Biological Information
Homeworld Roswell
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown
Physical Description
Average Height Around 3 feet''
Average Weight Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color White on Dark Green
Skin Color Light Green
Characteristics Unknown
Political Information
Production Details
First Appearance Strange Invasion
Last Appearance Holiday Time

The Roswellians are a race who live a lifestyle similar to Americans living in the 1940s/1950s.


Physiology: the Roswellians are slightly taller than the LGMs. They have olive-colored skin, opaque eyes, four fingers on their hands, and eyelids which shut vertically rather than horizontally.

Habitat: the Roswellians live next to a vast and barren desert.  Whether this is indicative of the state of their entire planet is unknown. Diet: They seem to eat the same food humans and LGMS eat.




Roswellian culture mirrors that of mid 20th century America. The few we have seen live in a closely-knit small town.  Their means of transport are automobiles from the mid-twentith century, such as Army jeeps and Ford Trucks.

The citizens wear stereotypical mid-century attire. Female Roswellians, such as Becky, wear their hair in curls or in buns and wear dresses. Males wear shirts and pants, occasionally with jackets or hats.

The Roswellians are an example of an undeveloped (pre-spaceflight) culture. They have radio and may have television, and their technology capable communications with other species is limited to a single console in a top-secret facility.




Their military functions similarly, and has technology analogous to, the mid-century United States Air Force.

Notable Roswellians



  • Becky's father and the barber sound and act very much like another small town sheriff and barber, Andy Griffith and Floyd Lawson from The Andy Griffith Show!
  • Roswellians resemble the most stereotypical Earth representation of aliens - diminutive, with frail bodies, large heads and large black eyes.



  1. The Andy Griffith Show
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