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After the Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios logos, the screen fades from black, starting the movie.

Location: Andy's bedroom. The baby monitor is on top of the drawer, turning on.

SARGE (On the baby monitor): V.H.S., this is Beta! We've got the package. (Rex comes in all excited) We're coming home!

REX: (Faces the screen) Hey, everybody, it's here! It's here!

WOODY: (Coming from behind the toy chest) It's here? Well, it's about time.

The Green Army Men march into Andy's room holding up a VHS copy of "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command".

SARGE (While marching): Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!

LGMs: Ooh... (Rex charges into them and they squeak as they bounce around)

REX (Excited): Ahh! It's the new action-packed Buzz Lightyear movie!

SARGE (While marching): Hup, 2, 3, 4, (Green Army Men drop the VHS case) Alright, move it out!

The other toys walk up to the TV.

REX: Somebody put in the tape! Put it in! My tiny arms can't reach!

WOODY: Okay, okay. Hold your horses, Rex. (Tries to open the VHS case, but feels it's too heavy)

REX: Put it in!

WOODY: Gosh. It's stuck. (Rex screams, but then Woody opens the VHS case) Just kidding. (Rex sighs with relief)

Buzz Lightyear and Jessie then walk up to Woody and Rex.

BUZZ: Let me take a look at that. (Whistles in amazement) A "Buzz Lightyear" movie!

WOODY: Heh, what do you know? You don't look so fat when they draw you that way.

BUZZ: (Sarcastically laughs) Let's watch it!

REX (Excited): Yes, please, quick, quick!

WOODY: Buzz, we're not gonna watch the whole thing. We just wanna see all the commercials at the beginning.

REX: What!?

BUZZ: He's kidding, Rex.

Woody gets the tape out of the case and proceeds to put it in the VCR player under the TV.

WHEEZY: Excuse me, Mr. Lightyear. You oughtta sign that tape there. It might be worth something someday.

REX: He can sign it later! (Turns to Woody, who is having a hard time getting the tape in the VCR player) Put it in! Put it in!

WOODY (While struggling): The darn thing's jammed.

REX: Jammed!? Oh, I can't stand the suspense! I can't! I just, I... Oh! (Faints and lays on his back unconscious)

HAMM: Oh boy!

BUZZ: Rex!

WOODY: Gee, maybe we went too far.

REX: (Wakes up) Ha-ha! Just kidding!

HAMM: Ha ha, good one, Rex. (Turns on the TV with the remote) Very good.

At this point, the camera zooms into the TV screen, where we see the Buzz Lightyear icon flying to the center of the screen, with the words "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" zooming into the logo, followed by "Disney/Pixar" appearing on the top and "The Adventure Begins" appearing on the bottom at the same time. The opening score to "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" briefly plays, until the logo flies away, revealing the next scene.

The First Mission

We see a background of outer space, with the screen in the form of a computer database.

BUZZ (Narrating): This is the universe. I work here. (Buzz's ID with his personal info appears here) Name's Lightyear, Buzz Lightyear. I'm a space ranger.

Buzz's info reads -
Academy Ranking: First in class
Special Commendations:
Order of Galactic Merit. First class
The Andromeda Cross
The Pleadiean Cluster
The Solar Wind Award for Courage
The Nebula Heart
Blue Medallion of Excellence
The Golden Ring of Jupiter

BUZZ (Narrating): My partner Warp Darkmatter and I work out of Star Command's Universe Protection Unit.

Warp's info reads -
Academy Ranking: Second in Class
Special Commendations:
Order of Galactic Merit. 2nd Class
The Bronze Cluster

BUZZ (Narrating): At oh-eight-hundred [0800] hours, the report came in.

Computer screen now shows a red "Mission Assignment" warning, then shows three Little Green Men circled.

FEMALE COMPUTER VOICE: Missing: Three Little Green Men. Last seen: Star Command Science Bay.

Yellow letters on top say "Little Green Men" and a red arrow flies to the right, with the word "MISSING" under each circle, the two red arrows fly up and the yellow letters fade in saying "Mission Priority: Alpha Prime".

FEMALE COMPUTER VOICE: Alpha mission objective: Locate LGMs A.S.A.P.

An opening iris reveals a starry night sky some more, and the camera flies down to a purple planet.

BUZZ (Narrating): We'll find and rescue these Little Green Men... Even if we must go to infinity... and beyond.

In the camera's view, we're in a purple fog, then it clears up to reveal rocky mountains and volcanoes. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "ZETA QUADRANT". The volcanoes ignite more purple clouds of steam and a giant cloud flies from left to right of the screen. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles now type in "UNCHARTED MOON" as the camera flies to the right. Then it stops as we see a distant rocket sparkling. The camera now slowly zooms in towards the rocket on a mountain top and a puff of smoke covers the screen. The smoke then clears out and we see the back of Buzz's head, until he turns around and starts talking.

BUZZ: Buzz Lightyear mission log. We've searched this gaseous planetoid from top to bottom (Turns on his hologram projector from his wrist communicator showing the three missing LGMs) with no sign of the missing personnel. (Deactivates his wrist communicator and a bright light shines at him and he hears a loud car honk which startles him) Hey! (Puts his hand over his eyes)

The camera shows Warp getting out of a space buggy.

WARP DARKMATTER: Come on, buddy. Nobody ever reads those reports.

BUZZ: (Walks up to Warp) Warp, my friend, procedure is what separates us from the wicked forces of chaos. (A pair of goggles suddenly appear from the back of Buzz's neck and he applies them)

WARP DARKMATTER: Ah, Buzz. If it means less paperwork, I'll take chaos. (Gets back in the driver's side of the buggy and straps on his seat belt) Oh, man. Give it up, partner. This rock's as dead as it looks.

BUZZ: (Goggles come off of Buzz and slide back behind him, then Buzz walks up to Warp) Never judge a moon by its crater. We'd better double-check the dark side.

WARP DARKMATTER: I'll drive. (Steps on the gas and starts the buggy)

Musical score plays as Warp drives the space buggy through the planet. As he drives, the buggy flies off the ramp, and as it falls, three LGMs pop out of the tarp in the backseat and scream from behind Buzz and Warp. Then the buggy lands and Warp stops the buggy.

WARP DARKMATTER: (Looks behind him and sees the LGMs in the back) Well, mission accomplished. (Turns on his hologram projector from his wrist communicator showing the three missing LGMs) Three LGMs disappeared, we just found three LGMs.

BUZZ: (Looks at Warp's hologram of the LGMs) Well, I don't think these are the three missing Little Green Men.

WARP DARKMATTER: (Deactivates his wrist communicator) Sure, not anymore.

BUZZ: I'm afraid these three are stowaways. (The LGMs get out of the space buggy and start to wander off) Ah, blast! This won't look good in my report. (Notices the LGMs wandering off) Hey!

ALL THREE LGMs (While walking): Must save the lost ones!

WARP DARKMATTER: (Runs up to the LGMs and stops them for a second) Whoa. We'll find your amigos, boys. Just not here.

LGM: Here!

BUZZ: How can you be so sure?

ALL THREE LGMs: Mind link.


ALL THREE LGMs (As their antennas wiggle): Evil!

WARP DARKMATTER: Now you're just trying to freak us out.

BUZZ: (Remembers something) No, it's my worst fear come true.

WARP DARKMATTER (Sarcastic): Here we go.

BUZZ: This diabolical plot could only be the work of my sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance, Evil Emperor Zurg!

The camera flies around Buzz when he says "Evil Emperor Zurg" and then stops, where we see Warp bored, but then suddenly gets angry at Buzz.

WARP DARKMATTER (Suddenly angry): What plot!? You think Zurg is behind every kitten stuck up a tree!

BUZZ: The fiend! Why can't he leave kitty cats out of his nefarious schemes?

WARP DARKMATTER (Angry): All I know is we searched half of the Zeta Quadrant to find the LGMs and what do we find? (Smoke fumes behind him as he shouts) A lot of nothing!

Buzz looks scared and a giant monster appears behind Warp.

WARP DARKMATTER: There's something really bad behind me, isn't there?

The camera flies up and we see a snake-like monster called a "Crater Viper" and its head roars as it is about to attack Warp.

BUZZ: Crater viper! Look out! (Charges into Warp as the crater viper is about to eat them and they get out of the way)

They tumble down the mountain and then get up and aim their wrist lasers at the crater vipers.

BUZZ: Crater vipers never hunt in packs.

WARP DARKMATTER: Tell them that!

They shoot their lasers from their wrists at the crater vipers' mouths. Buzz turns back and shoots one crater viper from behind at its mouth. That same crater viper roars in pain and charges down. The camera then cuts to Warp shooting, a crater viper appears behind him and off-screen, Buzz shoots a laser beam at that crater viper's mouth.

WARP DARKMATTER: Thanks, partner.

BUZZ (While shooting): Looks like the moon's not so dead after all!

The LGMs walk past Buzz and Warp as they shoot the crater vipers' mouths.

WARP DARKMATTER: Give me a minute. It will be.

A crater viper crashes behind the LGMs as they continue wandering off.

ALL THREE LGMs (Off-screen): The lost ones!

BUZZ: (Turns to the wandering LGMs) What are you doing? (Ducks under a swinging arm)

LGM: This way.

A crater viper crashes into a hole and turns the other way. In another shot, a crater viper surrounds Warp as he shoots. In another shot, two crater vipers miss the LGMs walking into a crater. In the next shot, a 3rd crater viper dives its head to the ground, only to miss the LGMs and crash into the ground. In the next shot, a crater viper pops out of a crater behind Buzz and grabs him with its arms as it roars, until Buzz presses the red circle on his spacesuit and activates his jetpack. The "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme plays as he flies and Buzz gets close to the ground and slides across the ground on his back, blocking the LGMs and shooting into a crater viper's open mouth. We cut over to Warp, shooting two times at the army of crater vipers.

BUZZ (Off-screen): Warp, hit 'em from below!

WARP DARKMATTER: Soft underbellies, eh? (Presses the big red circle on the right side of his spacesuit and activates his jetpack. He flies up and a crater viper is about to bite him, but misses. In another shot, he presses his icon and pulls out a bazooka) Let's see how ticklish.

The camera focuses on Warp's hand as he blasts the crater vipers in sight. In another shot, the crater vipers go back into their holes.

BUZZ (Off-screen): I should've guessed! (A rock opens its mouth and one eye, and it is revealed that the crater vipers were actually its fingers) A crater viper slag monster mutant!

The crater vipers roar with the mutant.

BUZZ (On-screen): The LGMs!

The LGMs are shown walking up to the monster mutant as it growls.

ALL THREE LGMs (While walking): Must save the lost ones! (Buzz and Warp suddenly fly down from behind them and grab each one, then fly up)

WARP DARKMATTER (While carrying one LGM): Can't you just...

BUZZ (While carrying two LGMs under his arms): Warp, Gemini split, now!

The camera flies into a crater viper's opening mouth, but in another shot, Buzz and Warp dodge it. Then Buzz jumps off of another crater viper's nose, then flies up to a nearby cliff where Warp is.

"The lost ones are there"

As Warp talks, Buzz lands and puts down the LGMs he was carrying.

WARP DARKMATTER: ...Have any reason you were looking to shake hands with a beast from 20,000 craters?

The LGMs walk to the edge of the cliff, and as Buzz and Warp follow them, the LGMs point to the monster mutant as Buzz and Warp look down.

ALL THREE LGMs: The lost ones are there!

WARP DARKMATTER: Oh, well, then I'd say they're the dead ones now. (The monster mutant looks up to them) Let's get out of here.

Buzz looks depressed, as if he would have to agree to give up, but then gets another idea.

BUZZ: Ha! I'm going in! (Turns on his jetpack) Follow my lead! (Jumps off the edge of the cliff and flies down)

WARP DARKMATTER: (Turns on his jetpack, jumps off the edge of the cliff, and flies next to Buzz) I hope you have a plan!

BUZZ (While flying): No more so than usual.

Buzz presses the yellow square button on the left side of his spacesuit and two grappling cables fly out of the top of his jetpack's thrusts. He tangles the crater vipers with them, and Warp does the same)

WARP DARKMATTER (While hovering): Now what?

BUZZ (While hovering): Full throttle! (Presses the blue square button on his spacesuit, and starts to fly at twice the speed of his jetpack) Hit it!

The "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme plays triumphantly as Buzz and Warp fly up, and the monster watches them fly up as his fingers are getting raised up as well. The LGMs walk away from the edge in another shot, then in the next shot, the crater vipers are choking, but Buzz and Warp are struggling to fly further up. The monster mutant starts growling, and rocks begin to crumble underneath.

BUZZ (While struggling to fly up): The lost ones aren't in it! (The monster mutant gets lifted off the ground a bit to reveal part of a hideout) They're under it! Not... enough... power! (Camera flies up revealing the top of a rocky mountain, with a flat edge) Alright, new plan!

Buzz and Warp aim their wrists at the bottom of the flat edge and fire their lasers at it.

LGM: (Starts to wobble) Whoa! (Another LGM grabs his arm and gets him back up)

The monster mutant sees the giant falling rock, and Buzz and Warp detach their cables and fly through an open hole of the rock, which acts as a tunnel for them to fly through. In the next shot, the monster gets crushed by the debris and Buzz and Warp fly towards the screen after flying out of a cloud.

WARP DARKMATTER (While hovering): That was your plan?

BUZZ (While hovering): Most of it. Where are the LGMs?

WARP DARKMATTER (While hovering): (Points down) Take a guess.

Buzz and Warp hover down and land behind where the LGMs are standing.

ALL THREE LGMs (While pointing): Zurg.

BUZZ: I knew it!

The camera flies down to reveal Zurg's Subterranean Outpost. The top of the outpost has Zurg's logo on top.

Inside Zurg's Outpost

The camera cuts to inside of Zurg's outpost, and slowly flies across electric machinery until we see the three missing LGMs in a sensory deprivation tank filled with water. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "ZURG'S SUBTERRANEAN OUTPOST". The next shot has Brain Pod #29 turn up a dial as another set of subtitles type in "TORTURE DIVISION".

ALL THREE MISSING LGMs (In pain): Ow! Oh! (They all yell in pain during their time in front of the camera)

Brain Pod #29 suddenly gasps as he hears the sliding doors open, and the gas settles revealing Brain Pod #13 rolling into the room. Brain Pod #29 sighs with relief.

BRAIN POD #13: Anything?

BRAIN POD #29: No.

