Star Smasher
Title card.
Production Information
Original Airdate November 11, 2000
Ep. Number 054
Prod. Code 009
  • Tad Stones
  • Mark McCorkle
  • Bob Schooley
Director(s) Steve Loter
Story Editor(s) Thomas Hart
Story by
Writer(s) Brian Swenlin
Studio Toon City, Inc.
Series Continuity
Previous Rescue Mission
Next Enemy Without a Face
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Star Smasher is the fifty-fourth episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. It first aired on November 11, 2000, and is the ninth episode in production.


Zurg kidnaps an LGM with independent thought, whose knowledge on the Flux Gravity Capacitor, which is essentially a large trash compactor, is valuable. On the way to rescue him, Team Lightyear's ship is crushed and the team, plus three LGMs, enter Zurg's Dreadnought and rescue their little friend. It is there that Zurg reveals his plan to crush Capital Planet's sun and turn it into a black hole to suck Star Command and Capital Planet in.


Onboard Star Command, Buzz and Nebula are on the run from something. As soon as they leap through a door, it's revealed what was chasing them: Nebula's desk. But it catches them, much to Nebula's annoyance. Nebula is even more annoyed when he realizes that he's due at the LGM invention review. Buzz decides to leave him to it until Nebula sends Buzz to the review, arguing that he's swamped with paperwork and could use the help. Despite trying to object, Buzz gives in and leaves whilst Nebula comments that the reviews are more boring than watching constellations form.

Buzz meets the LGMs at the Science Bay where the invention review is to take place.

During the review, Buzz is surprised to see a new invention he has seen before but the LGMs aren't so keen on explaining it - all except for an independent thinker who reveals it to be a Quantum Popcorn Popper.



  • Zurg: (as his dreadnought is getting crushed) "LIGHTYEAR!!!"


  • Wayne Knight (best known as the voice of Zurg) also voices one of the Brain Pods in this episode.
  • When Buzz is shot by Zurg's Hornets, Zurg orders the robots to "finish him", a reference to the video game Mortal Kombat.
  • When Zurg's Dreadnought is crushed, Zurg just shouts, "LIGHTYEAR!" instead of the usual, "Curse you, Buzz Lightyear!"


  • At one point, when Buzz is on Zurg's Dreadnought, one of his buttons is colored grey instead of blue, the Star Command emblem is grey, and one part of the black part of his suit is red.
  • At that same scene, Mira's collar, emblem and different parts of her suit are miscolored. They are all colored a darker shade of blue instead of green or black, respectively.
  • At that same scene, Booster's emblem is plain white instead of blue.
  • The insignia on Buzz's chest is green instead of blue in one shot.
  • The purple sleeves on the LGMs' space suits are white in one shot.
  • The blue button on Buzz's suit is red in one shot.
  • The blue area surrounding the Star Command emblem on Booster's suit is green in one shot.
  • Buzz's space suit's boots match the heat-proof one's but are white in one shot.

Voice Actors

Production Details

Executive Producers: Tad Stones, Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley
Director: Steve Loter
Story Editor: Thomas Hart
Written by: Brain Swenlin

Voice Casting and Dialogue Director: Jamie Thomason

Storyboard: John Miller, Chris Rutkowski
Timing Directors: Dale Case, Bob Zamboni
Sheet Timing: Dale Case, Bob Zamboni, Juli Hashiguchi, Frank Andrina, Juli Hashiguchi
Supervising Character Design: Greg Guler
Character Design: Ginny Hawes
Add'l Character Designs: Kenny Thompkins
Key Location Design: Justin Thompson
Prop Design: Tom Foxmarnick
Lead Background Paint: Donna Prince
Key Background Stylist: Rick Evans
Color Key Stylist: Karen Kilpatrick
Associate Producer: Natasha Kopp
Production Manager: Mike Karafilis
Creative Consultant from Pixar: Jeff Pidgeon
Storyboard Revisions: Alan Wright
Add'l Storyboard by: Chong Suk Lee
Continuity Coordinator: Jim Finch
Digital Color Correction: Don Devine
Scanner: Adam Chase

CGI Main Title: Pixar Animation Studios

Music by: Adam Berry
Main Title Theme by: Adam Berry

Animation Production by: Toon City, Inc.

