'S EYE VIEW of XR and Booster. Booster leans over to tell XR.


We blew up a moon! (grins and then straightens up) Oh, and Buzz saved Ty again.

Ty is in the foreground, still crossing his arms and looking downcast. Buzz is looking at Ty with a rather concerned expression. Mira is carefully tying on the bandages.


And y'know, maybe I never said this before, but…

From Buzz’s perspective, he watches Ty look over his shoulder. 

...well, thanks, Buzz. Ty tenses up and looks remorseful. 


A tearing sound is heard as Buzz smiles and lifts his bandaged arm out of Mira’s grasp, much to her annoyance. He lifts it up and turns to Booster. 


You got that wrong, Booster. (Mira takes ahold of his arm and continues to bandage it up) This time Ty saved (he looks at Ty, and therefore us) me.

CLOSEUP of Ty. He's completely thrown off by Buzz's unexpected reply.


I did?


You stopped that thing from drainin’ the power from my suit. (He puts a hand on Ty’s shoulder in gratitude) Thanks, now we're even. 


Ty turns away, seemingly at peace with himself and Buzz. Well, with this facility shut down at least we won’t have any more problems with that energy vampire.



Oh, that reminds me, one quick question. (He points, as if to make a point. He then lunges backwards before he flips out.)... WHAT?!  

A full view of Team Lightyear and Ty looking on at XR. Ty is standing up from his position by the pipe. 

You didn't finish him off while I was offline?! Aw man! (grips his helmet. He then takes off treading off-screen, Ty and the others watching with amusement) Which way to air duct 4?! 

BIRD'S EYE VIEW of the Rangers watching XR treading around in circles. Ty has his hands on his hips, Buzz is leaning back against the machine, Mira has her hands on her hips, and Booster is standing there, smiling. They watch XR going in circles. We fade out to see the energy facility, amidst the background of the stars. It fades again, this time producing an overhead shot of the whole facility, with the clouds floating above it. 


Past some clouds. The clouds fade out to reveal…a small green moon rock against the backdrop of a larger pink planet. It seems the green rock hasn’t been destroyed at all….not all at once. It floats idly by, before a familiar voice is heard.


Hmm…a radioactive moon rock… 

It is then picked up in the claws of a familiar blue hand. The rock is lifted upwards and is held in front of the owner of the hand, NOS-4-A2. He is smiling deviously. 


Lovely…. He briefly lets go of it before gripping it entirely in his grasp. He flies away. Wirewolf shall live again! 

He flaps his wings and flies off into the deep darkness of space, an organ seeming to play in the background.

Fade to black….this isn’t the end of Wirewolf.

The credits roll. End episode. 

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