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Location: Andy's bedroom. The baby monitor is on top of the drawer, turning on.

SARGE: V.H.S., this is Beta! We've got the package. (Rex comes in all excited) We're coming home!

REX: (Faces the screen) Hey, everybody, it's here! It's here!

WOODY: (Coming from behind the toy chest) It's here? Well, it's about time.

The Green Army Men are holding up a VHS copy of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

SARGE: Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!

LGMS: Ooh... (Rex charges into them and they squeak as they bounce around)

REX (Excited): Ahh! It's the new action-packed Buzz Lightyear movie!

SARGE: Hup, 2, 3, 4, (Green Army Men drop the VHS case) Alright, move it out!

The other toys walk up to the TV.

REX: Somebody put in the tape! Put it in! My tiny arms can't reach!

WOODY: Okay, okay. Hold your horses, Rex. (Tries to open the VHS case, but feels it's too heavy)

REX: Put it in!

WOODY: Gosh. It's stuck. (Rex screams, but then Woody opens the VHS case) Just kidding. (Rex sighs of relief)

Buzz Lightyear and Jessie then walk up to Woody and Rex.

BUZZ: Let me take a look at that. (Whistles in amazement) A "Buzz Lightyear" movie!

WOODY: Heh, what do you know? You don't look so fat when they draw you that way.

BUZZ: (Sarcastically laughs) Let's watch it!

REX (Excited): Yes, please, quick, quick!

WOODY: Buzz, we're not gonna watch the whole thing. We just wanna see all the commercials at the beginning.

REX: What!?

BUZZ: He's kidding, Rex.

Woody gets the tape out of the case and proceeds to put it in the VCR player under the TV.

WHEEZY: Excuse me, Mr. Lightyear. You oughtta sign that tape there. It might be worth something someday.

REX: He can sign it later! (Turns to Woody, who is having a hard time getting the tape in the VCR player) Put it in! Put it in!

WOODY (While struggling): The darn thing's jammed.

REX: Jammed!? Oh, I can't stand the suspense! I can't! I just, I... Oh! (Faints and lays on his back unconscious)

HAMM: Oh boy!

BUZZ: Rex!

WOODY: Gee, maybe we went too far.

REX: (Wakes up) Ha-ha! Just kidding!

HAMM: Ha ha, good one, Rex. (Turns on the TV with the remote) Very good.

At this point, the camera zooms into the TV screen, where we see the Buzz Lightyear icon flying towards the screen, and is centered. With the words "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" zooming into the logo, followed by "Disney/Pixar" appearing on the top and "The Adventure Begins" appearing on the bottom at the same time. The opening score to "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" briefly plays, until the logo flies away, revealing the next scene.

The First Mission

We see a background of outer space, with the screen in the form of a computer database

BUZZ (Narrating): This the universe. I work here. (Buzz's info and I.D. appears here) Name's Lightyear, Buzz Lightyear. I'm a space ranger.

Buzz's info reads -
Academy Ranking: First in class
Special Accommodations:
Order of Galactic Merit. First class
The Andromeda Cross
The Pleadiean Cluster
The Solar Wind Award for Courage
The Nebula Heart
Blue Medallion of Freelance
The Golden Ring of Jupiter

BUZZ (Narrating): My partner Warp Darkmatter and I work out of Star Command's Universe Protection Unit.

Warp's info reads -
Academy Ranking: Second in Class
Special Recommendations:
Order of Galactic Merit. 2nd Class
The Bronze Cluster

BUZZ (Narrating): At oh-eight-hundred [0800] hours, the report came in.

Computer screen now shows a red "Mission Assignment" warning, then shows three Little Green Men circled.

FEMALE COMPUTER VOICE: Missing: Three Little Green Men. Last seen: Star Command Science Bay.

Yellow letters on top say "Little Green Men" and a red arrow flies to the right, with the word "MISSING" under each circle, the two red arrows fly up and the yellow letters fade in saying "Mission Priority: Alpha Prime".

FEMALE COMPUTER VOICE: Alpha mission objective: Locate L.G.M.s A.S.A.P.

An opening iris reveals a starry night sky some more, and the camera flies down to a purple planet.

BUZZ (Narrating): We'll find and rescue these Little Green Men... Even if we must go to infinity... and beyond.