BRAIN POD #13: Oh, he's not going to like this!

Brain Pod #13 suddenly gasps as the sliding doors open, only as the gas settles, it is revealed that a Grub has entered the room.

GRUB: Anything?

BRAIN POD #29: No.

GRUB: Ooh, he's not going to like this! (He walks back through the sliding doors, then later comes back, which frightens Brain Pod #29) What should I tell him?

BRAIN POD #29: We have proven that the Little Green Men think and feel as one. We... (nervously chuckles) just don't know how.

GRUB (Worried): Ooh, he's not going to like this at all!

The sliding doors close again, and Brain Pod 29 has a stern look on his face. The third time the sliding doors open, Brain Pod 29 is rather annoyed this time, expecting that Grub worker again.

BRAIN POD #29 (Annoyed): Oh, now what?

The camera reveals the Grub being squeezed by a metal hand.

GRUB (While being choked): He... didn't... like it.

The hand drops the Grub, and the camera zooms out revealing Zurg coming out of the fog.

BRAIN POD #13 (Scared, talking quickly): Oh, Evil Emperor Zurg! Hi, how are you? The torture tank is good to go here as you can see, and I... (Zurg whacks him to a wall) My bad.

Zurg opens his hand, sharpening his claws and pierces them into the tank, making a painful glass scratching noise as he slides his hand down. The room floods with water and it hits the Brain Pods.


ALL THREE MISSING LGMs: (Zurg suddenly rips them out of the tank from the cords on their helmets) Whoa! (Zurg's finger from his other hand lights up forming an electric ball, and zaps them with it.) OW! (Zurg evilly laughs) We are one! (Zurg shocks them again) Ooh!

MISSING LGM 1: We will never talk!

MISSING LGM 3: Do your worst!

ZURG: My plan exactly. (Zurg zaps them again)

Breaking in

As the 3 missing LGMs scream in pain as they are zapped, we cut to Buzz using his laser to melt the door, to no success.

BUZZ: Blast! Laser-resistant diabonic alloy.

WARP DARKMATTER: Let me try. (He cleverly presses his back against the wall and knocks on the door, waiting for it to open behind him.)

GRUB: (Opens the door, not noticing Warp from behind) Yes?

Warp slams the door, sending the Grub flying and crashing. Warp opens the door again, allowing Buzz to pass.


As Buzz walks in the doorway, a voice stops him.

LGM 1: Excuse us, coming through...

The camera zooms out showing the LGMs behind Buzz.

BUZZ: Get back on the ship and wait.


BUZZ: Now, I know this is personal to you, but I must insist.


BUZZ: Oh okay, we're getting into a chain of command area so really...

ALL THREE LGMs: We feel the pain! Oh!

BUZZ: Whoa, oh, oh, alright. (To Warp) It's their mind link thing.

WARP DARKMATTER: How do you do that anyway?

ALL THREE LGMs: The Uni-Mind.


BUZZ: The mystical orb that links all of LGM-kind. It's on their home world, of course, that's need to know classified.

In the next shot, Buzz and Warp are lined up against a wall by the sliding door, Buzz on the left, Warp on the right. Both space rangers have their lasers warming up.

WARP DARKMATTER: I'm your partner, I need to know.

BUZZ: Now you do?

WARP DARKMATTER: Anything else I should know?

BUZZ: No, I'd say you're up to speed.

WARP DARKMATTER: Okay, thank you.

Buzz presses the button that opens the sliding door and he and Warp peek through the doorway and aim their wrist lasers. The next shot shows the missing LGMs strapped to chairs.

First encounter with Zurg/Rescuing the LGMs

ZURG: Tell me your mind link! Tell me your secret!


ZURG: Oh? Then I'll just have to pick your brains. (Evilly chuckles, then starts shouting) Where's my Cranial Dissect-a-bot?

Zurg evilly laughs as the Dissect-a-bot appears and is about to drill their heads, but fortunately, a laser beam blows it up.

ZURG: Whoa! (Ducks down)

ALL THREE MISSING LGMs: (Scream and turn away, but open their eyes and see someone.) Ooh.

Zurg looks to the sliding doors and the camera turns to them, revealing Buzz jumping out of the doorway, doing a flip and landing while pointing his wrist at Zurg.

ZURG: Ah, Lightyear.

BUZZ: Evil Emperor Zurg, by the authority of the Galactic Alliance, you are hereby charged for attempted dissection of Star Command personnel.

ZURG: I shall destroy your Galactic Alliance. (Presses his emblem and it lights up) But first, I shall destroy you!

Yellow robots called Hornets fall from the ceiling as Zurg talks.

ZURG (Off-screen): Well, not personally. Hornets, destroy Buzz Lightyear!

The Hornets stand up as they transform and have their arms morph into machine guns. Then they start shooting all over the room. Buzz tries shooting a few off-screen Hornets, and as the battle rages on, Zurg gets onto a platform that flies him to the ceiling as his exit.

ZURG: Prepare to die, Buzz Lightyear! (The platform takes off and Zurg gets away)

BUZZ (While shooting): Not today, Zurg!

Although Zurg reaches the black hole in the ceiling, Buzz still frees the missing Little Green Men with his laser.

MISSING LGM 1: (Metal strap opens) Ooh!

MISSING LGM 2: (Metal strap opens) Ooh!

MISSING LGM 3: (Metal strap opens) Ooh!

BUZZ: (Dodge rolls to the missing LGMs and activates his jetpack) Hop on!

The missing LGMs jump on Buzz's wings and ride on Buzz as he flies around the room shooting the Hornets. The LGMs scream as they fly at high speed. One Hornet manages to shoot an LGM off, but Buzz flies down and catches it. Warp then rides Zurg's platform down and crushes four Hornets underneath.


BUZZ: (Flies down and deactivates his jetpack when he lands) Always a pleasure. Let's go after Zurg!

ZURG (On TV): Not today, Lightyear! For I started the self-destruct sequence on my way out. It is a moon of doom now. (Evilly laughs)

MAN ON P.A.: Self-destruct in sixty [60] seconds.

BUZZ: 60 seconds?

WARP DARKMATTER: All the time in the world.

Zurg's Hornets begin blasting again.


Buzz and Warp continue shooting as well.

BUZZ (While shooting): Get to the ship, blast off!

ALL THREE MISSING LGMs (Worried): But Buzz!

BUZZ (While shooting): That's an order! We'll meet you in orbit!

Without hesitation, all 6 LGMs evacuate and head back to the ship as ordered.

MAN ON P.A.: Self-destruct in forty-five [45] seconds.

ZURG (On TV): Farewell, Lightyear! This time you shall not escape!

As Zurg evilly laughs, Buzz blasts the TVs with his laser, cutting off Zurg's evil laugh and taunt.

BUZZ (While shooting): Just watch me, Zurg!

Buzz and Warp continue shooting the Hornets, and one of them actually damages the power supply, causing the hideout to start burning. A few firework whistles are heard as the room starts to collapse. Buzz jumps out of the way of one explosion and blasts a falling pillar with his laser.

BUZZ: Come on, Warp! It's time to blow this rock! (Opens his jetpack, but doesn't take off just yet.)

As Buzz searches for Warp, he hears Warp's grunt of pain. The camera reveals he's been crushed by the debris and Buzz tries to get Warp out by lifting up the debris.

MAN ON P.A.: Self-destruct in ten [10] seconds.

WARP DARKMATTER: Get out of here!

BUZZ: No! (Tries pulling Warp out of the debris.)


BUZZ (While struggling): We're partners!

MAN ON P.A.: Self-destruct in five...

WARP DARKMATTER: I said "go"! (Slams the jetpack button on Buzz's suit and watches him blast into orbit)

BUZZ (While flying up): WARP!

As Buzz flies up, Buzz tries to fly back to Warp as time runs out. Warp gives a farewell grin as Buzz flies to him, knowing he'll be too late.

MAN ON P.A.: Four, three, two, one.

The camera focuses on Buzz as he stops flying and flinches at the explosion down below. Then we see Buzz's shadow as we watches the explosion, and gets covered in a cloud of smoke.

Warp's death and funeral

As soon as the smoke settles, the screen fades to reveal the outside of Star Command Space Station next to Capital Planet. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Star Command". The screen fades and the camera slowly flies across the Star Command symbol. Then the screen fades revealing Buzz without his helmet on for the rest of the movie, and is standing on a podium giving a tragic eulogy of Warp in front of 6 LGMs and all the other Space Rangers who work at Star Command.

BUZZ: Space Ranger Warp Darkmatter sacrificed himself for the success of his mission. For the safety of his fellows. (Camera shows a closeup of Buzz) I... (Hangs his head in sadness) miss him very much.

The camera focuses on the 6 LGMs who also hang their heads in sadness. As sad music plays in the background, the screen fades to Buzz looking at a hologram of Buzz and Warp catching their first suspects.

BUZZ (Voice-over): Buzz Lightyear personal log. In his crazed attempt to destroy me, (The camera shows Buzz's finger pressing the backspace button and deleting "WARP DARKMATTER" from his deceased partner's locker.) Zurg has robbed the universe of a good man. My partner. My friend. (Buzz is shown walking down the halls, away from the camera in sadness.) On this day I vow no ranger will ever again fall in harm's way because of me. (As soon as Buzz says that, the screen fades to black with Buzz saying the last words for this scene during the black background.) I... work... alone.

Training Deck

The screen cuts from black, revealing Mira Nova and a group of other space rangers in training. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Training Deck". Then we see a peg-leg space ranger walk in. We first see his peg-leg, then the camera flies up revealing the rest of his on-screen appearance.

WOMAN ON P.A.: Commander Nebula, report to training deck.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Yeah, yeah. Way ahead of you. (Turns behind him, and grabs the mic and talks to one of the Space Rangers.) Cadet Flarn, watch your tail, son!

CADET FLARN: Hmm? (A robot grabs his tail and Flarn yells unintelligible dialect as he gets slammed to the wall)

Flarn gets splatted with a gravity-defying space goo gun on the ceiling and the goo makes Flarn levitate up through a hole in the ceiling. The gun later shoots a flying space ranger in the background. Mira flies by as Commander Nebula talks over the intercom.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Over the intercom): You people try that kind of hotdogging in the field, and you're space dust!

Buzz slides down a tube and lands in front of the commander and salutes. As the commander turns away from the glass window, a ranger flies into the window screaming and slides down after crashing.

BUZZ: (Salutes) Commander Nebula.

COMMANDER NEBULA: (Turns back to Buzz) Ah, Lightyear! I've got something I want you to see.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Voice over the intercom): Alright! We're cranking it up to Level Nine, people!

MIRA NOVA: Bring it on.

More goo guns are lined up startling Mira and a female ranger next to her.


The camera shows more robots appearing and ramps popping out of the wall with three rangers gasping in fear.

BUZZ: Level 9? Commander, they're only rookies. Come on. I train on Level 9.


Giant bubble like balls roll from the ramps and shows a male ranger taking flight with his jetpack to escape one. A female ranger also takes flight with her jetpack and escapes the rolling ball as it almost traps her. One the two rangers smiles until they notice red electric nets coming at them, trapping them and two other flying rangers. Mira and three rangers stand together shooting when suddenly a trap door opens from under them and they scream as they fall in, with Mira jumping out and escaping the hole. The other three rangers attempt to escape as well, but they end up getting shot and trapped by the green lasers and float up through the ceiling. A male ranger tries to fly away from a rolling ball, but gets trapped in it and screams as it traps him. A female ranger runs away as fast as she can from a rolling ball, only to get trapped in it as it floats up with her in it. Then the balls carrying her and two other rangers who were captured offscreen float through the ceiling like bubbles. Then three rangers fly into a wall that comes out of the floor, and we cut over to Mira Nova. From behind, she gets snagged by a robot.

MIRA NOVA: Hey! (Shoots the robot, then looks around. She's the only space ranger in the room.) Hmm.

Cutting back to Buzz and Commander Nebula, the commander looks impressed, then starts talking into the microphone once again.


Buzz looks horrified, and we cut to Mira seeing a giant robot rise from the floor.

MIRA NOVA: Huh? Oh. (Sees the robot behind her) Oh. Oh... (She turns to see another robot rising from the floor) Oh, okay.

She's about to fire, but looks behind her to see a robot head locking onto her. Then both robots' chests open, revealing rapid-fire machine guns. They shoot Mira with piles of blue goo.

BUZZ: Oh! Well, I guess we couldn't expect a rookie to...

COMMANDER NEBULA: (Cuts Buzz off) Uh! It ain't over.

The pool of goo begins to glow and some of the residue in form of a body floats through the ceiling, what the robots didn't know was that it was Mira's space suit that floated up. Mira, using her Tangean ghosting powers, rises from the floor, revealing herself in her blue and green jumpsuit. She runs and jumps into a robot from behind, then pops out from the front, ripping out its electric cord. Then she jumps and does a somersault and rips out another robot's electric cord from the front. Then she jumps off and flips again. The robot in the middle hammerfists the two malfunctioning robots, and its head explodes. The body falls over and we cut back to Buzz and Commander Nebula.

BUZZ (Amazed): How did she do that?

Mira rises up from inside the robot and dusts off her bare hands.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Off-screen): She's from the planet Tangea.

BUZZ: Of course, Tangean ghosting powers. Excellent.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Yeah. Let's see one of Zurg's robots fly through a wall.

MIRA NOVA: (Rises up from behind Buzz and Commander Nebula and salutes) Ranger Mira Nova reporting for duty, sirs.

BUZZ: Mira Nova? (Remembers something) Strange coincidence. Isn't that also the name of the heir to the Tangean throne? I met her once.

MIRA NOVA: You saved my planet once.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Buzz, meet your new partner!

BUZZ (Horrified): Partner!?

MIRA NOVA: Sir, what you did for my people, (Sticks her hand out to Buzz) it inspired me to join.


MIRA NOVA (Confused): No?


BUZZ: No partner. Too risky.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Ah, Buzz. Look, son, I know you're still torn up about Warp, but next time you're out there...

BUZZ: And Zurg aims for me? What's to keep the princess from ending up like Warp?


MIRA NOVA (Angry): Okay, hello? "The Princess" has a name!

BUZZ (Pressured): Yeah, I'm sorry, Prince... (Facepalms in frustration) Mira! I work alone.

MIRA NOVA (Angry): So, you're gonna stop Zurg all by yourself?

BUZZ: That's the general plan.

MIRA NOVA: But Regulations clearly state...

