Tradeworld's harbor, nestled in a bay.
Planet Statistics
Position Gamma Quadrant
Moon(s) Unknown
Gravity Normal
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature Varies
Population 20 Billion
Species Different types of aliens live there
Society Under construction
Government Unknown
Technology Advanced
Production Details
First Appearance The Torque Armada
Last Appearance N/A

Tradeworld is a planet located in the Gamma Quadrant. It is often referred to as "the criminal capital of the Gamma Quadrant".


When seen from space, it appears to be a deep, blue planet. It also has oceans and large mountains around its main city.

Like any large city, the main city is divided up into districts and neighborhoods, such as Killerville, West Killerville and Dealer Square. The names of these areas seem to acknowledge their high crime rate.


The Fixer, Crumford Lorak, and Torque can be found here, and Savy SL2 lived here as well.

Several other characters lived here.


In "The Return of XL", a sign outside the main city states that the population is 20 billion and also says that it is the "Home of quality merchandise".


  • (Speculation) Tradeworld may be a subtle homage to the moon of Nar Shadda from the Star Wars universe. The moon has a thriving trade climate, albeit predominantly underhanded and black market dealings.


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