The Porcelon are a species that resemble toilets. Their position in the Galactic Alliance was almost irreparably damaged when Booster, having not had adequate time to use Star Command's facilities, accidentally defiled one of the visiting delegates by attempting to use them to relieve himself.


They resemble toilets with arms and eyes. Whether they are robots that have been made from recycled toilets and toiletries, or living aliens with an unfortunate resemblance, remains a mystery.


An interesting event in their intergalactic history occurred when, during a rare visit to Capital Planet, one of the visiting dignitaries was mistaken for an extra bathroom by Booster Munchapper (much to the horror of the rest of his team).


Ironically, despite their appearance, they seem to dislike all tongue-in-cheek references to their physiology, along with all forms of "toilet humor".

Porcelon Homeworld

It is unknown what their world is like or which quadrant it is located in.


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