BUZZ (Pressured): I know Regulations! I wrote half of them! But as long as Zurg is gunning for me, anybody close to me is gonna get caught in the crossfire.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Noted. But Buzz, there's one thing you should know.

BUZZ: Yes, Commander?


BUZZ: (Heads for the doorway where he entered) I'm sorry, Commander. But from now on, Buzz Lightyear flies solo. (Gets sucked up through the tube and exits the room)

Booster in the Launch Bay

An alarm goes off as screen fades to the Star Cruiser Launch Bay. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Star Cruiser Launch Bay".

WOMAN ON P.A.: All personnel, clear the Launch Bay. Star Cruiser 36 prepare for launch.

After the announcement, the roof opens and we see the bottom of a rocket ignite. Then the rocket blasts off into space. Then we cut to what looks like a giant red toad-like creature peeking his head out from behind a wall. His name is Booster. He notices 6 LGMs not looking and walks out from behind with an electric polisher.

WOMAN ON P.A.: Crystallic fusion modules needed on Pad 14.

The 6 LGMs turn around and see Booster.

BOOSTER (Nervous): Uh... (Nervously hums as he polishes the floors, hoping the LGMs don't catch him snooping around)

ALL LGMs: Hello.

BOOSTER (Nervously smiling): I'm just cleaning the floor and stuff.

ALL LGMs: Clean is gooood.

WOMAN ON P.A.: Rocket away. All personnel may return to the Launch Bay.

Booster nervously giggles, then suddenly sees the LGMs walking through the doorway that reveals the Launch Bay itself. Booster takes a peek inside and is easily amazed at the sight of a Star Cruiser.

BOOSTER: Wow! An Andromeda Class Star Cruiser!

WOMAN ON P.A.: Ambassador escort patrol is scheduled for launch at oh-nine hundred [09:00].

During his awe and amazement, Booster releases his polisher as he enters the room, which slides out of the shot and hits an LGM off-screen.

BOOSTER: This is just too cool!

CORPORAL (Angry): You there! The Launch Bay is for Authorized Personnel only!

BOOSTER (Nervous): I was just, uh... (Takes out his mop and mops the floors) Oh man.

CORPORAL (Angry): Just like I figured. Guess what, pal. You're through!

Buzz suddenly starts talking from behind, and the corporal turns around and comes to his senses.

BUZZ: He's not through unless I say so.

CORPORAL: (Salutes) Captain Lightyear!

BOOSTER: (Gasps in amazement) Buzz!

The camera cuts to Buzz's hand sliding one finger across the floor, then he observes the space dust on one of his space gloves.

BUZZ: Ugh! Space dust. This place is filthy. And it goes right to the sub-atomic level. That's why this young man is in here with his molecular mop. Carry on, custodian.

BOOSTER: (Salutes in happiness) Oh, yes sir! (Continues mopping again, dropping the smile on his face, reverting back to his guilty state)

CORPORAL: (Salutes) My mistake, sir.

BUZZ: As you were, Corporal. (As soon as the corporal leaves, Buzz has a pep talk with Booster, his #1 fan.) Come on, Booster. This is the third time this week. You're really not authorized to be in here, son.

BOOSTER: Oh, I know. But I like to look at the star cruisers! I just wanna be a space ranger so bad, Buzz!

BUZZ: Now, don't you worry. You'll pass the entrance exam, Booster. You just need to study the...

BOOSTER: Space Ranger Mission Manual? Oh, I am, sir! (Shows Buzz his copy of the exam book) I memorize one page every night! Right now, I'm up to Section Five, Subsection Beta. (Picks up the other end of his mop and talks boldly) "Light speed limits. More than just a good idea, it's the law."

BUZZ: Outstanding!

BOOSTER: Oh, thanks, Buzz.

Buzz's wrist communicator from his glove beeps and Buzz opens his communicator.

LGM (From the wrist communicator): Buzz Lightyear, to Science Bay.

BUZZ: (Talks into the communicator) On my way! (Closes his communicator) Gotta run, Booster. (Runs out of the shot to the right)

BOOSTER: (Gasps) Yes, sir! (Holds his breath)

A few seconds later, Buzz walks back into the shot briefly.

BUZZ: Uh, Booster?

BOOSTER (While holding his breath): Yes, sir?

BUZZ: At ease.

Buzz leaves the shot and Booster exhales and releases his breath.

BOOSTER (While exhaling): Thanks, Buzz! (Pants)

Birth of Agent Z

A triangle flies from the top right to the bottom left, transitioning to the next scene. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Zurg Tower" as the camera flies up, revealing the top of the building. Another set of subtitles type in "A very evil place". Then we cut to inside where Zurg enters through a sliding door with smoke puffing out as he enters the room where Agent Z is being built.

ZURG: Good morning, lackeys! Where's my new henchman?

BRAIN POD #29: They are arming him now, sir.

We cut over to two Grubs working on Agent Z. One's a welder and the other one is adjusting the robot arm.

ZURG: Does he have a flamethrower? Remember the last time. A flamethrower would have really come in handy.

GRUB WORKER: Tension feels about right.

GRUB WELDER: (Opens his helmet) Ah, how are his reflexes?

Agent Z's robot hand turns into a cannon and blasts the Grub into a wall, sending him screaming.

GRUB WORKER (In pain): Not bad.

AGENT Z: Thanks. (Breaks free from his operating table)

ZURG: A delightful blend of man and machine... with just a naughty touch of lingonberry! I shall call you... Agent Z!

AGENT Z: That's stupid.

ZURG (Angry): (Eyes flare up in anger) MY MOTHER USED TO CALL ME THAT!

BRAIN POD #29: You know, he really really likes that name.

GRUB WORKER (Nervously smiling): Yes, he's been saving it for a very evil henchman!

AGENT Z: (Holds his hands up as Zurg advances) Agent Z, love it. Especially the whole "Z" thing.

ZURG: And you know what? We'll save a fortune on monogramming.

BRAIN POD #13: If I could just squeeze you in here. Sir, your spy drone is in position.

ZURG: That's Jim-crackin'-dandy! Come, Agent Z.

We cut over to a blue sky, and the camera flies over to what looks like a peaceful city populated by the LGMs.

ZURG (Off-screen): Let us see if my Spy Drone can find this so-called "Uni-Mind". (Evilly laughs)

On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Œzạ£▪◊βGæ!". The second set of subtitles type in "LGM Home World". Zurg's spy drone floats down from inside a tree, recording the daily life of the LGMs. Suddenly, the LGMs hear a trumpet blaring.

LGMs (In remembrance): Ah!

The camera reveals an LGM blowing that trumpet. Then we cut to a shot of two buildings popping up from the ground, and the LGMs walk through the doors, taking them downstairs somewhere. The drone floats down behind the LGMs and transforms into an LGM's head. The eyes and body inflate like balloons, and the balloon LGM bounces to the score as it follows one group of LGMs down the stairs, where they all gather around a stage. The claw (a reference to Toy Story) comes down from the ceiling as the stage opens up.

LGM AT PODIUM: The Uni-Mind!

The claw lifts the Uni-Mind from underneath and the LGMs gaze at it in awe.

LGMs (In a trance): Aaaahh.

LGM AT PODIUM: We are one. (Hugs the Uni-Mind, and it sparkles and glows. Then a green ring forms around it.)

ALL LGMs (In a trance): We are one. Oooohhh.

As the LGMs watch the Uni-Mind glow, their antennas wiggle, including the drone's. Then we cut back to Zurg, who is reaching his hand out to the TV screen as it statics.

ZURG: I must have this mystical orb. This Uni-Mind! (Closes his hand and drops his elbow) Launch an immediate assault on the planet of the Little Green Men!

AGENT Z: Finally. A chance to use this. (His robot arm ignites fire)

ZURG (Off-screen, tempted): Ooh! The flamethrower!

XR, the Experimental Ranger

A triangle flies from the left to the right of the screen, transitioning back to the outside of Star Command. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Star Command".

BUZZ (Off-screen): What's up, fellas?

We cut to inside the science bay, where another set of subtitles type in "Science Bay".

LGM: We heard about your fight with Commander Nebula.

BUZZ: Now, it wasn't a fight. It was just a professional disagreement. And in time, he'll admit that I'm better off alone.

LGM: We have solved your partner problem!

BUZZ (Frustrated): Not you guys too. Look, I can't have a "partner problem" because I don't have a partner!

LGM (Sad): But XR is perfect for you. (The other LGMs hang their heads in sadness)

BUZZ: XR? Who's XR?

ALL SIX LGMs (Whispering): Yes!

As they whisper "Yes!", the lights dim down and the camera flies over to two LGMs standing under a spotlight, in front of a garage door.

LGM ON THE RIGHT: Not "who". "What". Witness the future of space justice!


LGM ON THE RIGHT: The experimental ranger!

The two LGMs walk off the stage and smoke comes out as the door opens. The camera then focuses on XR's Star Command logo on his chest. Then in another shot, we see a close-up of his green eyes as they light up with yellow lights. The final camera shot reveals his wheels for feet, then the camera slowly rises until we see his face.

XR (MONOTONE): XR, reporting for duty.

XR moves forward as the lights come back on.

BUZZ: Kind of short, isn't he?

We cut to an LGM comparing his size to XR by putting his hand over his head.

LGM: Hmm. Do you think so?

We cut back to Buzz and the other LGMs.

BUZZ: That little robot wouldn't stand a chance against Zurg's forces of evil.

ALL LGMs: (They all point to XR) Watch.

A couple LGMs pull out blasters and violently shoot XR until he's in pieces. Just then, a car crusher crushes XR's parts except for one arm, which gets stomped on by an LGM riding a robo-walker.

BUZZ: You're, uh... going somewhere with this?

The LGMs assemble and fix XR from the ground up in 2 seconds flat. XR's helmet sparkles and shines and we hear a whirring sound.

LGM: If Zurg blows up XR...

ALL LGMs: We can put him back together!

BUZZ: And Commander Nebula approved a robot ranger? (Gets a closer look at XR) He hates robots.

LGM: Well, he doesn't exactly know.

All of a sudden they hear Commander Nebula.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Angry): He does now! Hmph! (Walks up to the LGMs)

THREE LGMs (Scared): Oh... (Stand in front of XR) Hello, Commander!

COMMANDER NEBULA (Angry): So, you went ahead and built that expendable ranger.

LGM IN THE MIDDLE: Uh, "experimental" ranger.


LGM IN THE MIDDLE: Uh... (Nervously chuckles) well, technically, (Hands Commander Nebula a clipboard with the authorization papers on it) it was authorized... by you. (Nervously chuckles)

LGM OFF-SCREEN: We slipped it in with our vacation request.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Angry): Craters. They always get me that way. I keep telling them, no bucket of bolts can stand up to a real ranger.

BUZZ: He's got you there, fellas.

LGM WITH A REMOTE: We thought of that. (Presses a button on the remote that makes XR's circuit chip pop up from the top of his head) Artificial Intelligence Chip. XR is programmed to watch and learn.

XR's eyes blink during his closeup. Then we cut back to an LGM by Buzz's feet.

LGM ON THE RIGHT: And he'll be learning from the best. (Camera rises up to Buzz's face) You.

BUZZ: True. But, uh... I don't know.

XR (MONOTONE): (Crosses his arms) I don't know.

LGM ON THE RIGHT: At least give him a test run as your new partner.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Angry): Lightyear, I already told you! Ranger Nova is your new partner!

BUZZ (Angry): Why won't anybody listen to me!? (Camera focuses on Commander Nebula) NO (Camera focuses on XR) MORE (Camera focuses on the LGMs) PARTNERS!

ALL LGMs: But, Buzz! (Suddenly they freeze and their antennas start wiggling)

COMMANDER NEBULA: What's eatin' them?

BUZZ: I've seen this before. It's the "Mind Link".

ALL LGMs (As their antennas wiggle): Evil!

Buzz suddenly looks at the camera and glares.

BUZZ: Zurg!

ALL LGMs: (They all gasp) His dark forces invade our home world!

BUZZ: I'm on my way! (Runs out of the Science Bay)

XR (MONOTONE): (Runs after Buzz) I'm on my way.

A triangle flies from the bottom right to the top left of the screen, transitioning to Buzz's rocket as it blasts off into space. In one shot the rocket flies towards the screen where we cut to inside the shuttle where Buzz opens his wrist communicator and talks into it.

BUZZ (Talking into his wrist communicator): Buzz Lightyear mission log. (XR starts talking from behind him) Zurg's shadow looms over the...

XR (MONOTONE): Buzz Lightyear mission log.

Camera zooms out, revealing XR copying Buzz.

XR (MONOTONE): Zurg's shadow looms over the... (Buzz turns to him)

BUZZ: Could you not do that?

We cut to outside the spaceship.

XR (Off-screen): Could you not do that?

The ship blasts into hyperdrive and flies off to the LGM homeworld.

Buzz and XR vs. Agent Z/The Uni-Mind gets stolen

A triangle flies from the left to the right of the screen, transitioning to a red sky with smoke rising. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Œzạ£▪◊βGæ!" as 6 Hornets fly from right to left of the screen. At this point, you can hear the LGMs screaming. Then the camera flies down showing the LGM home world where another set of subtitles type in "Under attack". Three LGMs run and scream as they are being chased by Hornets blasting from behind them. A third set of subtitles type in "Obviously". Then we see shots of the LGMs running into the buildings to get to the Uni-mind underground.

LGM 1: The Uni-Mind!

LGM 2: The Uni-Mind!

LGM 3: The Uni-Mind!

LGM 4: Quickly! We must get to the Uni-Mind!

From another perspective, two LGMs run down the stairs to the camera.

LGM 5: Run below!

LGM 6: The Uni-Mind!

A Hornet blows up one building and marches to the stairs. Then we cut to an LGM running away from the camera as it runs up to the Uni-Mind.

RUNNING LGM: The Uni-Mind!

LGM IN THE MIDDLE UP FRONT: Protect the Uni-Mind! We are one.

All of the LGMs hold hands and talk in unison.

ALL LGMs: We are united. We are are powerful!

Their antennas light up, creating a blue force field around the Uni-Mind.


The Hornets suddenly blast through the roof, and the claw falls off.

ALL LGMs (Off-screen): ...AFRAID!

As the dust and debris settle, two LGMs are shown regaining consciousness, and they point up to the sky.

TWO LGMs: Oh no!

Dark dramatic score plays as the camera cuts to the sky, revealing Agent Z's ship.

AGENT Z: (Pushes a lever up) Hornets, move in.

