Shiv Katall
Shiv katall
Biographical Information
Full Name Shiv Katall
Current Residence
Occupation(s) Bounty Hunter
Alignment Neutral Evil / Lawful Good
Academy Ranking
Galactic Ranking
Wanted For Intergalactic Criminal
Physical Description
Gender Male
Race Unknown/Human
Hair Color Concealed
Eye Color Red (from the helmet)
Skin Color Concealed
Characteristics Wears Blue Armor
Powers and Abilities
Weapons Energy Sword, Pulse Cannon, Bolas
Equipment Energy Nets, Immobilizer Discs, Adhesive Spitter
Production Details
First Appearance Shiv Katall
Last Appearance Sunquake
Voice Actor(s) Patrick Warburton, Adam Carolla
Shiv Katall is reputed to be the galaxy's most ruthless bounty hunter, often hired by the Evil Emperor Zurg to chase down rogue minions.

Physical Appearance

Shiv normally wears blue and black body armor and a helmet which hides every inch of his skin. He wears a wrist mounted device which can fire several different weapons, such as immobilizer discs, energy nets and an adhesive spitter. He also uses standard weapons such as lasers and a jet pack for flight.


Shiv Katall is the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter, and the man Evil Emperor Zurg calls in to eliminate a henchman whenever one decides to escape to the other side. However, it was revealed that Shiv is none other than Buzz Lightyear, who inherited the Shiv Katall identity from Commander Nebula, and uses it to secretly shuttle defecting henchmen back to Star Command, while fooling Zurg into believing the target was killed.

For a time, the Evil Buzz Lightyear took the identity of Shiv Katall.


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He is equipped with lasers and an energy sword.


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  • (Speculation) He may have been inspired by Boba Fett from Star Wars.



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