Planet Statistics
Position Previously isolated. Current position unknown.
Moon(s) Unknown
Gravity Normal
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature between warm and cool
Population Unknown
Species Roswellians
Society Much like humans during 1940's-1950's
Government Under construction
Technology Standard
Production Details
First Appearance Strange Invasion
Last Appearance Holiday Time

Roswell is a Class M planet in an uncharted part of the galaxy that Team Lightyear crash-landed on.


The planet is filled with large oceans and continents implying green vegetation.


Not much is known since the planet was isolated for a long period of time.


The Roswellians currently reside there, with a few bug-like creatures as pets.


The citizens of Roswell live in a small-town lifestyle, complete with a small neighborhood with houses similar to small towns back in the mid-20th century. Whether all of the planet is like this, however, is unknown.

Roswell, being an undeveloped (pre-spaceflight) planet, has a strong farming industry, as evidenced by the fields near many houses in the only known town. Outside of the small town lies a desert which seems to stretch for miles.


  • Roswell is the name of a town in New Mexico near which an infamous UFO 'incident' occurred in July 1947. There have been numerous conspiracy theories that the United States Armed Forces cleaned up and classified the incident so as to keep it out of the public eye. [1]The episode 'Strange Invasion' was essentially a reversal of the purported events.



Under construction.


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