As with any series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is not without its faults. Often, there are ambiguities in the series which make resolving conflicting information, or confirming something as canon, next to impossible. The lack of any official documentation increases the difficulty in settling said discrepancies, and so we are often forced to rely on our intuition.

Sourcing is imperative until the following information is confirmed or rebuked.

Character Names

One of the most harrowing discrepancies in the series is the tendency for background characters to be named in credits, but not referred by name in the episodes themselves. This, combined with the same voice actor voicing multiple background characters in the same episode, can make it exceedingly difficult to pinpoint just who is who in an accurate way.

The Main Event

  • Dan Castellaneta voices two characters in this episode, Mr. Zoop and Alnip, but their identities remain ambiguous. The aliens at the beginning of the episode who invite Buzz to their planet and inform him of the hyper bombs are the most likely candidates for Mr. Zoop and Alnip. Neither character is directly named in the episode, however, and one of the two aliens was a female, though her voice actress remains uncredited, unless it was, in fact, Castellaneta who voiced her too.

Mira's Wedding

  • Nicole Sullivan voices a character credited as Tundra, whose name is never directly mentioned in the episode. Two possible candidates exist - the female Ranger who takes Mira's picture for the Star Command newsletter, and the female Grounder who captures Mira later in the episode. The bulk of the evidence points towards the Grounder; she has a more substantial role (though only one line of dialogue, much like the Ranger), and the name matches the Grounder naming pattern established by Clay and Marl, as all three names refer to soil texture.

The Yukari Imprint

  • Kevin Michael Richardson voices three characters in this episode - Varg, Gork, and Yiipe - but only Varg is identified onscreen. The partner of the Yukari seller may be either Gork or Yiipe, and the other may be one of the Raenoks travelling with Varg, although none of them appear to have any dialogue.


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