Varg is a well-known Raenok.

Biological Information
Homeworld Raenok
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities Superhuman strength
Weaknesses Cloaking technology, insulting their mother
Physical Description
Average Height Large
Average Weight Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color White
Skin Color Red
Characteristics Under construction
Political Information
Affiliation Under construction
Allies None
Enemies Space Rangers, Bathyosians
Production Details
First Appearance The Main Event
Last Appearance Revenge of the Raenoks
Raenoks (also referred to as "The Raenok") are a species of alien from the planet of the same name. 



Raenoks are large reddish humanoid aliens with superhuman strength. They have elongate faces with projecting cheekbones and one or more pairs of prominent tusk-like spikes (usually on the upper jaw, but also seen on the lower jaw in some specimens). Their upper jaws are beak-like, while their lower jaws have visible teeth; however, the beak of the upper jaw also appears to be a large pair of exposed teeth, as it is bifurcated in many specimens. Their eyes are white and protected by prominent brow ridges; in some individuals, such as Varg and Kleev, there are bright red patches around one or both eyes. They have a pair of small, bent appendages on the head that may either be feelers or ears. They have four clawed digits on each hand (with one opposable to the others) and three-toed elephant-like feet. Raenoks are capable of growing facial hair, with some exhibiting beards or chin stubble. They have been shown to be able to roar loud enough to blow hair back and ripple facial tissue[1][2].


Under construction.


All known Raenoks are violent and aggressive, and speak in the third person, eschewing articles and verbs of existence in their speech. Despite their brutish demeanor, they are capable of cunning plans, including setting a trap for and capturing Space Ranger Booster Munchapper. They are described by Buzz Lightyear as "vile, sneaky, and despicable"[3], and by Brent Starkisser as "cruel and despicable" and "the violence-loving scourge of the galaxy"[1].


Apparently, their diet does not include prison food[1]. They are also known to dislike sweets[3].


Under construction.


Raenok culture appears to be built around war and violence. When their leader Varg is imprisoned they complain that they are now in a "warmonger slump"[1]. They are known to have engaged in raids on the planet Bathyos to steal fusion crystals, an act that led to the Galactic Alliance intervening and forcing them into peace talks with the Bathyosians. What we see of their cities shows many guard towers bristling with guns, electric fences labeled "restricted zone", and armed guards, reminiscent of a militant police state; they also have a location named "Execution Square" and an open-air arena for gladiatorial combat. Despite their fearsome reputation, the Raenok are known to allow some Galactic Alliance citizens (relatively) safe entry to their planet, such as Brent Starkisser and Ed the Courier.


In addition to their leader Varg, the Raenok are ruled by a group called the Raenok High Council, consisting of four Raenoks that serve in different capacities; the only position named in the show is "Minister [of] Schemes and Treachery".


The Raenok are a highly warlike race, so much so that the idea of them entering a peace conference renders both Buzz and Mira incredulous (with good reason)[3]. Raenok warriors are known to commit raids on other planets for resources such as fusion crystals. Armed sentries on Raenok are shown to wear helmets, carry batons, and keep dog-like reptilian attack animals on chains[1]. Other weapons known to be used by Raenoks include large guns[3][1][4], immobilizer pucks[2], swords[4], and clubs[1].

Notable Raenoks

Raenok Homeworld


  • Raenoks may have their own language, as one is heard speaking to himself in an unknown alien language in "The Main Event". However, in all subsequent appearances, Raenoks either speak English[3][1] or only make snarling sounds[2].



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