In the camera's view, we're in a purple fog, then it clears up to reveal rocky mountains and volcanoes. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "ZETA QUADRANT". The volcanoes ignite more purple clouds of steam and a giant cloud flies from left to right of the screen. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles now type in "UNCHARTED MOON" as the camera flies to the right. Then it stops as we see a distant rocket sparkling. The camera now slowly zooms in towards the rocket on a mountain top and a puff of smoke covers the screen. The smoke then clears out and we see the back of Buzz's head, until he turns around and starts talking.

BUZZ: Buzz Lightyear mission log. We've searched this gaseous planetoid from top to bottom (Turns on his hologram projector from his wrist communicator showing the three missing L.G.M.s) with no sign of the missing personnel. (Deactivates his wrist communicator and a bright light shines at him and he hears a loud car honk which startles him) Hey! (Puts his hand over his eyes)

The camera shows Warp getting out of a space buggy.

WARP DARKMATTER: Come on, buddy. Nobody ever reads those reports.

BUZZ: (Walks up to Warp) Warp, my friend, procedure is what separates us from the wicked forces of chaos. (A pair of goggles suddenly appear from the back of Buzz's neck and he applies them)

WARP DARKMATTER: Ah, Buzz. If it means less paperwork, I'll take chaos. (Gets back in the driver's side of the buggy and straps on his seat belt) Oh, man. Give it up, partner. This rock's as dead as it looks.

BUZZ: (Goggles come off of Buzz and slide back behind him, then Buzz walks up to Warp) Never judge a moon by its crater. We'd better double-check the dark side.

WARP DARKMATTER: I'll drive. (Steps on the gas and starts the buggy)

Musical score plays as Warp drives the space buggy through the planet. As he drives, the buggy flies off the ramp, and as it falls, three L.G.M.s pop out of the tarp in the backseat and scream from behind Buzz and Warp. Then the buggy lands and Warp stops the buggy.

WARP DARKMATTER: (Looks behind him and sees the L.G.M.s in the back) Well, mission accomplished. (Turns on his hologram projector from his wrist communicator showing the three missing L.G.M.s) Three L.G.M.s disappeared, we just found three L.G.M.s.

BUZZ: (Looks at Warp's hologram of the L.G.M.s) Well, I don't think these are the three missing Little Green Men.

WARP DARKMATTER: (Deactivates his wrist communicator) Sure, not anymore.

BUZZ: I'm afraid these three are stowaways. (The L.G.M.s get out of the space buggy and start to wander off) Ah, blast! This won't look good in my report. (Notices the L.G.M.s wandering off) Hey!

ALL THREE LGMs (While walking): Must save the lost ones!

WARP DARKMATTER: (Runs up to the L.G.M.s and stops them for a second) Whoa, whoa, whoa. We'll find your amigos, boys. Just not here.

LGM: Here!

BUZZ: How can you be so sure?

ALL THREE LGMs: Mind link.


ALL THREE LGMs (As their antennas wiggle): Evil!

WARP DARKMATTER: Now you're just trying to freak us out.

BUZZ: (Remembers something) No, it's my worst fear come true.

WARP DARKMATTER (Sarcastic): Here we go.

BUZZ: This diabolical plot could only be the work of my sworn enemy of the galactic alliance, Evil Emperor Zurg!

The camera flies around Buzz when he says "Evil Emperor Zurg" and then stops, where we see Warp bored, but then suddenly gets angry at Buzz.

WARP DARKMATTER (Suddenly angry): What plot!? You think Zurg is behind every kitten and stuck up a tree!

BUZZ: The fiend! Why can't he leave kitty cats out of his nefarious schemes?

WARP DARKMATTER (Angry): All I know is we searched half of the Zeta Quadrant to find the L.G.M.s and what do we find? (Smoke fumes behind him as he shouts) A lot of nothing!

Buzz looks scared and a giant monster appears behind Warp.

WARP DARKMATTER: There's something really bad behind me, isn't there?

The camera flies up and we see a snake-like monster called a "Crater Viper" and its head roars as it is about to attack Warp.

BUZZ: Crater viper! Look out! (Charges into Warp as the crater viper is about to eat them and they get out of the way)

They tumble down the mountain and then get up and aim their wrist lasers at the crater vipers.

BUZZ: Crater vipers never hunt in packs.

WARP DARKMATTER: Tell them that!