The Hornets march to the edge of the broken road, and jump in. The LGMs scream as they run away from the falling droids, and the Hornets aim their arms at the Uni-Mind. Suddenly, they are sliced and blown up by a red laser from the sky. The camera cuts to Buzz and XR flying as the "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme plays.

BUZZ (While hovering): At ease, little green citizens. Star Command is on the job.

ALL LGMs: Yay!

The Hornets aim for Buzz and XR and start shooting. Buzz and XR split up and shoot on different sides. Buzz flies and shoots from the left side, while XR flies from the right side.

XR (While flying and shooting): At ease, little green citizens.

After XR finishes shooting, he and Buzz hover over the Uni-mind, then the camera flies down showing pieces of the blown-up Hornets.

XR (While hovering): Star Command is on the job.

Suddenly, from behind an LGM, the walls explode one by one. The LGM notices this and runs away screaming. Then more Hornets begin shooting.

BUZZ (While hovering): Our work's not done yet, XR!

Buzz and XR split up again. This time, by flying to and away from the screen while shooting. Agent Z notices this and talks to Zurg on his screen.

AGENT Z: Agent Z to Zurg. They sent Lightyear.

ZURG (On TV): That's why I sent you.

Agent Z presses a button that sends him and his seat below deck. In the next shot, the door opens from under the ship, and he falls until Star Command wings pop out and Agent Z starts flying and shooting from above with his blaster.

BUZZ AND XR (Alarmed): Craters! (Dodges a blast from Agent Z)

BUZZ (While hovering): A new player.

Buzz faces Agent Z and flies after him. He and XR blast him with their lasers, and Agent Z flies away in hot pursuit.

BUZZ (While flying): We've got him on the run!

In the next camera shot, the camera follows Agent Z as he flies, Agent Z looks behind him as Buzz and XR shoot him. They follow him through a cloud of smoke.

XR (While flying): We've got him on the... (He and Buzz stop in mid-flight, realizing Agent Z's not here)

XR (While hovering):

The next camera shot shows the city towers and buildings. The camera flies from left to right as we get a glimpse of the city, until we cut back to Buzz and XR confused where Agent Z went. All of a sudden, laser beams fly past them and Agent Z flies through the cloud of smoke while shooting. Buzz and XR fly after him. In the next shot, Agent Z lands on the roof of the middle building and fires two blasts. Buzz and XR shoot the roof and Agent Z blasts from the building on the left. Buzz and XR shoot the building and Agent Z blasts from the building on the right. Buzz and XR shoot the building and Agent Z flies to the middle of the screen and shoots, then turns around and flies away from the camera.

BUZZ (While flying): He's good.

Buzz shoots three times from his wrist. One laser beam ricochets off three rooftop surfaces and hits Agent Z, sending him falling.

BUZZ: But I'm better.

Agent Z lands on the roof of a building that looks like a toaster. He gets up and continues shooting as Buzz and XR land on the roof of a house. XR suddenly gets blasted and slides down the roof.


XR falls off the roof, making us assume he died. Or so we thought, as a grapple gun fires from XR's chest and gets back on the roof of the house.

XR: He's good. But I'm better.

BUZZ: You are learning! Now watch this. (Sets his laser to rapid fire, and slides his hand out of his space glove and slides down the roof with XR.) They never see this coming. Huh?

Buzz suddenly gets a shocked look on his face, and the camera rotates around Buzz revealing Agent Z in front of them.

AGENT Z (While hovering): Saw it coming.

Buzz climbs up to get his space glove back, but Agent Z fires it at the last second.

BUZZ: XR, gun!

XR: XR, (XR unveils all of his guns and prepares to shoot Agent Z) gun!

Agent Z just shrugs it off, and fires a mine from his elbow. It covers up the gun from his chest, then after 3 seconds of silence, the mine blows up XR.


XR's parts fall off the roof and land on the ground. XR's voice deepens as he malfunctions and turns off.

XR (Dying): System... malfunction-tion.

AGENT Z (While hovering): (Talks into his communicator) Agent Z to Zurg. The Uni-Mind's all yours.

The LGMs scream and run away as Zurg's ship hovers over the hole and the rockets carry the Uni-Mind to the ship. The Uni-Mind loses all of its power on the way up, leaving the ring in the center to vanish. Then Agent Z faces Buzz and puts his arm cannon on his chest.

AGENT Z (While hovering): You're good. But I'm better.

Agent Z shoots Buzz and Buzz slides off the roof. Then we cut over to the LGMs pointing to the sky and screaming in fear.

LGM 2: The Uni-Mind!

LGM 3: The Uni-Mind!

The camera flies from left to right as the LGMs scream and point to Zurg's ship in the sky. Then in the next camera shot, Zurg's ship flies away and Buzz rises from the bottom of the screen with his other space glove back on as he opens his wrist communicator and talks into it.

BUZZ (Talking into his wrist communicator): Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, this is a priority one mission update. (Hangs his head in sadness) The Uni-Mind has been captured, (Looks down to XR) and...

We cut over to the now destroyed XR.

BUZZ (Off-screen): We've got a ranger down.

Screen fades to black.

Fixing XR

We fade from to black to reveal Buzz and the LGMs standing around a table in the Science Bay. They all look at the remains of XR.

BUZZ: You can fix him, right?


LGM ON THE LEFT: I don't know.

LGM IN THE MIDDLE: We are not one. (Picks up one of XR's pieces)

LGM ON THE RIGHT: But we shall try.

Buzz looks concerned, then a triangle flies from the bottom right to the top left of the screen, transitioning to the LGMs fixing XR themselves.

BUZZ (Voice-over): Buzz Lightyear personal log. My brave little robotic partner had been blasted into a heap of carbonic scrap.

As soon as the LGMs fix XR's head, eyes, and mouth, we cut to Buzz smiling at their work.

BUZZ (Voice-over): And yet, the LGMs were rebuilding him.

Then we cut to XR's body getting fixed by machinery, which reassembles his feet and helmet.

BUZZ (Voice-over): Even without the Uni-Mind, those little green guys still had the right stuff. Then came the wrong stuff.

An LGM opens XR's chest and puts stuff in it, like a rubber ducky, a tennis racket, and a red umbrella.

BUZZ (Voice-over): Their selection of auxiliary gear was obviously nonregulation.

We cut to three LGMs struggling to carry a heavy anvil, which confuses Buzz.

BUZZ (Voice-over): Perhaps there was a method to their madness. Maybe, just maybe.

An LGM puts a radio in XR's chest, then they put in a pink dinosaur inner tube and stuff it in with a plunger.

BUZZ (Voice-over): No. They had lost it.

We cut over to Buzz and Commander Nebula watching the LGMs carry stuff over to XR. One group carries an inflatable raft to the right until they're out of the shot. Then another group carries a ladder towards the screen.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Wow. They really need that Uni-ma-call-it.

One group of LGMs pass by carrying a tuba, then two more groups carry a teddy bear and Genie's lamp from Disney's Aladdin as an Easter egg.

BUZZ: I don't think they have any idea what they're doing anymore, Commander.

Two LGMs walk up to Buzz carrying one of XR's arms.

LGM: What is uh, this thing?

BUZZ: Uh, an arm?

LGM: Told ya.


We cut over to two LGMs fixing XR. The one on the right is screwing his arm back in; the one on the left is having a hard time jamming a skateboard into his chest.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Off-screen): That stinkin' buckethead! He did this to cripple our operation!

The skateboard is finally in XR's chest, but the LGMs let out a yelp when a brown chicken pops out clucking and floats away. The LGM on the left glares at the other LGM.

BUZZ: No, Commander. If that's all Zurg wanted, he could've destroyed the Uni-mind. Instead, he had his lackey, Agent Z, steal it.

COMMANDER NEBULA: But why? What's he gonna do with it?

BUZZ: I don't know exactly, (Faces the camera) but I believe that even now, Zurg is hatching his most diabolical scheme yet.

Zurg's Uni-Mind

A triangle flies from the bottom to the top of the screen, transitioning to the outside of Zurg's tower. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Zurg Tower".

ZURG (Off-screen): This is my most diabolical scheme yet!

We cut to inside the tower, with another set of subtitles typing in "New home of the Uni-Mind". Then we cut to Zurg watching from the rails.

ZURG: Assuming that the freakshow, known as my staff, CAN DO ONE THING RIGHT!

GRUB (Nervous): Of course, my evil emperor. And (Looks around) uh, uh, who better to give you the good news than, uh... (Runs off and gets Brain Pod #13, who is carrying a clipboard of data.) Brain Pod Thirteen [13]! (Runs away)

BRAIN POD #13: Huh? (Looks up to Zurg and screams) Okay, hi, uh, Mr. Evil Emperor. How are you? You look very terrif--very sinister today. (Clears his throat and puts the clipboard down) We believe that just as the Uni-Mind connected all the LGMs, it would hopefully allow you to reach out and ensnare every innocent mind in the Galactic Alliance. You know, a mind slave, evil puppet scenario. (Evilly chuckles)

We cut back to an angry Zurg. The camera slowly zooms in on him as his eyes slowly light up in anger.

ZURG (Angry): You're telling me my plan. I already know my plan. I made up the plan. It's my plan. (Starts shouting) WHAT I DON'T KNOW IS HOW CLOSE YOU ARE TO ACCOMPLISHING MY PLAN!

BRAIN POD #13 (Nervous): Ooh yeah, kind of an outdoor voice there. (Looks back at his clipboard) Okay, naturally, the first step is to turn the Uni-Mind from "Good" to "Evil", but um... we really don't have any idea how. You see, um...

At that moment, Zurg has finally lost it, and shoots a laser beam from his eyes at Brain Pod #13. Brain Pod #13 thankfully dodges his attack and speeds away.


As Brain Pod #13 screams off-screen, Zurg activates his rocket boots and hovers over the railing.

ZURG (While hovering down): If you want something turned evil, turn it evil yourself.

Two Grubs back away as Zurg lands right where they were standing. Then Zurg walks up to the Uni-Mind.

ZURG: That's what Nana Zurg always used to say to me. And she was plenty evil.

Zurg sinks his claws into the Uni-Mind, poisoning it with evil. As it turns from orange to purple, ghostly wails and shrieks can be heard.

BRAIN POD #29 (Nervous): Ooh! Evil overload!

The camera shows more of the Uni-Mind turning purple as the screams get louder and louder. So much so that in the next shot, Zurg's cape starts flapping until the screen flashes white. When the white screen fades, we see the Uni-Mind now fully purple, with electric lightning bolts bouncing off of each end.

ZURG (Crying happily): Nana Zurg would be so proud!

As Zurg cries tears of joy, a triangle flies from the bottom left to the top right of the screen, transitioning to the hallway, just outside the boarding room, with Booster mopping the floor.

"Space Ranger Business"

WOMAN ON P.A.: All rangers to Mission Briefing Room.

On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Star Command". Another set of subtitles type in "Caution: Wet Floor".

WOMAN ON P.A.: All rangers to Mission Briefing Room.

Just then, a couple of Space Rangers run past Booster and enter the Boarding Room.

BOOSTER: Hey, fellas. Something going on?

MALE SPACE RANGER: Sorry, can't talk.


BOOSTER: (Pops his head out the entrance doors) Oh, so, um, you guys need me to empty out the wastebaskets or something?

BUZZ: (Pats Booster's back) Sorry, Booster. This is Space Ranger Business. (Enters the room as the sliding doors close behind him)

BOOSTER (Sad): Yeah. "Space Ranger Business". (Sadly sighs and continues mopping)

We cut to inside the Mission Briefing Room, with all the Space Rangers around a long table, with a pink hologram of Planet Z. Commander Nebula is shown at the end of the table, in front of the windows. On the bottom left of the screen, a third set of subtitles type in "Briefing Room".

COMMANDER NEBULA: I don't know what Zurg's planning on doing with the Uni-Mind, but I plan on beating him to the punch.

BUZZ: We're planning a full-scale assault on Planet Z.

XR (Off-screen): Whoa! Full-scale?

The camera flies over to the the Space Rangers surprised at whoever just spoke, then the camera flies over to the sliding doors, where we see the LGMs with XR rebuilt, albeit now fully talking instead of copying someone else's phrases.

XR: Buzz, listen to your trusty partner when I say, maybe we overlooked a little thing I like to call "negotiation". (Scooters over to Buzz at the other end of the table)


As XR walks over to Buzz, the camera follows his finger sticking up from behind the rest of the crew in their seats.

XR: Now follow me on this, Buzz. Two simple words: "Timeshare".

Camera now focuses on XR as he stands in place.

XR: How many of you love it? All right. Monday through Wednesday, admittedly, the Galaxy belongs to Zurg. But, Thursday through Saturdays, it's ours! We alternate Sundays. What do you think?

Commander Nebula walks up to the LGMs in anger.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Sweet mother of Venus! What did you do to him?

LGM #2: We... uh, fixed him.

LGM #3 (Nervous): Yeah. I think.

We cut to outside the boarding room.


The sliding doors open and the LGMs walk out the door while carrying XR over their heads.

XR (While being carried): What did I say? Come on! You know the timeshare is solid, and you're jealous.

The LGMs pass by Booster down the hall.

BOOSTER (While mopping): What are you guys going with the robot?

XR (While being carried): Please. "Experimental Ranger".

LGM #3 (Hatching an idea): Uh, we were looking for you, Booster!

LGM #1: Yeah. We thought you could use some help.

The LGMs turn around and toss XR into Booster's arms.

LGM #1 (Off-screen): Here! You'll love him.

XR: I am lovable.

We cut back to inside the Boarding Room. Commander Nebula points his baton to areas of Planet Z, instructing the Space Rangers his plan.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Delta Squadron will occupy Zurg's fleet, while Gamma Squadron attacks Planet Z itself. (Beat) This is no cakewalk. This is a high-risk operation.

MIRA NOVA: Excuse me, Commander. (Walks up to the hologram) Sorry to interrupt, but I've been studying Zurg's defense matrix. (Points to one area of the hologram) I think a small one-man ship...

Buzz steps up, finishing Mira's sentence.

BUZZ: ...Could slip past the defenses unnoticed.

MIRA NOVA: Exactly! A single Space Ranger could undermine Zurg's evil operation from within.

BUZZ: And with the with the new Alpha-1 prototype, I could slip in and...

MIRA NOVA (Angry): Wait a minute, it was my idea. I should go!

BUZZ: Sorry, but you don't have the field experience to be taking on such a dicey assignment, princess.

