Tangean Royals
Tangean Royals.png
Biological Information
Homeworld Tangea
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities The ability to phase or 'ghost' through objects (Royals)

The ability to shoot bursts of psychic energy (Grounders).

Weaknesses Arrogance
Physical Description
Average Height Unknown
Average Weight Unknown
Hair Color Usually red or blond, though some have brown or grey.
Eye Color Black or blue on yellow
Skin Color Varying shades of turquoise
Political Information
Affiliation Good
Allies Star Command, Galactic Alliance
Enemies Zurg, Grounders
Production Details
First Appearance The Adventure Begins
Last Appearance 42

Tangean Royals, more commonly referred to as Tangeans, are one of two native species living on the planet Tangea.


Tangean Royals are blue and able to make themselves intangible to go through solid objects. In addition to passing through people and solid objects-or even remaining inside them for a time-they can also employ their powers to affect the minds of other beings, such as employing mind control, reading minds or utilizing the "Tangean Brain Squeeze," a technique that renders its victims unconscious. For unknown reasons, the powers of Tangean Royals are cancelled out in the presence of Tangean Grounders, and vice versa, which may contribute to the Royals' disdain for their neighbors. Tangean Royals are also capable of "ghosting" through energy, which grants increased abilities; however, it can become an addictive habit.

Many of them have long necks, and most (if not all) have pointy ears. They are generally tall and thin, though a few are known to be somewhat muscular.

While humans tan when exposed to enough sunlight, Tangean skin turns yellow, though like humans they are vulnerable to sunburn.


They were hesitant to join the Galactic Alliance, but agreed after Buzz Lightyear saved their planet from Zurg.


They believe themselves to be superior to other species (except for some members, like Mira Nova and Fop Doppler) and are upper-class, often wearing fancy clothing. They do not bother building doors, since they can phase through solid objects.


The Royals are ruled by a monarchy - hence their name - while it is unknown what government (if any) the Grounders have. The current ruler of Tangea is King Nova, and the heir to the throne is his daughter Mira. Their palace is located in a floating city above the surface.


It's unknown if Tangean Royals have a military, but it would seem unlikely since Evil Emperor Zurg met no local resistance when he attempted to take over with his Hyper-Hornet.

It is possible they believed that none of the other species in the galaxy would try to invade them, and as a result, never bothered to organize a military. 

Notable Tangean Royals

Tangean Homeworld


  • The name "Tangean" is derived from their ability to become intangible.
  • Tangean Royals are unable to "ghost" through the substance Easywipe Tyfloyd 14, as explained by Mira in "A Zoo Out There". However, it's unknown how Tyfloyd is spelled. 


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