They shoot their lasers from their wrists at the crater vipers' mouths. Buzz turns back and shoots one crater viper from behind at its mouth. That same crater viper roars in pain and charges down. The camera then cuts to Warp shooting, a crater viper appears behind him and off-screen, Buzz shoots a laser beam at that crater viper's mouth.

WARP DARKMATTER: Thanks, partner.

BUZZ (While shooting): Looks like the moon's not so dead after all!

The L.G.M.s walk past Buzz and Warp as they shoot the crater vipers' mouths.

WARP DARKMATTER: Give me a minute. It will be.

A crater viper crashes behind the L.G.M.s as they continue wandering off.

ALL THREE LGMs (Off-screen): The lost ones!

BUZZ: (Turns to the wandering L.G.M.s) What are you doing? (Ducks under a swinging arm)

LGM: This way.

A crater viper crashes into a hole and turns the other way. In another shot, a crater viper surrounds Warp as he shoots. In another shot, two crater vipers miss the L.G.M.s walking into a crater. In the next shot, a 3rd crater viper dives its head to the ground, only to miss the L.G.M.s and crash into the ground. In the next shot, a crater viper pops out of a crater behind Buzz and grabs him with its arms as it roars, until Buzz presses the red circle on his spacesuit and activates his jetpack. The "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme plays as he flies and Buzz gets close to the ground and slides across the ground on his back, blocking the L.G.M.s and shooting into a crater viper's open mouth. We cut over to Warp, shooting two times at the army of crater vipers.

BUZZ (Off-screen): Warp, hit 'em from below!

WARP DARKMATTER: Soft underbellies, eh? (Presses the big red circle on the right side of his spacesuit and activates his jetpack. He flies up and a crater viper is about to bite him, but misses. In another shot, he presses his icon and pulls out a bazooka) Let's see how ticklish.

The camera focuses on Warp's hand as he blasts the crater vipers in sight. In another shot, the crater vipers go back into their holes.

BUZZ (Off-screen): I should've guessed! (A rock opens its mouth and one eye, and it is revealed that the crater vipers were actually its fingers) A crater viper slag monster mutant!

The crater vipers roar with the mutant.

BUZZ (On-screen): The L.G.M.s!

The L.G.M.s are shown walking up to the monster mutant as it growls.

ALL THREE LGMs (While walking): Must save the lost ones! (Buzz and Warp suddenly fly down from behind them and grab each one, then fly up)

WARP DARKMATTER (While carrying one L.G.M.): Can't you just...

BUZZ (While carrying two L.G.M.s under his arms): Warp, Gemini split, now!

The camera flies into a crater viper's opening mouth, but in another shot, Buzz and Warp dodge it. Then Buzz jumps off of another crater viper's nose, then flies up to a nearby cliff where Warp is.

"The lost ones are there"

As Warp talks, Buzz lands and puts down the L.G.M.s he was carrying.

WARP DARKMATTER: ...Have any reason you were looking to shake hands with a beast from 20,000 craters?

The L.G.M.s walk to the edge of the cliff, and as Buzz and Warp follow them, the L.G.M.s point to the monster mutant as Buzz and Warp look down.

ALL THREE LGMs: The lost ones are there!

WARP DARKMATTER: Oh, well, then I'd say they're the dead ones now. (The monster mutant looks up to them) Let's get out of here.

Buzz looks depressed, as if he would have to agree to give up, but then gets another idea.

BUZZ: Ha! I'm going in! (Turns on his jetpack) Follow my lead! (Jumps off the edge of the cliff and flies down)

WARP DARKMATTER: (Turns on his jetpack, jumps off the edge of the cliff, and flies next to Buzz) I hope you have a plan!

BUZZ (While flying): No more so than usual.

Buzz presses the yellow square button on the left side of his spacesuit and two grappling cables fly out of the top of his jetpack's thrusts. He tangles the crater vipers with them, and Warp does the same)

WARP DARKMATTER (While hovering): Now what?

BUZZ (While hovering): Full throttle! (Presses the blue square button on his spacesuit, and starts to fly at twice the speed of his jetpack) Hit it!

The "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" theme plays triumphantly as Buzz and Warp fly up, and the monster watches them fly up as his fingers are getting raised up as well. The L.G.M.s walk away from the edge in another shot, then in the next shot, the crater vipers are choking, but Buzz and Warp are struggling to fly further up. The monster mutant starts growling, and rocks begin to crumble underneath.