MIRA NOVA (Angry): "Princess"? I am a Space Ranger!

Commander Nebula intervenes and shakes Buzz and Mira to get them to stop arguing.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Angry): You know what? You two really should be partners. (Suddenly shouting) 'CAUSE YOU'RE BOTH PIGHEADED SHOWOFFS!

BUZZ AND MIRA: But Commander!

COMMANDER NEBULA (Angry): ZIP IT! The Alpha-1 is still an experimental spacecraft. NOBODY'S TAKING IT! We're doing this my way. Star Command will launch a full-scale assault on Planet Z at oh-eight-hundred [0800] hours!

XR and Booster in Buzz's Star Cruiser

We cut over to the Star Command cafeteria, where we see Booster using XR as a floor polisher. One set of subtitles type in "B Deck Cafeteria".

XR (While being pushed back and forth by Booster): How long do we have to do this?

Another set of subtitles type in "Avoid the meatloaf".

BOOSTER (While pushing and pulling XR's arms): The cafeteria is a high-traffic area. This could take a while.

Booster releases XR's hands and XR transforms his polishing feet back into his old feet.

XR: Hey! Here's an idea. We ditch work and do something fun.

BOOSTER: No way! I would never shirk my duty. Hmph! Buzz would be very disappointed.

XR: (Turns his head back to Booster) Buzz? As in, "Buzz Lightyear"?

BOOSTER: As if there's any other Buzz.

XR: You know, I used to be Buzz Lightyear's partner.

BOOSTER (Amazed): Get out!

XR: That's exactly what Commander Nebula said. Now look at me. (Gets an idea and gasps) Hey, Booster. How would you like a V.I.P. tour of Buzz Lightyear's Star Cruiser?

BOOSTER (Jumping for joy): That would be the coolest thing ever!

Booster's jumping causes the room to shake, and apparently, the camera too.

XR (While shaking from the vibrations): Whoa, Slim! Whoa!

XR: (His eyes realign after the trembling stops) I don't know about that, but it beats working. Follow me!

A triangle flies from the bottom left to the top right of the screen, transitioning to the Star Command Launch Bay. The camera zooms into Buzz's Star Cruiser while subtitles type in "Star Cruiser Launch Bay".

BOOSTER (Off-screen): Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear to Mission Control.

We cut to inside, with Booster in the driver's seat.

BOOSTER: Ready to launch! To infinity... and-- (Turns to XR in the passenger's seat with a magazine over his helmet) Come on, XR. Say it with me.

XR: (Wakes up) What? Oh yeah.


XR: ...and whatever.

BOOSTER: And beyond!

XR: "Beyond", yeah, right.

Booster's giggle from earlier in the film gets reused.

Constructing the Zurgatronic Megaray

Then we cut back to Zurg Tower where the camera flies up as five Hornets fly by. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Zurg Tower". Then the camera stops at the sight of the Uni-Mind on the roof of the building, where another set of subtitles type in "Note: Big Gun on Roof". We then cut to a Grub plugging two plugs together, then we see more shots of the Brain Pods and Grubs working on the Zurgatronic Megaray.

ZURG (Off-screen): Soon my Zurgatronic Megaray will be fully operational!

ZURG (On-screen): Install the Evil Uni-Mind!

The screen switches to rockets lifting the now electric Uni-Mind and positioning it inside the laser. The cables detach and the rockets fly off.

ZURG: Now, load the Crystallic Fusion Cell.

A Grub operating a crane lifts up a giant battery and loads it in, until we cut back to Zurg and Agent Z.

ZURG: The Zurgatronic Megaray will use the Uni-Mind, to spread my evil across the universe! Oh-oh yeah!

AGENT Z: You haven't won until Lightyear is out of the picture.

The crane releases the battery, with the minus sign up, and the plus sign down.

GRUB CRANE OPERATOR (Calling out, sticking his thumb up): Fusion Cell loaded!

ZURG: Fire Zurgatronic Megaray!

GRUB (While typing): Firing Zurgariffic Megaray!

ZURG (Angry): "Zurgatronic", you lackwit!

GRUB: (Nervously chuckles) Sorry. (Pulls down a lever)

ZURG: "Zurgariffic" is not bad though. (Smiles) Let's file it for future use.

The Megaray starts to power up, but shortly afterwards, it shuts off. At this point, Zurg's eyes light up in anger.

ZURG (Angry): Did you check to make sure that the plus end went to the plus part? (Suddenly shouting) AND THE MINUS END WENT TO THE MINUS PART!?

Startled, the Grub yelps and runs up to the battery. Another shot reveals it was put in the wrong way.

GRUB: Oh. (Nervously chuckles) That would do it, huh?

Zurg puts his hand on his forehead and groans in frustration.

Mira Hijacks the Alpha-1

A triangle flies from left to right, transitioning to the Star Command Launch Bay. As the camera flies down, a set of subtitles type in "Alpha 1 Hangar".

WOMAN ON P.A.: All LGM maintenance checks have been cancelled until further notice.

We cut to a wall where a second set of subtitles type in "Authorized Personnel Only". A few seconds later, Mira sticks her head out from behind the wall with her ghosting powers. As Mira checks to see if the coast is clear, a third set of subtitles type in "I repeat - off limits" as she sticks her hand out. Then Mira gets out of the wall and casually walks down the empty hallway to the Alpha-1 prototype.

WOMAN ON P.A.: Rocket Crockett to Mission Ops immediately.

Mira smiles at the sight of the Alpha-1, happy she didn't get caught. But after looking back to see if anyone is suspecting, she turns to the passenger door and tries to open it, until a familiar voice stops her.

BUZZ (Off-screen): Going somewhere, princess?

MIRA NOVA: (Gasps at the sight of Buzz behind her) Buzz! (Nervously smiles) Oh, hi. How are ya? I was, uh, you know, just taking a little stroll, and I thought...

BUZZ (Angry): Ranger Mira Nova, you were about to hijack the Alpha-1, weren't you?

MIRA NOVA: Why I... (Hangs her head in shame) Yes, sir.

BUZZ (Angry): Princess, report yourself to Commander Nebula at once.

MIRA NOVA (Sad): I'm sorry. (Begins to walk out of the room) I just wanted to help, you know? And I thought this would be the best way to...

MIRA NOVA (Angry): (Suddenly, she realizes Buzz snuck out too and stops dead in her tracks.) Hey, wait a minute! (Turns her head to Buzz) What are you doing down here?

We cut to Buzz now trying to open the passenger door. Clearly, he tricked her, but she caught him in the act just as easily.

BUZZ (Nervous): Well, I-I am on a routine inspection of the... uh, Canooter Valves. (Mira walks back up to him) And uh, yep, yep, everything looks good up here.

MIRA NOVA (Angry): You were about to hijack the Alpha-1! Oh, of all the nerve! (Points to the hallway) Report yourself to Commander Nebula!

BUZZ: Mira, now is neither the time nor the place.

MIRA NOVA (Angry): Buzz, I just have one thing to say to you.

BUZZ: And what might that be?

Mira reaches for Buzz's head and touches it, then uses her Tangean Brain Squeeze to make Buzz sleepy.

MIRA NOVA (Off-screen, soothingly): Good night.

We cut to an outer shot of Mira pushing Buzz down to the floor as he talks.

BUZZ (Getting sleepy): Tangean Brain Squeeze. (Hits the floor) Oh!

Mira looks at her hand, admiring her own ghosting powers. Then a triangle flies from left to right, transitioning to Outer Space. The Alpha-1 flies by and one camera shot has Mira angrily shaking the joystick, then we cut to the control room where the LGMs see the Alpha-1 fly away.

ALL LGMs (Nervous): Uh-oh!


LGM (Nervous): Uh, that wasn't us. (Turns to the other LGMs) Was it?

Buzz suddenly runs in through the sliding doors, and Commander Nebula turns to him as Buzz explains the situation.

BUZZ: I know who, it was the princess, Commander! She stole the Alpha-1 to take on Zurg by herself.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Smirking): She beat you to it, huh?

BUZZ: Yeah... yeah, pretty much.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Well, Ranger Nova is your partner. You better go get her, son.

BUZZ: (Salutes for the commander) Yes, sir! (Runs out to the hall, then runs back into the control room briefly.) For the record, she's not my partner, sir. (Runs back out to the hall)

We cut back to Booster and XR in Buzz's Star Cruiser.

BOOSTER: Whoosh! Whoosh! Look out for the asteroids, XR.

XR: Yeah, "whoosh", "zoom", whatever, Booster. (Booster angrily grunts at him) Sorry. "Ranger Lightyear".

Air hissing is heard as Booster talks, XR even hears the sound itself, knowing some space ranger is about to prepare for launch.

BOOSTER: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

XR: Shh! Listen. Somebody's coming!

BOOSTER (Scared): Oh no! We shouldn't be in here. I'm gonna get fired! Prosecuted, convicted! (Shakes XR) YOU GOTTA HIDE ME!

Air hissing is heard again as the portal door opens from the floor of the ship, and Buzz climbs up to his seat. Buzz spreads his arms out for the automatic seatbelt to buckle himself up, then Buzz tries to reach the controls, but can't because his seat's too far, likely because of Booster.

BUZZ: Hmm. Odd.

Buzz pulls his seat closer to the controls and presses three buttons. The camera flies over to Booster and XR behind him. XR tries to pull Booster's ears while they are stuck inside a glass tube.

XR (Isolated): Okay, Husky Bob. Let's go.

Booster and XR slide through the tube, then we cut to Buzz talking to Commander Nebula through the TV screen.

COMMANDER NEBULA (On the radio): You are clear for emergency takeoff.

BUZZ: Roger that. (Pushes a lever forward)

XR and Booster land in the cargohold, while still in formation.

XR (Merged with Booster): Oh, come on!

Booster and XR break out of their formation.

BOOSTER: Whew! He didn't see us!

XR: See? Just stick with XR, and everything is A-OK.

The room starts to rumble.

XR: Wait a minute.

XR and Booster start bouncing around until they are out of the shot. Then, the camera pulls away from Star Command as Buzz's rocket blasts off, does a loop-de-loop, then flies at the screen. After which, XR flies away from the camera screaming, until he hits a wall, followed by Booster flying away from the camera, and crashing into XR. Then he slides down the wall with his spit forming a trail.

Testing the Zurgatronic Megaray

A triangle flies from left to right, transitioning to Zurg Tower as the camera flies up to the roof of it. A set of subtitles type in "Zurg Tower", the next set of subtitles type in "Now Zurgarrifically Evil". Then we cut to a Grub typing.

GRUB (While typing): Zurgatronic Megaray online, Evil Emperor Zurg.

Zurg's hand suddenly touches his shoulder, and the camera pulls away, showing Zurg's appearance.

ZURG: You're sure this time, (Smiles) yes?

GRUB: (Nervously laughs) Reasonably.

ZURG: Let's test it on something before we hit Star Command. We need a target that won't, um... (Wiggles his fingers around) "shoot back".

BRAIN POD #29: May I suggest Rhizome, my evil emperor?

ZURG: The planet of the vegetarians, yes! Delicious suggestion, uh, Number... um, (Looks at Brain Pod 29's I.D.) Twenty-Nine [29]. How long have you been with my evil organization?

BRAIN POD #29: Ooh, let's see. Uh, in total? Or just since I've been a brain in a jar?

ZURG: Brain in a jar.

BRAIN POD #29: Four years, next week. (Chuckles)

ZURG: Fascinating! Ha ha. (Walks out of the shot to the left) Okay, then...

BRAIN POD #29 (Walking with Zurg): Now that you mention it, I am a bit overdue for a cost-of-living raise. (Chuckles) You know, when I gave up my body, certain promises were made.

ZURG (Angry): (Grabs Brain Pod 29 by the neck) Now see here, I was just being polite! I don't really care, all right?

BRAIN POD #29 (High-pitched): All right.

ZURG (Angry): (His eyes light up as he looks at the camera) Now, unless anyone else wants to tell me his or her life story...

We focus on two Grubs looking at Zurg.

ZURG (Off-screen) (Angry): ...can we shoot the big gun?

TWO GRUBS: (Shake their heads up and down twice) Mmm-Mmm! (They proceed to type in the coordinates)

GRUB: Target acquired: Rhizome. (Pushes a lever to power up the megaray)

The Zurgatronic Megaray fires a purple lightning bolt from the now-poisoned Uni-Mind, then we cut to Zurg, a Brain Pod, and two Grubs putting on sunglasses, followed by another Brain Pod taking a picture of the lightning bolt with a camera. After which, we cut over to Rhizome, with two Rhizomians at a table.

RHIZOMIAN MAN (Holding a plate of salad): Um, more salad?

RHIZOMIAN WOMAN: Oh, I couldn't. Well, I'm off to meditate for galactic peace.

The two then look up at the red light in the sky.

RHIZOMIAN MAN (Holding a plate of salad): Oh, isn't that lovely?

A scream from the evil Uni-Mind is heard as the screen flashes red. And the Rhizomians get hit with the ray. Then we cut back to Zurg Tower.

ZURG (Looking at a computer screen): I can feel it! I control every mind on the planet!

Back on Rhizome, the two Rhizomians come out from under the table with red glowing eyes.

RHIZOMIAN MAN (Zurg's voice): (Evilly laughs) It worked.

BOTH RHIZOMIANS (Zurg's voice): Evil rules!

We cut back to Zurg Tower.

ZURG: Oh, this is fun! Let's hit something else!

BRAIN POD #29: (Pops up from behind Zurg) Bathyos?

ZURG: The fish faces?

BRAIN POD #29: Test underwater effectiveness.

ZURG: Good point.

GRUB (While typing): Target: Bathyos.

Another lightning bolt from the megaray is fired, and it hits the surface water of Bathyos. Two fish civilians notice the ray, and are hit at the same time as the evil Uni-Mind's scream. In the next shot, the now possessed fish faces hop out of the water with red flashing eyes.

ZURG (Off-screen): Another planet! And it's all mine!

We cut back to Zurg Tower where Zurg dances with Brain Pod 29 and spins him around.

ZURG (While dancing with Brain Pod 29): I'm not the man who knows the man! I am the man!

BRAIN POD #29 (Nervous): About that raise, sir?

ZURG: Please! Once I enslave the universe, I won't need the likes of you. (Zurg's eyes light up) It'll be all Zurg, all the time! Twenty-four-seven [24/7]! Zurgie heaven!

