The Yukari Imprint
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Production Information
Original Airdate November 7, 2000
Ep. Number 032
Prod. Code 038
Producer(s) Mark McCorkle

Bob Schooley
Tad Stones

Director(s) Victor Cook
Story Editor(s) Gary Sperling
Story by
Writer(s) Cade Chilcoat
Studio Hana Animation Co., Ltd.
Series Continuity
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Next The Shape Stealer
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The Yukari Imprint is the thirty-second episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. It first aired on November 7, 2000, and is the thirty-eighth episode in production.


While on a trip to Tradeworld to pick up Senator Banda, Booster picks up a yukari pod (a small pod that creates little playbuddies) for himself, and they become so numerous that they start eating everything around them. Now Team Lightyear must round up the creatures and keep Banda safe from the Raenoks, unaware that he has been replaced by a normal fish and is being impersonated by Crumford Lorak.


The story opens with Team Lightyear, having just had lunch at Cosmo's, dealing with the turbulent aftermath of Booster's order, fried megatoni with chocolate mole sauce. They are called by Commander Nebula, who informs them of their mission to pick up the Bathyosian Senator Banda from Tradeworld for "some kind of diplomatic hoo-ha thingamajig" on space station Luma 9. He explains that the Raenoks have been conducting raids on Bathyos to steal fusion crystals, but that since the Galactic Alliance "got tough with them", they have agreed to peace talks, about which both Buzz and Mira express skepticism.

On Tradeworld, Senator Banda (an intelligent fish in a robotic walking aquarium) is taking in the sights when Crumford Lorak uses a "one-of-a-kind mind-reading ray" to surreptitiously steal the secrets of the Bathyosian defense system and record them on a magnetic tape cassette. He then contacts Varg of the Raenoks, who hired him to steal the secrets, and offers to "overnight" him the tape; however, to avoid delays, Varg insists Crumford bring the tape in person to Luma 9 for pickup. Desperate, Crumford tricks Banda away from his robotic bodyguards long enough to exchange him with a non-sentient fish from the live tank of a seafood restaurant, then climbs into the lower compartment of the mobile aquarium to control it and impersonate the senator.



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  • When Varg is demanding the tape from Crumford Lorak, in one shot his right eyebrow is white like his right eye.

Voice Actors

Production Details

Director: Young-Sang Yoon
Backgrounds: Young-Ku Kim, Woo-Sang Yun
Camera: Chul-Kyu Lim
Animators: Jun-Tak Kim, Eun-Young Byun, Kuen-Sik Song, Sung-Chul Lee, Jung-Hee Jung, Ae-Kyoung Choi

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