The Emperor's New Throne
Throne 01
  • Disney Enterprises, Inc.
  • Pixar Animation Studios
Publication Date August 2000

The Emperor's New Throne is a comic that was published in the August 2000 issue of Disney Adventures. It was also released as an interactive comic with a narrator both on Disney's official website and in the DVD release of "The Adventure Begins".


Based on Mira and Buzz's first meeting that was expanded on in "First Missions", this comic details how Zurg attacks Tangea and attempts to install himself as the new ruler. Buzz tries to thwart him and would have failed if it hadn't been for Mira's help, who aids him in bringing Zurg down and rescuing her father, King Nova. Inspired by Buzz's heroics, Mira decides to try out for the Space Rangers in the future.


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