The Chase in Outer Space

A triangle flies from the bottom left to the top right of the screen, transitioning to outer space. Subtitles type in "Space", and as soon as the Alpha-1 flies by, a second set of subtitles type in "Duh".

BUZZ: Alpha-1, power down your engines.

The camera focuses on Buzz's screen, with Mira's face on it as she talks to Buzz through it.

MIRA (On Buzz's screen): Buzz, you know my plan can work. I can get past Zurg's defenses.

BUZZ: Unfortunately, Mira, the commander doesn't agree with us. (Pushes a lever forward)

The "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme plays as the Alpha-1 flies to and away from the camera.

BUZZ (Off-screen): Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

The ships fly around Saturn, and while inside the mist of Saturn's rings, Buzz's ship flies ahead. Mira looks out her window to see nothing, then looks up then to the left window to also see no one chasing her. The theme music stops, until suddenly, in Mira's view, Buzz's ship flies up from under the Alpha-1. The theme song starts from the top again as Buzz's ship is shown in front of the Alpha-1's windows. Mira pulls the brakes, then we cut to what looks like a locker room. XR and Booster are shown rummaging through stuff to find a way to get back to Star Command so Booster can sneak back in and not get in trouble.

BOOSTER: Find anything?

XR: (Opens a locker, revealing two Star Command spacesuits.) Bingo! Spare spacesuits. (Tosses one to Booster) We'll slap one on you, jet back to Star Command, and no one's the wiser.

BOOSTER: Uh, XR? (Stretches the suit's arms, comparing his size to that of the suit) Slight problem.

XR (Frustrated): Ooh... come on!

Cutting back to Buzz chasing Mira, the theme music starts again, and Buzz presses a button that fires two wired magnets to the back of the Alpha-1.

BUZZ: End of the line, princess! (Pulls a lever to reel in the Alpha-1)

The magnets reel in the Alpha-1 as it bounces up and down; inside the Alpha-1, Mira's pushing the thrust lever as hard as she can to break free.

BUZZ (On the radio): Ease off on those thrusters, Mira. You'll just burn them out.

MIRA (Frustrated): (With no choice, she pulls the thrust lever, turning off the ship) Oh craters!

On the bottom left, a set of subtitles type in "Starcruiser Cargo Bay" as a triangle flies from the bottom left to the top right, transitioning to Mira getting out of the Alpha-1.

BUZZ (Angry): Ranger Mira Nova, that was the most outrageous showboating stunt I have ever seen.

MIRA: Kind of reminds you of yourself, huh?

BUZZ (Embarrassed): Yeah, kinda.

Suddenly, the two space rangers hear someone groaning and talking in the locker room.

BOOSTER (Off-screen): Oh, this isn't going to work!

XR (Off-screen): Sure it will. Come on. Just suck it in. You can do it, big fella.

Buzz and Mira follow the sound, and in their vision, the green doors open, revealing Booster struggling to fit into that tiny little spacesuit.

XR: Think thin. That's the key.

BUZZ: Uh, hello?

XR and Booster gasp at the sight of Buzz and Mira; during their shock, Booster's suit rips, revealing his underpants. Embarrassed, Booster hides his boxers with his hands as he chuckles nervously. Then a triangle flies from the bottom left to the top right, transitioning to Zurg Tower with a Grub saluting Zurg, who is smiling.

GRUB: All is ready, my evil emperor.

ZURG (Angry): Target Star Command and fire!

The Grub runs back to the controls and starts up the Zurgatronic Megaray once more.

ZURG: And so ends Star Command. (Turns to Agent Z) Ooh, I'm so evil! I just gave myself chills! Even my goosebumps have goosebumps! (Evilly laughs) I'M A BAD BOY! (Continues evilly laughing)

As Zurg continues his evil laugh, a purple lightning bolt fires from the Uni-Mind and flies into space. After which, we cut back to Buzz and Mira confronting XR and Booster.

BUZZ: Simple question: what are you doing here?

XR (Suddenly interrogating Booster): Yeah, buddy. What are you doing here? (Stretches his feet until his head is at Booster's height, then starts poking Booster's chest) We want answers, and we want them now!

BUZZ: I meant both of you.

XR: (Turns his head to Buzz) How's that? (Lowers himself) It's a complicated explanation, Buzz. I think it's best we just sweep the whole incident under the rug. And since we're a couple of janitors, (Pulls a broom out of his chest) I can promise you that's no problem. (Twirls his broom as he nervously laughs)

BOOSTER (Sad and guilty): I'm sorry, Buzz.

A red light flashes as the alarm suddenly goes off.

BOOSTER: Is that a...?

BUZZ: Red alert!

Buzz, Mira, and XR run away from the screen and run down the hall, with Booster getting his green custodian uniform back on and running behind them.

BOOSTER (While running): Hey, guys! Wait up!

As soon as Buzz, Mira, XR, and Booster head for the front windows, they see a screaming purple lightning bolt heading towards them, until Buzz slams a lever forward, causing his ship to shift to the right and dodge the incoming ray.

XR: What was that?

MIRA (Watching from the window): It's headed towards Star Command!

The ray suddenly hits Star Command, causing an electric shockwave on the outside of it.

BOOSTER (Nervous): Well, the station looks okay.

BUZZ: (Turns on the radio and speaks into the microphone) Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, come in, Star Command.

After a few seconds of static, with no response, the camera zooms in on Buzz's face.

BUZZ: I don't like this.

Another chase in outer space

A triangle flies from the bottom to the top, transitioning to Star Command in a power outage. The camera flies from right to left, where the four space rangers are carrying flashlights.

BUZZ (Off-screen): XR, report.

XR (Off-screen): Sensors indicate "spooky". In fact, now I'm going to have to go with "very spooky".

BOOSTER: Where is everyone?

The sliding doors to the control room open, and the 4 space rangers split up and search the room for survivors. Buzz heads right, Mira and XR head left, then Booster heads right.

MIRA: What happened? I mean, there's no sign of a struggle.

BUZZ: (Opens his wrist communicator on his space glove) Hmm. My scanner is picking up some...

Suddenly, Buzz hears Zurg's voice and looks at the shadowed figure leaning on a wall.

SHADOWED FIGURE (Zurg's voice): Lightyear! How good of you to join us.

BUZZ: Zurg? (Aims his flashlight at the shadowed figure)

SHADOWED FIGURE (Zurg's voice): In a manner of speaking.

Buzz turns on the flashlight. The shadowed figure turns out to be Commander Nebula under Zurg's mind control! The four gasp at the horror of Commander Nebula hypnotized.

XR (Scared): OHH! That's spooky.

The camera flies from right to left where we see Mira gasp at the horror of the LGMs also possessed by Zurg.

LGM IN THE MIDDLE (Zurg's voice): You see, I used the Uni-Mind to link your fellow rangers...

ALL LGMS (Zurg's voice): To my evil!

COMMANDER NEBULA (Zurg's voice): And that's just the beginning. Soon, the entire Galactic Alliance will be under my control.

Buzz gets creeped out as Zurg's evil laugh is heard.

XR: You know, as a robot, I'm not susceptible to mind control, so this really isn't an issue for me.

MIRA: Uh, yeah. It'll be your issue when they rip you apart and sell you for scrap.

XR (Horrified): Good point. Anybody got a plan?

COMMANDER NEBULA (Zurg's voice): Here's one. (Fires a megacannon)

BUZZ: Back to the ship, people!

Buzz, Mira, and Booster run to the screen.

XR: "People"? That does include me, right?

XR lets out a yelp as Buzz yanks him away from an incoming blast. Then they all run down the hallway until they see something that makes them stop running.

BUZZ: Aah!


As Commander Nebula, the LGMs, and space rangers have their weapons ready, Mira is about to strike her laser at them, until Buzz lowers her arm.

BUZZ: No, Mira! Although currently possessed by the most powerful evil in the universe, they're still our fellow rangers.

MIRA: Then how do we get past them?

The camera slowly flies up to Booster, evilly smiling.

BOOSTER (Getting an idea): Looks like we got us a high traffic area.

Booster grabs XR's hands and whips him, causing his floor polishers to pop out from under his feet. XR looks around, then drops his eyebrows.

XR: Alright, let's wax 'em big guy. Just push me--

XR (While Booster runs as he pushes him faster and faster): Not so fast, not so fast, NOT SO FAST!

Booster charges into the space rangers and LGMs, and they fall down like bowling pins.

BOOSTER (While runnning): YAHOO!!!

BUZZ: To the Launch Bay!

The sliding doors open as they run to the camera, then Mira fires her laser at the doors to melt them together.

BUZZ: Good work, people.

XR: And robot?

BUZZ: And robot.

Buzz, Mira, XR, and Booster head for Buzz's Star Cruiser, and blast off into space.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Zurg's voice): Lightyear must not escape!

MIRA: If Zurg has taken over every mind on Star Command, that means we're the only space rangers left.

BOOSTER (Worried): What do we do?

BUZZ: We've got to take the battle to Zurg.

XR (While pushing buttons): No need, he's bringing it to us!

The camera cuts to space where every Star Command spacecraft is out to kill Buzz and his crew. Back inside of Buzz's ship, Booster watches a computer screen, showing the enemy ships coming in.

BOOSTER (Worried): Oh! I got a lot of red lights blinking over here.

BUZZ: I don't need those lights to tell us we're in trouble.

The ship gets hit and the room vibrates. Outside, red laser beams fire at Buzz's Star Cruiser. Buzz tilts the control stick right, causing the ship to do a dodge roll.

MIRA (Amazed): I had no idea a Star Cruiser could pull a move like that!

BUZZ: And neither did Zurg.

The Star Cruiser takes another hit, and then we see Commander Nebula and a group of other possessed space rangers flying through orbit with their wings open.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Zurg's voice) (While flying): I'll make a note of it.

MIRA: (Looks at her window) We're surrounded!

XR (While pushing buttons): You know, the guy's an evil genius, and the best he can come up with is a ventriloquist act. What's next? Evil juggling?

COMMANDER NEBULA (Zurg's voice) (While flying): Farewell, Lightyear!

Commander Nebula and the space rangers fly away from the window's view.

MIRA: They're retreating.

BUZZ: But why?

XR: Obviously, my cosmic tongue cut them to the quick.

BOOSTER (Worried): (Notices his screen all green) I'm getting a funny energy reading.

BUZZ: Mira, check the hull.

Mira jumps up through the ceiling with her ghosting powers, then looks around until she sees a bomb blinking.

MIRA (Alarmed): (Lands back in her seat) We've got a bomb!


BUZZ (Smirking): Perfect.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Zurg's voice) (While hovering): At last. For too long, Lightyear has hounded me.

From a distance, Buzz's Star Cruiser blows up.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Zurg's voice) (While hovering): But no more.

As the ship pieces scatter in orbit, Commander Nebula and the other space rangers evilly laugh in Zurg's voice and fly away with their jetpacks. What they don't know, however, is that Buzz and his crew boarded the Alpha-1 shortly before the explosion. Buzz narrates while piloting the Alpha-1 from behind a broken fin.

BUZZ (Narrating) (Off-Screen): Buzz Lightyear mission log, by launching the Alpha-1 at the precise moment of detonation, Zurg believes us to be destroyed.

BUZZ (Narrating) (On-Screen): I feel I must pause for a moment of silence in honor of my ship.

An outer ship reveals Mira, Booster, and XR cramped from behind Buzz.

XR: Oh, please, Buzz! It was just a hunk of metal.

MIRA: Okay, and you are?

XR (Misunderstanding Mira): In serious need of some personal space.

BOOSTER: So, Buzz, did Zurg win?

BUZZ: Not a chance, Booster. I've got Zurg right where I want him.

XR: Yeah, well, wherever he is, I bet he's got legroom.

As Buzz talks, the final part of the "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme song plays.

BUZZ: As long as Zurg thinks I'm dead he won't be looking for me, and that gives me...the advantage.

Buzz tilts the ship away from the camera, and it flies further and further away while the score settles down.

Crash-landing on Planet Z

A triangle flies from the bottom right to the top left of the screen, transitioning to Zurg Tower. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Zurg Tower". As the camera pulls up to the roof, a second set of subtitles type in "But you knew that", then the screen fades to Agent Z.

AGENT Z: I never thought it would be so easy.

ZURG: (Walks up to Agent Z and stands next to him) What? The defeat of Star Command? I always knew it was doable.

AGENT Z: No, not that. Lightyear.

The camera zooms in on Zurg.

ZURG: Ah, yes. My dearly departed foe.

As Zurg says "My dearly departed foe", the camera rotates behind him.

ZURG (Watching the Hornets fly by): Somehow, evil won't be quite as much fun without Buzz Lightyear to kick around.

We cut back to Buzz piloting the Alpha-1 Prototype.

BUZZ: Okay, Ranger Nova. Let's test that little theory of yours.

XR: So, nobody's ever actually infiltrated Planet Z before?

BUZZ: Never.

BOOSTER (Nervous): Oh man.

MIRA: Listen, a spacecraft this small won't be detected. I'm positive.

The Alpha-1 flies away from the camera, flying straight for Planet Z.

MIRA (Off-screen): You know, I'm... I mean, I'm pretty... I mean, you know I'm not a hundred percent [100%] positive (Chuckles).

A purple moon flies by as subtitles on the bottom left of the screen type in "Planet Z". A beam of lightning zaps it, opening up the moon as Seeker Drones fly out of it. A final set of subtitles type in "Auto Defense Moon".

BUZZ (Off-screen): Blast! The Seeker Drones are on patrol.

XR (Sarcastically): Oh, this just gets better and better.

Buzz steers the Alpha-1, dodging each drone, but he still feels cramped inside the ship.

BUZZ (Off-screen): I can do this. I just need a little elbow room!

The Alpha-1 plunges nose-down into Planet Z, the Buzz pulls the control stick back up. As Booster backs up, something pings inside the Alpha-1.

BOOSTER (Nervous): Uh, Buzz? I think I sat on a button.

MIRA: What button?

XR: (Makes his eye pop off and slide down his chest. When it lands on the palm of his hand, he focuses his eye on the button Booster pressed.) Let me see. (His eye blinks) "Emergency Water Landing".

MIRA: Oh, that wouldn't be so bad.

MIRA (Angrily): If we were over water!

BOOSTER (Nervous): What's gonna happen?

The Alpha-1 comes to a complete stop, as does the music.

BUZZ: First the crystallic fusion core deactivates, and then...