Unit Directors: Colin Baker, Romy Garcia
Unit Coordinator: Wayne Smith
Layout Supervisors: Jose R. Aoanan III, David Gonzales, Rosauro De La Vega, Emmanuel I. Padolina
Layout Artists: Rowell Anchetta, Marlowe Ray Garcia, Abel Armesin, Misael Gotel, Gary Autencio, Zandro Hipolito, Benjo Camay, Jonathan Ledesma, Fritz Aldrin Casas, Gerald Linatoc, Al Doria, Michael Mercado
Animation Supervisors: Romy Garcia, Dante Clemente
Assistant Animation Supervisors: Jolan Calibuso, Nowell Villano
Background Supervisor: Roberto Angeles
Digital Director: Jonathan J. Tinsay
Technical Director: Donato R. Vytiaco
Digital Supervisors: Cynthia Antonia, Joy Valondo
Animators: Rolando Angelo, Edwin Arcena, Jospeph Jebilee Baldera, Ric Bernardo, Lester Cabarles, Tednicolao Camahalan, Jerome Co, Joselito Cruz, Jocelyn Diaz, Sanny De Ramos, Boyet Delfino, Noel Domingo, Rosalie Estacio, Sedelson Eugenio, Alexander Ferrarez, Akiblas Flores, Annabelle Galvez, Noriel Israel, Cynthis Javier, Don Juan, Renato Miranda, Rey Morano, Robert Ocon, Nomer Panlaqui, Manuel Pascual, Leonardo Ramirez, Jerry Reyes, Jojo Reyon, Warren Romero, Rommel Santiago, Raul Santos, Evangelina Soriano, Lorna Sun, Francis Tan, Arthur Tolentino, Denis Tomacruz, Oliver Regoniel, Penn Balnaja, Willy Leonardo, Rogel Venturanza, Danny Wabe, Mas Natividad, Donato Gallon, Francis Santos, Jebbie Barrios, Roger Quilatan, Lito Tamayo, Mill Jimenez, Mackoy Salvador, David Temperamente, Noel De Leon, Larry Pagcaliwangan, Romie Calingo, James Diores, Tess Mendoza, Sammy Canton, Japhet Bautista, Elsie Lopez, Edwin Santiago, Manny Magsaysay, Ruel Ramos, Roddy Erenio, Ibet Francisco, Dynes Fabian, Glenn Arriola, Allan Reyes, Rowen Pingkian, William Sy, Alex Acayen, Nonoy Lustria, Albert Arriola, Antonia Bugas, Bienifer Flores, Edgar Lorenzo, Alex Iguban, Jojie Gan, Harry Hallare, Armand Wong, Ronald Cayao, Toons Benitez, Magnifico Albert
Compositors: Valman Agapito, Bernard Barrios, Dale Sy, Dexter Alpis, J'Mee Trinidad, Nestor Marasigan, Julius Legaspi, Mary Ann Abary, James Arboleda, Melvyn Anthony Carreon, Soledad Cruz
Painters: Michelle Tan, Michael Salindong, Marife Sarmiento, Ma. Luisa Consolacion, Mikie Icaro, Marilyn Pasana, Francis Magpayo, Antonio Cardiente, Pilsen Cayabyab, Doris Desiderio, Maria Clara Geologo, Jane Lizbeth Cabrera, Charina Mabalot
Color Stylists: Nelia Emi, Milagros Baylon, Maria Cristina Ferandez
Scanners: Romeo Venezuela, Socorro Rey, Jonathan Cu, Gilbert Lantion

Supervising Film Editor: John Royer
First Assistant Film Editor: Jennifer Harrison
Pre-Production Dialogue Editor: Monte Bramer
Track Reading: Skip Craig
Post Production Manager: Steven J. Arenas
Post Production Supervisor: Rachel Pusateri
Audio Supervisor: Victor Garcia
Post Production Coordinator: Mark Allen Bollinger
Supervising Sound Editor: Jennifer E. Mertens
Sound Effects Editors: Rick Hammel, Otis Van Osten, Kenneth D. Young
Sound Editor: Eric Hertsgaard
Supervising Music Editor: Brain F. Mars
Re-Recording Mixers: Michael Jiron, Allen Stone
Supervising Music Editor: Dominick Certo
On-Line Editor: Keith Cook
Production Coordinator: Jessika Portillo
Script Coordinator: Dawn T. Connors
Production Associate: Carin Cobrae
Production Secretaries: Linda DeLizza, Jessica Farley
Talent Coordinator: David H. Wright III
Production Accountant: Ron J. Earhart

Produced by: Walt Disney Television Animation

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