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Technology in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is highly varied and advanced with society having reached a point where many of the philosophical concerns posed by various writers in our history have been completely ignored or forgotten. For instance, factions like the Galactic Alliance have already safely transitioned through the concept of singularity with their highly advanced and capable robots and Mainframe Computer; during Buzz Lightyear's lifetime, good will between organic and synthetic life was so prominent that it was almost unheard of for a robot to rise up and attack innocent people. In many cases, the technology seen throughout the series has tended to elevate and streamline people's existence, though for some (like Buzz Lightyear) certain technologies can make things a little too easy.

Computer Technology

Highly advanced computers and robots are ubiquitous in the series. The Galactic Alliance Mainframe was capable of processing the information from and servicing the entire galactic community highhandedly, and shockingly, the Experimental Ranger XR was able to interface with and restore the functions of this Mainframe despite the fact that he was not even 1/5th the size of the system. Additionally, XR was able to remember all the information contained in the GA-Mainframe despite the fact that his head only contains 2000 gigabytes of memory, indicating that he uses highly sophisticated compression programs or some other form of data archival and retrieval that far outstrips anything we have on Earth.


(Migrating to "Materials and Resources" page) A rare element that has the power to change the days of the week around. It could also simply be a time-altering device. Zurg had it in his possession in the short comic "Monday, Monday" and turned Friday into Monday all across the galaxy, but it was snatched from his possession when XR and Buzz thwarted his scheme.

Crystallic Fusion

The main power source in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. It is a form of energy commonly used throughout the galaxy. Found in the mines of Bathyos, the crystal is very powerful and highly explosive. The crystal itself is shown to be a light shade of green and faceted.Fusion Crystals are primarily mined from the underwater caverns of the planet Bathyos. The crystals themselves have been shown to be a light shade of green and multi-faceted. Fusion Crystals have a habit of exploding if enough energy is supplied to them, be it electrical or kinetic in nature.

Only Bathyos and the unnamed mining planetoid in "Shiv Katall" were seen to produce crystallic fusion crystals.

Crystallic fusion power can be scaled quite well, with large ships like Star Command Star Cruisers only requiring two human forearm-sized crystals to operate, while miniature crystallic fusion power supplies can be built into things such as jet packs in order to power them.

Crystallic Fusion Jetpack

The Crystallic Fusion Jetpack is standard issue on all Space Ranger suits and is made up of a hexagonal unit consisting of a miniature Crystallic Fusion power source, some form of propellant, extendable/expandable wings/rockets and faster-than-light propulsion technology, among many other things. These jet packs can be detached from Ranger suits and controlled manually or remotely. Just three jet packs (albeit with an extra large one) were able to propel a makeshift spaceship out of a planet's gravity and back to Alliance territory.

Diabonic Alloy

(Migrating to "Materials and Resources") Under construction.


(Migrating to "Materials and Resources" page) Another rare element, this element has the power to alter everyone's behavior, making them act "backwards", as quoted by Buzz. Buzz apparently had a run-in with this element before, as stated in "The Foolium Effect!". Thanks to his quick thinking, everyone returned to normal.


(Migrating to "Materials and Resources" page) Under construction.


An agricultural mutation engine capable of infusing entire fields of crops with mutagenic compounds intended to transform harmless veggies into savage monsters. The system consists of a central pump and possible mutagen synthesizer unit connected to large arrays of transparent pipes which deliver a fluorescent green colored solution to crop roots in the ceiling. The system appears to become unstable after violent disconnection from the Mutagen network, resulting in a large explosion less than 4 minutes after the connections are severed via large quantities of water.

Vega-Genetic Technology

Professor Triffid of Rhizome has pioneered a large number of combat and utility oriented products consisting of genetically engineered plants, from large-scale security systems consisting of different plants ranging from giant flowers that shoot energy beams to floating snap trap plants on bodies of water, to living walls that shoot small green projectiles, all of which can be established in order to protect sensitive areas.

Rhizome has access to at least 2 types of energy-producing plants: a small white one that can power an electric toothbrush and a red-petaled and green-bodied one that can grow exponentially and power an entire space station. A burst of photons like those produced by a camera flash can trigger the generation and release of large amounts of energy in the larger red and green power plant.


Professor Triffid grew a small plant based ship from a tuber.

Personal Equipment

Veggie Suits

Professor Triffid has made deployable plant-based spacesuits which can be grown from pods placed at the foot of the person wishing to done a spacesuit.


The Veggie Spacesuits are capable of adapting and conforming to multiple body types and sizes without requiring preliminary input from the user. Simply watering the suit seed near a larger-than-average person will cause the seed to grow to the appropriate size and dimension of the plus-sized user.

Veggie Suits feature several weapons which quickly grow from the suit material when specific actions are performed. Reaching to one's side and then holding out one's fist at arm's length will cause a thorn cutlass to appear in the user's hand, which consists of a sturdy vine grown into a point with a handful of brown spikes jutting out of the sides.

Arguably the most destructive weapon in the Veggie Spacesuit's arsenal is fireweed, which upon impacting an object, will start to grow pinkish white vines which ensnare the closest target before glowing red and exploding violently. Fireweed has also been shown to erase the metal or composite materials making up a refrigerator on a Star Command Star Cruiser without exploding, though this fireweed was grown from a vine rather than a Veggie Suit.

However, Veggie Suits can become unreliable or completely useless if the one using them isn't kind to the plant material making up their suit, picking up on anger and distrust and rewarding this behavior with unsuccessful deployment of suit weapons or even drying up and discontinuing life support functions. A healthy love of plants can mitigate these dangers but it makes Veggie Suits unsuitable for those that look down on the technology.