BUZZ (While struggling to fly up): The lost ones aren't in it! (The monster mutant gets lifted off the ground a bit to reveal part of a hideout) They're under it! Not... enough... power! (Camera flies up revealing the top of a rocky mountain, with a flat edge) Alright, new plan!

Buzz and Warp aim their wrists at the bottom of the flat edge and fire their lasers at it.

LGM: (Starts to wobble) Whoa! (Another L.G.M. grabs his arm and gets him back up)

The monster mutant sees the giant falling rock, and Buzz and Warp detach their cables and fly through an open hole of the rock, which acts as a tunnel for them to fly through. In the next shot, the monster gets crushed by the debris and Buzz and Warp fly towards the screen after flying out of a cloud.

WARP DARKMATTER (While hovering): That was your plan?

BUZZ (While hovering): Most of it. Where are the L.G.M.s?

WARP DARKMATTER (While hovering): (Points down) Take a guess.

Buzz and Warp hover down and land behind where the L.G.M.s are standing.

ALL THREE LGMs (While pointing): Zurg.

BUZZ: I knew it!

The camera flies down to reveal Zurg's Subterranean Outpost. The top of the outpost has Zurg's logo on top.

Inside Zurg's Outpost

The camera cuts to inside of Zurg's outpost, and slowly flies across electric machinery until we see the three missing LGMs in a sensory deprivation tank fill of water. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "ZURG'S SUBTERRANEAN OUTPOST". The next shot has Brain Pod #29 turn up a dial as another set of subtitles type in "TORTURE DIVISION".

ALL THREE MISSING LGMs (In pain): Ow! Oh! (They all yell in pain during their time in front of the camera)

Brain Pod #29 suddenly gasps as he hears the sliding doors open, and the gas settles revealing Brain Pod #13 rolling into the room. Brain Pod #29 sighs of relief.

BRAIN POD #13: Anything?

BRAIN POD #29: No.

BRAIN POD #13: Oh, he's not going to like this!

Brain Pod #13 suddenly gasps as the sliding doors open, only as the gas settles, it is revealed that a Grub has entered the room.

GRUB: Anything?

BRAIN POD #29: No.

GRUB: Ooh, he's not going to like this! (He walks back through the sliding doors, then later comes back, which frightens Brain Pod #29) What should I tell him?

BRAIN POD #29: We have proven that the Little Green Men think and feel as one. We... (nervously chuckles) just don't know how.

GRUB (Worried): Ooh, he's not going to like this at all!

The sliding doors close again, and Brain Pod 29 has a stern look on his face. The third time the sliding doors open, Brain Pod 29 is rather annoyed this time, expecting that Grub worker again.

BRAIN POD #29 (Annoyed): Oh, now what?

The camera reveals the Grub being squeezed by a metal hand.

GRUB (While being choked): He... didn't... like it.

The hand drops the Grub, and the camera zooms out revealing Zurg coming out of the fog.

BRAIN POD #13 (Scared, talking quickly): Oh, Evil Emperor Zurg! Hi, how are you? The torture tank is good to go here as you can see, and I... (Zurg whacks him to a wall) My bad.

Zurg opens his hand, sharpening his claws and pierces them into the tank, making a painful glass scratching noise as he slides his hand down. The room floods with water and it hits the Brain Pods.


ALL THREE MISSING LGMs: (Zurg suddenly rips them out of the tank from the cords on their helmets) Whoa! (Zurg's finger from his other hand lights up forming an electric ball, and zaps them with it.) OW! (Zurg evilly laughs) We are one! (Zurg shocks them again) Ooh!

MISSING LGM 1: We will never talk!

MISSING LGM 3: Do your worst!

ZURG: My plan exactly. (Zurg zaps them again)

Breaking in

As the 3 missing LGMs scream in pain as they are zapped, we cut to Buzz using his laser to melt the door, to no success.

BUZZ: Blast! Laser-resistant diabonic alloy.

WARP DARKMATTER: Let me try. (He cleverly presses his back against the wall and knocks on the door, waiting for it to open behind him.)

GRUB: (Opens the door, not noticing Warp from behind) Yes?

Warp slams the door, sending the Grub flying and crashing. Warp opens the door again, allowing Buzz to pass.


As Buzz walks in the doorway, a voice stops him.

