Star Cruiser 42

Star Cruiser 42

Star Cruisers are the main transportation for Star Command and the best known one is Team Lightyear's ship, Star Cruiser 42.


A typical Star Cruiser is decorated with the main colors of Star Command: purple, green and white. The ship itself is designed like a rocket ship, with a pointed bow and round shape. On the side of the ship is a number embossed in blue and surrounded by the official Star Command emblem to help tell it apart from its brethren.

Its two large wings, similar to those of a Space Ranger's jet pack wing design, help keep the ship in flight. It can also possess four fins attached to the stern that are often used for landing. If a team of Space Rangers need to flee the ship in a hurry, they can escape through four large cannons to eject themselves out into the open.

If a smaller ship is needed for travel, the Star Cruiser houses a shuttle that two or three Rangers can take instead of the Star Cruiser.


The ships are able to move faster than the speed of sound, at lightspeed even! If needed for battle, the star cruisers all have laser cannons, which can be used to destroy large objects. But if needed, the ship itself can destroy the radioactive moon on Canis Lunis if used as a missile.


They can be destroyed if they either take too much damage, are blown up into smithereens, or by strong soundwaves from robotic Shriekers.

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