Outside the ship, two blue airbags inflate from the top of the ship's rear end, then two more airbags inflate from the bottom of the rear, then four more around the whole ship. Then a beacon blinks with a "wee-woo" sound accompanying it.

BOOSTER (Off-screen): Oh man!

BUZZ: (Tries to deactivate the "Emergency Water Landing" button by pushing a button, but the airbags still block Buzz's view.) Blast!

We cut to the Hornets flying by in V-formations, the camera flies to the left and stops at the sight of a Hornet. From behind him, the Alpha-1 crash lands, stopping the alarm. He looks behind him, but nothing is there. Then the alarm continues going off as the ship bounces and lands again. The Hornet looks behind him again to see nothing, then just walks away. The alarm continues going off as the ship bounces again, but this time the alarm completely stops as soon as the ship crash lands. Inside the Alpha-1, the space rangers are piled onto each other, with Buzz at the bottom, and Mira (with messy hair) on the top.

BUZZ: Rangers, condition status.

MIRA (Groaning): Not good.

Booster and XR groan in agreement.

BUZZ: Excellent. Let's roll!

We cut to the Hornets marching over an archway, under which Buzz and his team are hiding. One Hornet signals Brain Pod #13 to come over, and points to the punctured airbags covering up the Alpha-1.

BRAIN POD #13: What now? (Notices the Alpha-1) That? That's not a spacecraft. It's obviously a weather balloon. Let's leave the brainwork to those with the brains, shall we?

Brain Pod #13 and the Hornets continue marching, then we cut to Booster ripping off an airbag and XR plugging his cord from his chest into an outlet from the ship.

XR (Reading the information): Uh-huh. Yeah. Okay!

XR: (Unplugs his cord) The Alpha-1 is A-okay, but it asks that we do not do that again.

BUZZ: You three take the ship. Find the planets Zurg hasn't hit yet and supervise immediate evacuations.

MIRA: What about Zurg?

BUZZ: He's my problem.

MIRA: He's everybody's problem.

BUZZ: Mira, there's only one way for me to finish this mission. Alone.

BOOSTER: But Buzz, that's against the rules! In the Star Command Mission Manual, it clearly states that no ranger is to go into action without backup. I think it's Section Six, Subsection Delta.

BUZZ: Actually, it's Section Six, Subsection Gamma.

XR: (Pulls out the Star Command Mission Manual, and turns to Section 6, Subsection Delta.) He's right, big guy. Subsection Delta's the dress code. Incidentally, why can't we have nose rings?

BUZZ: Because nose rings are for punks, little mister!

MIRA: Well if you can take on Zurg alone, I don't see why XR can't get a nose ring.

XR: I was just asking a question. I'm not the one getting a nose ring.

BOOSTER: Then, who's getting a nose ring? (Gasps in realization and smirks) Maybe that's why Buzz wants to ditch us!

BUZZ (Angry): I'm not getting a nose ring! Nobody's getting a nose ring! It's against the rules!

MIRA (Smirking): Which apparently don't apply to you.

BUZZ (Angry): Of course they apply to me! The rules apply to everyone!

MIRA: Great! Then you're not facing Zurg alone, and we'll be your backup.

BUZZ (Angry): (Finally loses it) Arrgh! I want the three of you off this planet now! And that's an order.

XR (Scared) AND BOOSTER (Scared): (Salutes) Yes, sir! (They run back to the Alpha-1)

While XR and Booster follow orders, Mira still refuses to listen to Buzz and glares at him.

BUZZ (Angry): (Raises an eyebrow) Ranger Nova?

MIRA (Stubbornly): Yes... (Salutes) sir! (Runs back to the Alpha-1)

BUZZ (Angry): Thank you.

Buzz VS. Agent Z

A triangle flies from right to left, transitioning to Buzz sticking his head out from a sewer tunnel. He watches the Alpha-1 fly out of Planet Z, then focuses his attention on Zurg Tower.

ZURG (Off-screen): Next target, and... oh.

The camera flies down to Zurg and Brain Pods 13 and 29.

ZURG: Who haven't we perverted into a twisted reflection of evil?

BRAIN POD #29: A few planets left in the Beta Quadrant remain unperverted. Hmm.

ZURG: Ah, Bingo!

Suddenly a Hornet flying by gets blasted from behind Zurg.

ZURG (Spooked): Huh?

Another flying Hornet gets blasted from behind Zurg.

ZURG (Spooked): Oh! Mother of pearl!

The camera follows two flying Hornets, and it stops when they get blasted. Then, the "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme starts up as the camera focuses on Buzz flying and shooting to the roof.

ZURG: Lightyear!

BUZZ (While flying): Zurg!

The camera follows Buzz as he flies up the Zurg logo. Then Buzz hovers and aims his arm at Zurg, until Agent Z flies down from above and sends them crashing through a roof of a building.

BUZZ: (Pants) By the authority of Star Command, I hereby place you under arrest.

Agent Z's robot hand turns into an arm cannon, and Buzz rolls away just as Agent Z fires it. Then Buzz shoots his laser at Agent Z, sending him flying into a green power generator.

AGENT Z: (Groans as he gets back up on his feet) Not bad, Lightyear. I should've seen that one coming.

Buzz shoots the generator, causing a massive explosion, strong enough to send Agent Z flying at the camera. Buzz sticks one arm out for Agent Z to crash into, then aims his arm at Agent Z.

BUZZ: Like I was saying, you're under arrest.

AGENT Z: Aw, come on, buddy. (His voice starts changing as he takes off his mask) That's no way to...

WARP DARKMATTER: ...treat your partner.

BUZZ (Shocked): Warp?

Warp makes a fist with his robotic hand, and fires it out of his arm cannon, knocking out Buzz with one punch to the chin. Coincidentally, as Buzz lays unconscious, the screen fades to black.

Agent Z is revealed

The screen fades from black as Buzz wakes up on the top of Zurg Tower, with Warp Darkmatter and two Hornets standing in front of him.


BUZZ: You're alive? Or am I dead?

WARP DARKMATTER: No, you're not dead. (Turns his head to the screen) Not yet anyway.

BUZZ: But how?

WARP DARKMATTER: The exploding moon. Convincing, wasn't it? Yeah, Zurg's fireworks are really top-shelf.

BUZZ: But, Warp...

WARP DARKMATTER: (Aims his robot arm at Buzz) Ah. "Agent Z", please.

BUZZ: Oh, of course! Amnesia!


BUZZ: Evil clone.


BUZZ: Android replica.


Buzz runs out of ideas for what happened to Warp during the explosion at the beginning of the movie.

BUZZ (Running out of options): Okay, okay, it's so obvious! Zurg's mind-control ray! He got to you first.

WARP DARKMATTER: Actually, I went to him. Evil is just so much more profitable than good. And more fun. What do you think?

BUZZ: I don't believe it. The Warp Darkmatter I trained side-by-side with would not work for the most evil force in the universe!

WARP DARKMATTER: Look, Lightyear, I've been on Zurg's payroll ever since the Academy. Once I got the LGMs to spill the secret of the Uni-Mind, the Big Z brought me on full-time. My name's Darkmatter. Who's surprised here?

BUZZ: One of Star Command's finest. The perfect spy. And I gave you a really nice eulogy.

 Zurg rises from behind Buzz, standing on a rocket-powered throne.

ZURG: "He was not only a great ranger, but a great friend.". (Evilly laughs as he walks off his throne) Oh, what a hoot! If only you knew!

Zurg pushes a button that makes a triangular TV rise from under the floor. On the screen, we see reused footage from the funeral scene in the movie.

BUZZ (On TV): I... (Hangs his head in sadness) miss him very much.

ZURG: Oh, one more time! (Rewinds the scene with the "REWIND" button on the TV remote and presses the "PLAY" button)

BUZZ (On TV): I... (Hangs his head in sadness) miss him very much.

Zurg laughs as he turns off the TV and makes it sink back into the floor.

ZURG: Miss him now!? (Continues laughing)

BUZZ (Angry): (Breaks free from the two Hornets) Stop mocking me! (The Hornets grab him and electrocute him)

ZURG: I'll admit that in the past, you've been a most formidable foe. But since you "lost" your dear partner, you have been off your game.

BUZZ: Buzz Lightyear may end today, but what I believe in will live on. Hope, freedom, and justice.

At those three words, Zurg laughs at him, whereas Warp just shakes his head in disapproval.

ZURG: Oh, that's rich! Oh, please, (Turns to his Grubs) please tell me you got that.

We see three Grubs. One recording with a camera, one holding a clapperboard, and one working a camera crane.

GRUB ON THE CAMERA CRANE: (Gives a thumbs-up) Got it!

ZURG: Excellent! Add it to my collection. (Turns back to Buzz) Besides, Mr. Melodrama, I'm not going to kill you. No. No, I have a much more delicious idea. I'm going to take the galaxy's greatest hero, and turn him... into... me.

WARP DARKMATTER: Welcome to the team, partner.

BUZZ: This isn't my team. And you're not my partner. (Breaks free to turn on his wrist communicator and starts talking into it)

BUZZ (Talking into his wrist communicator): Buzz Lightyear mission log, final entry.

ZURG: What's he doing?

WARP DARKMATTER: (Sighs) Mission log. He's a procedure nut. As if there's anyone left to read his report.

We cut to outer space, with Mira now piloting the Alpha-1.

MIRA (Angry): Ooh! Sent packing like a bunch of first-year rookies!

XR: Which, technically we are.

The baby monitor sound from the start of the movie is heard as the Alpha-1 radio gets a signal.

BUZZ (On the radio): I don't know if anyone will be left untainted by Zurg's evil to receive this last chapter.

BOOSTER: (Gasps) Did I sit on another button?

MIRA: Shh. It's Buzz.

The sad music from Warp's funeral scene is reused here.

BUZZ (On the radio): As I go to my impending doom...


BUZZ (On the radio): ...I pause to pay tribute to 3 of the best and the brightest to ever come out of Star Command.

XR: (Leans closer to the radio) That's me and two others!

We cut back to Buzz talking into his communicator.

BUZZ (Talking into his wrist communicator): I have taken a one-man stand in darkness and depravity, and... I have failed. (Hangs his head in sadness) I was wrong.

ZURG: Keep rolling. This is priceless.

The Grubs zoom in closer on Buzz.

BUZZ (Talking into his wrist communicator): Perhaps, if I had taken a new partner, or two, or three.

We cut back to space, where the other Space Rangers are happy that Buzz saw the error of his ways.

BOOSTER: Hot rockets! Did you hear that? He needs us!

MIRA: He actually admits he needs us!

Mira turns the Alpha-1 around, flying back to Planet Z.

BOOSTER (Off-screen): We're coming, Buzz!

We cut back to Buzz talking into his communicator, just as he's about to finish.

BUZZ (Talking into his wrist communicator): Buzz Lightyear. Over, and out. (Closes his wrist communicator)

The Hornets fly up and lift Buzz to the middle of the Zurgatronic Megaray's direction.

ZURG: (Turns to Brain Pod #13) Target Buzz Lightyear.

BRAIN POD #13: Okay-doke. You're the evil emperor. (Types in a few keys and powers on the Uni-Mind)

BRAIN POD #13 (Shouting and waving to a Grub): MEGARAY MEGA-READY!

Dramatic music cues up as the Grub salutes and types in the coordinates. Then another piece of sad music plays as Buzz is about to be blasted by the Zurgatronic Megaray.

Buzz's rescue

ZURG: Do it.

A Brain Pod pushes the lever up, and the Uni-Mind powers up. Suddenly, XR's hands grab Buzz, making him dodge the blast. The "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme cues up again as the camera shows XR magnetized to the bottom of the Alpha-1.

BOOSTER: Hot rockets!

XR: See, this is where metal arms come in handy. I don't wanna show off, but when you have to hold a heavy guy like...

The Hornets conduct electricity, and XR screams as he gets electrocuted, causing XR to release Buzz. As Buzz and the Hornets fall from the sky, Buzz turns on his jetpack and flies away. The camera shows the two Hornets falling into the red clouds.

ZURG (Outraged): What!? Darkmatter, kill Lightyear!

Warp turns on his jetpack and flies up to a Hornet.

WARP DARKMATTER (While hovering): Where...?

The Hornet smacks Warp back to the ground, causing his wings to break off as he hits the ground.

WARP DARKMATTER (Angry at the Hornet): Have you blown a circuit?

Mira ghosts out of the Hornet she was possessing, and Warp screams as it falls towards him, then hits him.

MIRA (While Hovering) (Tauntingly): Aww! Stung by your own Hornet, huh?

We cut to XR's feet losing grip during his electrocution.

XR (Scared): Booster!

XR falls off the ship, and Booster swoops down to rescue him, causing XR to land on top of the Alpha-1.

BOOSTER: (Turns to XR behind him) Sorry!

ZURG: Target the Planet of Widows and Orphans!

The two Brain Pods at the computer type in said coordinates. The Zurgatronic Megaray points up, revealing Buzz behind it.

BUZZ (While Hovering) (Angry): You fiend! (Flies to the battery)

GRUB: (Points to the sky) There he is!

ZURG: (Chuckles) I knew that would get him.

Mira is about to shoot with her laser, but two Grubs pounce on her arms. Then the camera follows Buzz as he flies to the battery and starts shooting. The "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme plays as he blasts the battery. Zurg notices this, and he sticks out one hand.

ZURG: Your puny Star Command laser is pathetic. (A Grub hands him his Ion Blaster, as shown in Toy Story 2) Let me show you a real weapon.

Zurg blasts Buzz's jetpack, sending Buzz falling to his doom. Then Warp regains consciousness and sits up with his hand on his head.

WARP DARKMATTER: (Groans) Oh, nice shot.

ZURG (Wearing his Ion Blaster): The key is to not pull the trigger, but squeeze it.

Suddenly, we cut to the Alpha-1 flying to the screen.

XR: Janitor driving!

MIRA (While struggling to get Zurg's Grubs off her arms): Get off!

The Grubs gasp at the Alpha-1 flying towards them, then the ship crash lands onto the roof of Zurg Tower.

XR: Look out!

The ship slides through the wires and circuits, two Grubs run and jump out of the way as it slides towards Mira. Then the ship comes to a stop when it crashes into a computer, sending XR flying off the roof of the now damaged Alpha-1.

MIRA: (Ghosts her head into the Alpha-1 to talk to Booster) Buzz is hit!

WARP DARKMATTER: (Scoffs and smirks) Rookies. (Turns his robot hand into an arm cannon)

BOOSTER: (Notices Warp in his new Agent Z attire) Hey, isn't that Buzz's dead partner?

