Rocket Crockett
Rocket crockett
Biographical Information
Full nameRocket Crockett


OccupationSpace Ranger (Captain)
Physical Description

Hair colorIndigo

Eye colorBlack

Skin colorLight Brown
Powers and Abilities

Production Details
First appearanceThe Adventure Begins

Last appearanceHoliday Time

Voiced byPhil LaMarr
“What's the matter, Mira? Do I make you nervous?”

Rocket Crockett  is a Space Ranger who has an adversarial relationship with Buzz Lightyear.

Physical Appearance

Although Rocket is not as muscular as other Rangers, he is quicker and more agile than most. He sports closely-shaven indigo hair atop a long face and a pointed chin.


Not much is known about Rocket's past or how he became a Space Ranger, but what is known about him is that he has shared a rivalry with Buzz for quite some time.

The Torque Armada

The first time he is introduced is when he visits Buzz and his team, during their traffic duty, to bask in the glory of being assigned to capture Torque when his transport was ambushed by Hornets. After Team Lightyear catches Torque, Rocket is assigned to traffic duty instead, much to his chagrin.

The Starthought

He and his team, Team Rocket, compete with Team Lightyear in what appears to be a game of space capture the flag. He tricks Mira into an ambush and later teases her about her royal treatment when her father gives her the Starthought. Later on, his ship is damaged by asteroids and would have been attacked by Hornets, but Mira came in to save him and his team. He was very impressed by her abilities at fighting them off, but quickly covered up his praise by acting unimpressed.

Revenge of the Raenoks

Under construction.


Cocky, arrogant and over-confident, he hates being in Buzz Lightyear's shadow, and never passes up an opportunity to gloat when he has a better mission than Buzz. He also hates doing mundane tasks, like realigning satellite dishes.

Despite his arrogance, he is still a good Space Ranger and faithful to his job, as evidenced in "Millennial Bugs" and "Revenge of the Raenoks".


He is a decent strategist, knowing how to set traps and ambushes. He is also a fairly good combatant.


The Torque Armada

  • "Lightyear! Buddy! I see you finally got an assignment worthy of your skills."

The Starthought

  • "Yeah! Oh, yeah! Check you out! Eh, ahem... I mean, uh, not bad for a rookie."

Millennial Bugs

  • "Prepare for swat, buggy!"

Revenge of the Raenoks

Under construction.


  • Rocket's last name has been spelled both Crocket and Crockett in the credits.
  • Rocket's last name could be a reference to Davy Crockett, a frontiersman, soldier and politician from the Old West, who served in the Texas Revolution and the Battle of the Alamo.[1]



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