LGM 1: Excuse us, coming through...

The camera zooms out showing the LGMs behind Buzz.

BUZZ: Get back on the ship and wait.


BUZZ: Now, I know this is personal to you, but I must insist.


BUZZ: Oh okay, we're getting into a chain of command area so really...

ALL THREE LGMs: We feel the pain! Oh!

BUZZ: Whoa, oh, oh, alright. (To Warp) It's their mind link thing.

WARP DARKMATTER: How do you do that anyway.

ALL THREE LGMs: The Unimind.


BUZZ: The mystical orb that links all of LGM-kind. It's on their home world, of course, that's need to know classified.

In the next shot, Buzz and Warp are lined up against a wall by the sliding door, Buzz on the left, Warp on the right. Both space rangers have their lasers warming up.

WARP DARKMATTER: I'm your partner, I need to know.

BUZZ: Now you do?

WARP DARKMATTER: Anything else I should know?

BUZZ: No, I'd say you're up to speed.

WARP DARKMATTER: Okay, thank you.

Buzz presses the button that opens the sliding door and he and Warp peek through the doorway and aim their laser wrists. The next shot shows the missing LGMs strapped to chairs.

First encounter with Zurg/Rescuing the LGMs

ZURG: Tell me your mind link! Tell me your secret!


ZURG: Oh? Then I'll just have to pick your brains. (Evilly chuckles, then starts shouting) Where's my Cranial Dissect-a-bot?

Zurg evilly laughs as the Dissect-a-bot appears and is about to drill their heads, fortunately, a laser beam blows it up.

ZURG: Whoa! (Ducks down)

ALL THREE MISSING LGMs: (Scream and turn away, but open their eyes and see someone.) Ooh.

Zurg looks to the sliding doors and the camera turns to them, revealing Buzz jumping out of the doorway, doing a flip and landing while pointing his wrist at Zurg.

ZURG: Ah, Lightyear.

BUZZ: Evil Emperor Zurg, by the authority of the Galactic Alliance, you are hereby charged for dissection of Star Command personnel.

ZURG: I shall destroy your Galactic Alliance. (Presses his emblem and it lights up) But first, I shall destroy you!

Yellow robots called Hornets fall from the ceiling as Zurg talks.

ZURG (Off-screen): Well, not personally. Hornets, destroy Buzz Lightyear!

The Hornets stand up as they transform and have their arms morph into machine guns. Then they start shooting all over the room. Buzz tries shooting a few off-screen hornets, and as the battle rages on, Zurg gets onto a platform that flies him to the ceiling as his exit.

ZURG: Prepare to die, Buzz Lightyear! (The platform takes off and Zurg gets away)

BUZZ (While shooting): Not today, Zurg!

Although Zurg reaches the black hole in the ceiling, Buzz still frees the missing Little Green Men with his laser.

MISSING LGM 1: (Metal strap opens) Ooh!

MISSING LGM 2: (Metal strap opens) Ooh!

MISSING LGM 3: (Metal strap opens) Ooh!

BUZZ: (Dodge rolls to the missing LGMs and activates his jetpack) Hop on!

The Missing LGMs jump on Buzz's wings and ride on Buzz as he flies around the room shooting the Hornets. The LGMs scream as they fly at high speed. One hornet manages to shoot an LGM off, but Buzz flies down and catches it. Warp then rides Zurg's platform down and crushes four Hornets underneath.


BUZZ: (Flies down and deactivates his jetpack when he lands) Always a pleasure.

ZURG (On TV): Not today, Lightyear! For I started the self-destruct sequence on my way out. It is a moon of doom now. (Evilly laughs)

MAN ON P.A.: Self-destruct in sixty [60] seconds.

BUZZ: 60 seconds?

WARP DARKMATTER: All the time in the world.

Zurg's hornets begin blasting again.


Buzz and Warp continue shooting as well.

BUZZ (While shooting): Get to the ship, blast off!

ALL THREE MISSING LGMs (Worried): But Buzz!

BUZZ (While shooting): That's an order! We'll meet you in orbit!

Without hesitation, all 6 LGMs evacuate and head back to the ship as ordered.

MAN ON P.A.: Self-destruct in forty-five [45] seconds.

ZURG (On TV): Farewell, Lightyear! This time you shall not escape!

As Zurg evilly laughs, Buzz blasts the TVs with his laser, cutting off Zurg's evil laugh and taunt.