MIRA: Eject! (Slams the Eject button, sending Booster flying up)

BOOSTER: (While flying out of the shot) WHOA!

In the next shot, Booster falls on Warp and crushes him.

WARP DARKMATTER (Under Booster): Aren't you the janitor?

BOOSTER (While sitting on Warp): (Smirks) Yep.

WARP DARKMATTER (Under Booster) (Sarcastically): Oh, this is gonna be great for my rep!

Facing Zurg as a Team

With Buzz's jetpack damaged, disabling his ability to fly, Buzz is thankfully latched onto the bottom of the Zurg logo. He climbs up and opens his wrist communicator.

BUZZ (Talking into his wrist communicator): Mira, Booster, XR. Do you copy? I can't make it in time. It's up to you now.

Zurg's shadow walks up from behind Buzz, and he aims his Ion Blaster at him.

BUZZ (Talking into his wrist communicator): Good luck!

As Buzz closes his wrist communicator, he jumps to the camera as Zurg is about to blast him. Then he notices a piece of a wall falling towards him. Buzz fires it with his laser, then gets up on his feet to approach Zurg as his shadow fades in.

ZURG (In the shadows): Give it up, Lightyear. I win.

BUZZ: Evil... never... wins.

Zurg fires his Ion Blaster again, and Buzz does a flip over Zurg. Zurg keeps shooting, but the bright lights around Zurg dim down.

ZURG (Confused): Huh?

BUZZ: (Walks out of the shadows) Afraid of the dark, Zurg?

Zurg is about to take another blast, until a red laser beam blasts Zurg's Ion Blaster out of his hand. The next shot reveals Mira did it as she ghosted from the ceiling.

MIRA (From the ceiling): Not today, Zurg.

Then Booster walks up to the Ion Ray, and crushes it with his hands as he evilly smiles. As he drops the broken blaster, Buzz walks in closer to the camera, aiming his arm at Zurg while his laser warms up. In the next shot, Mira drops in and aims her arm at Zurg.

MIRA: Evil Emperor Zurg, by the authority of Star Command...

BOOSTER: Section Five, Subsection Zeta. That's the one about the evil emperor.

XR: (Grapples down from the ceiling, and aims a gun at Zurg) You are under arrest.

BUZZ: Like I said...

The camera rotates to Buzz as he talks.

BUZZ: Evil... never... wins.

We cut over to Brain Pod #29 recovering and sitting up.

BRAIN POD #29 (Dizzy): (Groans) F-firing. (Pushes the lever)

The same scream from the possessed Uni-Mind is heard as the final blast launches into space. XR turns his head around and notices this.

XR (While dangling): Hey!

Zurg walks to a trapdoor and falls through it as he evilly laughs. The trapdoor slides shut, and Mira tries to shoot Zurg, but it's too late. Then the camera cuts over to Zurg standing on his flying throne platform.

ZURG: You failed, Lightyear!

As Zurg talks, Buzz, Mira, and XR look at Zurg angrily, while Booster looks scared at Zurg's victory.

ZURG (Off-screen): With that final blast I have enslaved every free world in the Galactic Alliance!

The camera focuses on Booster looking down in despair as he stands next to XR, then we see Mira glaring at Zurg, then when we see Buzz glaring at Zurg, the camera slowly zooms in on Buzz's angry face.

ZURG (Off-screen): Wherever you go in the universe, you will hear my voice mocking you...

ZURG: "Evil rules"! (Evilly laughs until a red laser beam flies by him)

Buzz, Mira, and XR fire their weapons at Zurg, but Zurg evilly laughs and flies away while standing next to his throne.

BUZZ: We're not done yet. (Turns to his team) Booster, XR, get up top and take Warp into custody.

Booster and XR nod, then we cut to Mira saluting to Buzz.

BUZZ (Off-screen): Mira, you're with me.

Restoring the Uni-Mind/Zurg and Warp's Defeat

A triangle flies from the bottom right to the top left, transitioning to the Zurgatronic Megaray short-circuiting from the crash landing of the Alpha-1.

BRAIN POD #29 (Off-screen): Chain reaction!

We cut to the Grubs running around and screaming in a panic.

BRAIN POD #29 (Off-screen): She's gonna blow!

We cut over to Warp handcuffed to a pole.

WARP DARKMATTER: Get back here! Hey, release me! Hey! I'm Zurg's number-one agent!

Booster and XR suddenly appear from behind him.

BOOSTER: Now there's something I wouldn't go boasting about.

Booster uncuffs Warp and picks him and XR up with both hands.

WARP DARKMATTER (In Booster's arm): What, you're gonna jump? Are you crazy?

XR (In Booster's other arm): Actually, buddy boy, we're on the janitorial staff. You're looking at a couple of risk-takers.

BOOSTER: It's true. (Starts running for the edge of the roof)

WARP DARKMATTER (In Booster's arm): No!

As soon as Booster jumps off the roof, an explosion occurs, then XR opens a parachute from inside of his chest.

BOOSTER (While floating down): Don't be such a fraidy-cat. Like we'd really just jump.

We cut over to Mira lifting Buzz as she hovers over the evil Uni-Mind.

MIRA (While hovering and lifting Buzz): Mm-kay, Buzz, what are we going to actually do?

BUZZ: The LGM mind link was activated by a simple touch. (Mira flies him closer to the Uni-Mind as he sticks his hand out) Maybe. Just maybe.

Buzz's hand touches the Uni-Mind, and a white light glows around it and expands.

MIRA (While hovering and lifting Buzz) (Amazed): You're doing it!

BUZZ: The power of good is a strong thing, Mira.

Suddenly, the white light starts shrinking, and a scream from the evil Uni-Mind is heard as Buzz gets electrocuted and screams in pain. Mira floats Buzz a few inches away.

MIRA (While hovering and lifting Buzz): But not strong enough.

BUZZ: Blast! Thanks to Zurg, the Uni-Mind is rotten to the core.

MIRA (While hovering and lifting Buzz): (Suddenly, she gets an idea) Then let's get you to the core. (Flies closer to the Uni-Mind)

BUZZ: You're gonna ghost me?

Mira uses her ghosting powers on Buzz and pushes him into the Uni-Mind. Another scream from the Uni-Mind is heard as Mira gets electrocuted after successfully getting Buzz into the core of the Uni-Mind.

MIRA (While hovering): Aah! Buzz!

The Uni-Mind suddenly glows white, then turns back into its original orange state. A green ring forms around it, and the ring ignites a powerful shockwave across Planet Z, accompanied by a reused sound byte from Toy Story.

BUZZ (Off-screen): To infinity, AND BEYOND!

Buzz's "Beyond!" echoes 6 times as the other planets Zurg possessed get restored. First, the pink backgrounds in Rhizome are restored, then in Bathyos, two Bathyosians are about to fire blasters at each other, but as soon as Bathyos is restored, they suddenly drop their weapons. Then finally, Star Command is restored. Inside the station, the Space Rangers and LGMs' eyes revert back to normal. Then, when Commander Nebula's eyes revert back to normal, he smiles and turns to the window.


We finally cut over to Zurg's ship in the middle of orbit as it blinks from inside. We then cut to inside where Zurg notices his plan is failing.

ZURG: No! My plan! MY GALAXY!

GRUB (Scared): Uni-Mind wave impact in three seconds!


The shockwave hits Zurg's ship, likely blowing it up instead of turning Zurg and the two remaining Grubs good. Either way, as it hits Zurg's ship, the screen fades to white, then it fades from white showing Mira floating at the sight of the Uni-Mind. Then Booster and XR are scared as they look at Mira. The dramatic music crescendos as Mira charges for the Uni-Mind.

MIRA (While flying): I'M GOING IN! (Ghosts herself into the Uni-Mind to search for Buzz)

WARP DARKMATTER (Not caring about Mira): She's a goner.

The "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme comes back on as Mira ghosts out of the Uni-Mind carrying Buzz. XR and Booster smile and Booster hugs XR so tightly his head pops off.

BUZZ: Thanks for the lift, Mira.

MIRA (While hovering and lifting Buzz): Ah, anytime, sir.

As Mira flies Buzz out of the shot to the top left, a triangle flies from the bottom to the top of the screen, transitioning to Zurg Tower from a distance as the camera zooms in on it. Then the screen fades, showing the empty Uni-Mind, until an LGM with black goggles pops up from the bottom of the screen. Then he rides his hovercraft to the Uni-Mind, where another LGM riding a hovercraft joins him. One LGM places a suction cup from his hovercraft onto the Uni-Mind, then on the ground, three LGMs wave their scanners as Buzz walks up to them.

BUZZ: I hope that Uni-Mind still works for you guys.

The LGM with the suction cup on his hovercraft pops it off, and gives a thumbs-up. Then the Uni-Mind's green ring forms around the Uni-Mind.

ALL THREE LGMs: We are one.

LGM ON THE RIGHT: Our mind link has been restored.

The LGM on the left starts getting a determined look on his face, and his antenna starts wiggling.

LGM IN THE MIDDLE: All is as it was.

LGM ON THE LEFT: (Raises his fist in the air and looks up) To infinity, (Jumps up and starts to fly up with the zero gravity Planet Z has) AND BEYOND!

Suddenly, the LGM in the middle notices this and immediately grabs the flying LGM's foot and pulls him back down. Then we cut to two Space Rangers carrying Warp away after arresting him. As the three walk out of the shot to the right, the camera flies over to Mira and Booster.

MIRA: I can't believe we captured Agent Z.

BOOSTER: I can't believe he turned out to be Buzz's dead partner who wasn't really dead.

MIRA: Yeah, that... too. Uh-huh.

ALL LGMs: Amazing!

XR: Easy, fellas. I know I've exceeded all performance expectations.

LGM 1: It's not that, XR.

LGM 2: You're almost human.

LGM IN THE BACKGROUND: So many character flaws!

XR: Okay. You know what? Let's just say "amazing" and leave it at that!

Awards Ceremony/Ending

Commander Nebula and two Space Rangers fly down and land with their jetpacks from their spacesuits.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Well, Lightyear, (Hovers down and lands) you managed to save the universe again.

BUZZ: It wasn't just me, sir. Zurg almost won. In fact, he would have, except I had backup.

XR: Well, of course you had backup!

MIRA: Because everybody needs backup.

BOOSTER: It's in the manual: Section Six, Subsection Gamma.

BUZZ: Got the message, guys.

COMMANDER NEBULA: So, who's your partner gonna be, son?

Mira, Booster, and XR gather around, hoping one of them will be picked by Buzz. XR even exaggerates with an arrow popping out of his chest that points to him, and its lightbulbs blink three times.

BUZZ: Don't worry, Commander. I've made my choice.

A triangle flies from the bottom left to the top right of the screen, transitioning to the Space Ranger Academy back down on Earth. The alien lifeforms are shown lined up in one section, with the Space Rangers lined up in another section. To the gentle music, Commander Nebula puts a medal around Mira's neck, and Mira fixes her hair. Then Commander Nebula puts a medal around Buzz's neck, and he and Mira salute for the commander. Then XR salutes as Commander Nebula puts a medal around his helmet, right down to his shoulders. Then the music stops as XR grabs Commander Nebula by the neck and kisses his cheek. Despite XR's lips touching the inside of his helmet, Commander Nebula pushes XR away from him. Then the music comes back on as everyone vibrates from Booster running up to the commander from backstage. Booster is shown in his Space Ranger outfit that actually fits him, and Booster salutes for the commander. Commander Nebula gets out a tearful smile, and sticks Booster's medal on his chest. With Buzz and his crew wearing medals, the crowd cheers for them.

BUZZ: Team Lightyear, reporting for duty, sir!

The next shots show the crowds cheering for the new heroes of Star Command. Then we cut back to Buzz, Mira, XR, and Booster on-stage. Buzz turns on his jetpack, and flies out of the shot, then so does Mira. XR spins around fast enough, making his wings appear and blasts off. Then lastly, Booster presses his jetpack button, and instead of Space Ranger wings (likely due to how heavy he is), giant rocket thrusters pop out.

BOOSTER: So cool! (Blasts off and flies out of the shot)

In the final shot, we see Buzz, Mira, XR, and Booster flying off into space.

BUZZ (While flying): To infinity...

BUZZ, MIRA, XR, AND BOOSTER (While flying into the screen): AND BEYOND!

As soon as Team Lightyear flies past the screen and fly out of the shot to the right, the screen switches to a black screen on the final note. Booster's giggle is reused one last time.


Credits/"To Infinity and Beyond"

The screen fades from black showing outer space. The "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" intro theme is used for the first part of the credits. After the theme song ends, the rest of the credits start scrolling up with "To Infinity and Beyond" by William Shatner playing.

WILLIAM SHATNER: To infinity, and beyond. We're blasting through the dawn. To another galaxy. Won't you come along with me to infinity, and beyond? To infinity, and beyond. Turn those thrusters on. Faster than the speed of light, we will carry the fight, to infinity and beyond!

STAR COMMAND CHORUS: ♪Good guys, we can fly! Far across the starry sky!♪

♪Past the moon, and past the sun. With no good deed left undone.♪

WILLIAM SHATNER: There is a place.

STAR COMMAND CHORUS: ♪There is a place.♪

WILLIAM SHATNER: In outer space.

STAR COMMAND CHORUS: ♪In outer space.♪

WILLIAM SHATNER: Where you can join in the fun.


WILLIAM SHATNER: To infinity and beyond.


WILLIAM SHATNER: We will sing this song.


WILLIAM SHATNER: So, say goodbye. Now it's time to fly, to infinity and beyond.

STAR COMMAND CHORUS: ♪Good guys, we can fly! Far across the starry sky!♪

WILLIAM SHATNER: Past the moon.

LGMs: Ooh.

WILLIAM SHATNER: And past the sun.

LGMs: Aah.

WILLIAM SHATNER: With no good deed left undone.

LGMs (Spoken): ♪There is a place, in outer space, where you can join in the fun.♪


WILLIAM SHATNER (Spoken) AND STAR COMMAND CHORUS (Sung): ♪To infinity and beyond. We will sing this song. So, say goodbye. Now it's time to fly, to infinity and beyond. So, say goodbye. Now it's time to fly, to infinity and beyond.♪

For the rest of the credits, an instrumental solo plays until the screen fades to black on the last note. Afterwards, the 2D Walt Disney Pictures closing logo is shown, followed by the closing Pixar logo.