Planet Statistics
Position Unknown
Moon(s) At least one moon
Gravity Near-normal
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature Warm
Population Unknown
  • Tangean Royals
  • Tangean Grounders
Society Aristocratic
Government Monarchy
Technology Advanced
Production Details
First Appearance The Adventure Begins
Last Appearance N/A

Tangea is the lush, vibrant planet of the Tangeans, having only recently joined the Galactic Alliance. Unlike most other races, the Tangeans consist of two different breeds; the Royals and the Grounders.


The planet itself is lush and jungle-like, with waterfalls and beautiful flora.

However, Tangean Royals seem to prefer to live in floating cities, avoiding their lush environment.


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The inhabitants of Tangea consist of two main types:

The Royals

The Royals have blue skin, and the abilities to ghost through solid objects and read minds. They are arrogant and think of themselves as better than others, especially the Grounders. They live above the ground in rich cities and most never see firsthand the natural beauty of their planet.

The Grounders

The Grounders have light tan skin and tall oval heads. They can shoot an energy beam with a concussive force from their foreheads. Grounders live in the lush jungle that covers Tangea and despise the royals for looking down on them. They also speak their own Tangean dialect, but can speak "The Royal Tangean Language" fluently.


The Tangean Royals often wear outlandish outfits to show their supposed "superiority" to other species. They live in floating cities with no doors (it never occurs to them to be considerate to other species' inability to ghost through walls).


  • The planet's name comes from the word "tangible" which means "perceptible by touch". This is a reference to the Tangean Royals' "ghosting" abilities.



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