Portal Tangean
Biological Information
Homeworld Tangea
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities The ability to phase or 'ghost' through objects (Royals)

The ability to shoot bursts of psychic energy (Grounders).

Weaknesses Arrogance (Royals)

Stupidity (Grounders)

Physical Description
Average Height Unknown
Average Weight Unknown
Hair Color Usually red or blond (Royals)

None (Grounders)

Eye Color Black or blue on yellow (Royals)

Black or brown on brown (Grounders)

Skin Color Varying shades of turquoise (Royals)

Varying shades of tan/brown (Grounders)

Political Information
Affiliation Royals: Good

Grounders: Neutral

Allies Star Command
Enemies Zurg
Production Details
First Appearance [[]]
Last Appearance [[]]

Tangeans are the native inhabitants of the planet Tangea. Unlike other species, the Tangeans are split into two highly divergent races: the Tangean Royals and the Tangean Grounders. The Royals are commonly referred to as Tangeans by both themselves and outsiders, whereas the Grounders are simply referred to as Grounders despite both races, living on the same planet, being Tangean.


Tangean Royals

Tangean Grounders


Little is known of Tangean history; however, it is likely the Royals and the Grounders originally co-existed on the surface before the Royals migrated to their floating cities. The reason for the move is unknown, but it may have been due to animosity between the two races.


Tangean Royals

Tangean Grounders


Tangean Royals

The Royals are ruled by a monarchy - hence their name - while it is unknown what goverment (if any) the Grounders have. The current ruler of Tangea is King Nova, and the heir to the throne is his daughter Mira. Their palace is located in a floating city above the surface.

Tangean Grounders


No details are known about the Tangean military.

Notable Tangeans

Tangean Royals

Tangean Grounders

Tangean Homeworld


  • The name "Tangean" is derived from their ability to become intangible.


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