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===[[The Torque Armada]]===
===[[The Torque Armada]]===
"Whoa double trouble. "Not bad right back catchy beauty
===[[The Main Event]]===
===[[The Main Event]]===
===[[The Taking of PC-7]]===
===[[The Taking of PC-7]]===

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Biographical Information
Full Name Torque
Residence Tradeworld
Occupation(s) Criminal
Moral Alignment Evil
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown facial hair
Eye Color Black on Yellow
Skin Color Yellow
Powers and Abilities
Powers Can make temporary clones of himself by splitting his cells via a cell-separator affixed to his chest
Equipment Hoverbike, Cell-Separator
Production Details
First Appearance The Torque Armada
Last Appearance Good Ol' Buzz
Voice Actor(s) Brad Garrett
“Bummer, baby!”

Torque is a recurring antagonist in the show. He is the first antagonist in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command to have an entire  episode dedicated to him.

Physical Appearance

Large and broad-shouldered, Torque is a male alien of an unknown species possessing four arms, five eyes and two legs. He has three thick fingers on each hand and frond-like appendages on the top of his head. He possesses strips of brown facial hair, just below his mouth, which might not even be hair. He is usually seen wearing his biker-like outfit, complete with red shirt and boots, and a long brown overcoat.


Under construction.


He loves stealing and causing chaos.


Due to his four arms, Torque is able to wield four weapons at once. After being freed from a prison transport by the Evil Emperor Zurg, the Grubs implanted a cell-separation device upon his chest, allowing him to self-replicate and produce identical clone copies.


The Torque Armada

"Whoa double trouble. "Not bad right back catchy beauty

The Main Event

The Taking of PC-7

Bunzel Fever

Good Ol' Buzz


Torque is very much similar personality-wise to the alien bounty hunter Lobo from the Superman comics. It helps that he was voiced by Brad Garrett, who also voiced Lobo in Superman: The Animated Series![1]




Video Games


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