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Biological Information
Homeworld Tangea
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities The ability to shoot bursts of psychic energy
Weaknesses Stupidity
Physical Description
Average Height Unknown
Average Weight Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black or brown on brown
Skin Color Varying shades of tan/brown
Political Information
Enemies Tangean Royals
Production Details
First Appearance The Adventure Begins
Last Appearance 42

Tangean Grounders, more commonly referred to as Grounders, are one of two native species living on the planet Tangea.


They possess large brows and heads, which seems to enable them to emit mind pulses. When they are near Tangean Royals, their powers are canceled out and vice versa. 





Unlike the Royals, who have many laws to the point of being bureaucratic, the Grounders have never been shown participating in politics. While it is likely they live in total anarchy, they may also have a primitive form of politics, such as tribal law and live under a chiefdom.

There was an attempt by the Grounders to depose King Nova by way of his turncoat aide Lord Angstrom. However, this failed due to a combination of Buzz Lightyear getting wind of the plan to dethrone the king, as well as the Grounders realizing that "King Angstrom" would have no intent of honoring his promise to give Grounders equal say in Tangea's government.


Some of them had formed a resistance against Tangean Royals, but other than this, there does not appear to be much of a military. It could be argued that the Grounders have formed a militia.

Notable Tangean Grounders

Tangean Grounder Homeworld



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