BUZZ (While shooting): Just watch me, Zurg!

Buzz and Warp continue shooting the Hornets, and one of them actually damages the power supply, causing hideout to start burning. A few firework whistles are heard as the room starts to collapse. Buzz jumps out of the way of one explosion and blasts a falling pillar with his laser.

BUZZ: Come on, Warp! It's time to blow this rock! (Opens his jetpack, but doesn't take off just yet.)

As Buzz searches for Warp, he hears Warp's grunt of pain. The camera reveals he's been crushed by the debris and Buzz tries to get Warp out by lifting up the debris.

MAN ON P.A.: Self-destruct in ten [10] seconds.

WARP DARKMATTER: Get out of here!

BUZZ: No! (Tries pulling Warp out of the debris.)


BUZZ (While struggling): We're partners!

MAN ON P.A.: Self-destruct in five...

WARP DARKMATTER: I said "go"! (Slams the jetpack button on Buzz's suit and watches him blast into orbit)

BUZZ (While flying up): WARP!

As Buzz flies up, Buzz tries to fly back to Warp as time runs out. Warp angrily smiles as Buzz flies to him, knowing he'll be too late.

MAN ON P.A.: Four, three, two, one.

The camera focuses on Buzz as he stops flying and flinches at the explosion down below. Then we see Buzz's shadow as we watches the explosion, and gets covered in a cloud of smoke.

Warp's death and funeral

As soon as the smoke settles, the screen fades to reveal the outside of Star Comand. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Star Command". The screen fades and the camera slowly flies across the Star Command symbol. Then the screen fades revealing Buzz without his helmet on for the rest of the movie, and is standing on a podium giving a tragic eulogy of Warp in front of 6 LGMs and all the other Space Rangers who work at Star Command.

BUZZ: Space Ranger Warp Darkmatter sacrificed himself for the success of his mission. For the safety of his fellows. (Camera shows a closeup of Buzz) I... (Hangs his head in sadness) miss him very much.

The camera focuses on the 6 LGMs who also hang their heads in sadness. As sad music plays in the background, the screen fades to Buzz looking at a hologram of Buzz and Warp catching their first suspects.

BUZZ (Voice-over): Buzz Lightyear personal log. In his crazed attempt to destroy me, (The camera shows Buzz's finger pressing the backspace button and deleting "WARP DARKMATTER" from his deceased partner's locker.) Zurg has robbed the universe of a good man. My partner. My friend. (Buzz is shown walking down the halls, away from the camera in sadness.) On this day I vow no ranger will ever again fall in harm's way because of me. (As soon as Buzz says that, the screen fades to black with Buzz saying last words for this scene during the black background.) I work... alone.

Training Deck

The screen cuts from black, revealing Mira Nova and a group of other space rangers in training. On the bottom left of the screen, subtitles type in "Training Deck". Then we see a peg-leg space ranger walk in. We first see his peg-leg, then the camera flies up revealing the rest of his on-screen appearance.

WOMAN ON P.A.: Commander Nebula, to the training deck.

COMMANDER NEBULA: Yeah, yeah. Way ahead of you. (Turns behind him, and grabs the mic and talks to one of the Space Rangers.) Cadet Flarn, watch your tail, son!

Cadet Flarn: Hmm? (A robot grabs his tail and Flarn yells unintelligible dialect as he gets slammed to the wall)

Flarn gets splatted with a gravity-defying space goo gun on the ceiling and the goo makes Flarn levitate up through a hole in the ceiling. The gun later shoots a flying space ranger in the background. Mira flies by as Commander Nebula talks over the intercom.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Over the intercom): You people try that kind of hotdogging in the field, and you're space dust!

Buzz slides down a tube and lands in front of the commander and salutes. As the commander turns away from the glass window, another background space ranger flies into the window and slides down after crashing.

BUZZ: (Salutes) Commander Nebula.

COMMANDER NEBULA: (Turns back to Buzz) Ah, Lightyear! I've got something I want you to see.

COMMANDER NEBULA (Voice over the intercom): Alright! We're cranking it up to Level Nine, people!

MIRA NOVA: Bring it on.

More goo guns are lined up, and then the camera shows more robots appearing and ramps popping out of the wall.

BUZZ: Level 9? Commander, they're only rookies. Come on. I train on Level 9.





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