Sig 01
Biographical Information
Full nameSig


OccupationValkyran Raider
Physical Description

Hair colorBlonde

Eye colorBlue

Skin colorLight Pink
Powers and Abilities
EquipmentTraditional Valkyran Armor

Production Details
Appears in42

Voiced byTress MacNeille

Sig is one of several Valkyran Raiders.

Physical Appearance

Unnaturally slender compared to others of her race, Sig is both shorter and less muscular than other Raiders and speaks with a softer lilt than her comrades. Her hair is long and blonde, kept in place with her helmet, with stylish bangs covering part of her face and two small ponytails, while the rest of her hair rests behind her cloak.


It is never elaborated how or when Sig joined the Valkyran Raiders or whether it is something all Valkyrans undergo.


Although given even less of a personality than Hilda, Sig is one of Brun's seconds-in-command. She seems more feminine and stylish compared to other Valkyrans, though she doesn't seem to consider herself above doing menial tasks or getting her hands dirty.


Her weapon of choice is a blunted energy spear which she uses to shoot rays at her foes and destroy walls to make her own paths. Her personal spacecraft is colored green and matches her attire.


  • Sig's name originates from sigr, a Germanic name element that means "victory" in Old Norse. [1]



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