Planet of the Little Green Men
Planet of the LGMs
Planet Statistics
Position Gamma Quadrant, Sector 1
Moon(s) Unknown
Gravity normal
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature Normal
Population Unknown
Species LGMs
Society Under construction
Government Unknown
Technology Advanced
Production Details
First Appearance The Adventure Begins
Last Appearance N/A
The Planet of the Little Green Men (otherwise known as the Planet of the LGMs, the LGM Homeworld, or the Green Planet), identified onscreen as Œzạ£▪◊βGæ!, is a peaceful planet where the LGMs reside without strife and in harmony.

It is not only the home of the LGMs, but it is also the home of the all-powerful Uni-Mind.

Known data


There is only one city shown on the LGMs' home planet and the Uni-Mind is under the surface in a chamber for protection. However, Agent Z and Zurg's forces attacked the city and destroyed parts of it, even the chamber with the Uni-mind.


Under construction.


Little Green Men (LGMs)


Life on this planet, to its residents, is carefree. They simply act in a peaceful environment where they socialize like all other beings and just enjoy the day and what it brings to them. There are also LGMs who have duties, such as summoner to summon others together for an assembly. When it comes to communities, each and every LGM is part of a planet-sized community due to their link with the Uni-Mind and with each other. The LGMs live peacefully, and often go to the Uni-Mind for meditation.

LGMs all wear the same clothing. The clothes they wear seem more like a special uniform.


  • The real name of the planet was displayed as Œzạ£▪◊βGæ!, but it seems to be so alien that no one can even read or pronounce it. This may be the language of the LGMs, but it is still not certain whether it is or whether it is just simply code.



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