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Speed Trap (book)
Speed Trap
Author Irene Trimble
Illustrator Jeff Albrecht Studios
Publisher Random House
Publication Date January 2002
Reading Level Ages 4-8
Page Number 24 pages
Dimensions 8 x 7.8 x 0.2 inches
Shipping Weight 2.4 ounces
  • 0736413049
  • 9780736413046

Speed Trap is a storytelling picture book based on the episode "Speed Trap". It was adapted by Irene Trimble, illustrated by Jeff Albrecht Studios, and published by Random House.


While Team Lightyear is in charge of traffic duty, one particular spacecraft speeds past everyone else, and the Rangers take after it in pursuit. Although they attempt to slow it down with magnetic restraining cables, they are unable to prevent it from destroying the resort moon San de Soleil. They realize that they only have an hour to prevent it from crashing into the sun and causing a supernova, so they decide to move quickly.

They board the ship, but find no one on board besides a Care-Bot that reminds them to wipe their feet as it frantically cleans up after them. Buzz attempts to interrogate the robot, but it is so obsessed with cleaning that he can't get much out of it. They decide to find a way to stop the ship themselves, but Buzz can't get the ship's controls working, so they decide to blow the ship up.

However, as soon as they set up bombs and flee for the airlocks, they discover the magna-locks aren't working and that their star cruiser is no longer connected to the ship. They prepare for the explosion that never comes, and are relieved to discover that the Care-Bot had defused the bombs. However, they still need to stop the ship. Booster suggests that they shut off the engine, and Buzz gives him the okay. But when Booster reaches the lower levels, he is hit by a freeze ray, and his team only manage to hear his startled cry over the radio.

They go down to investigate and discover Booster, along with the ship's crew, frozen in blocks of ice. The Care-Bots announce that this is what they do to messy visitors and freeze Mira while Buzz and XR fend them off. Thinking fast, Buzz opens the garbage chute and launches the Care-Bots into space. Then he melts the ice around Mira, Booster and the crew with his wristlaser, and gets one of the crew members to slow the ship down moments before it would have hit the sun.

The crew thank Team Lightyear and explain that they made the Care-Bots to take after their messes, but the robots turned on them thinking they were also part of the mess. Buzz welcomes them, but also writes them a speeding ticket before they go on their way.