Planet Z
Planet Z
Planet Statistics
Position Zeta Quadrant, Sector 9
Moon(s) Three auto-defense moons
Gravity Normal
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature Cool
Population Unknown
Society Unknown
Government Presumed to be a Monarchy
Technology Advanced
Production Details
First Appearance The Adventure Begins
Last Appearance Ancient Evil

Planet Z, or Xrghthung, is the residence of the Evil Emperor Zurg and his minions.


The planet itself is red and purple, has three moons, and often has storms around it.

On the surface, the sky is red-tinted and cloudy, and the capitol (at least in the area where Zurg lives) is technologically advanced, rather close to Capital Planet's level of technology. However, factories with smoke emitting from them can also be seen, suggesting heavy use of industrial technology and factories.

The flora and fauna of this planet are never seen, and the main inhabitants (those not enslaved by the emperor) are unknown.
Planet Z

A couple screenshots of the planet's surface....not much else is seen


Exactly how Zurg came to power is unknown. It is also unclear if Zurg rules through monarchy, or some other form of government.

Known Inhabitants

The main inhabitants of the planet are never seen, but Zurg's henchmen (presumed to be from the planet) are.

Brain Pods

Brain-like creatures who use robotic bodies to move around. They are excellent technicians and inventors, designing many of Zurg's weapons for him.


Insect-like creatures similar to LGMs, save for having their mindlink.


Constructed to serve Zurg. Most notable among the robots are the Hornets, who serve as Zurg's foot soldiers.

Evil Emperor Zurg

Zurg's species is unknown, but it is assumed that whatever his species is may be native to Planet Z.


Nothing is truly shown about their lifestyle, although it is assumed the residents live under tyranny.


  • The first few letters of the planet's name, "Xrghthung", could be pronounced "Zurg". It is not known if the planet was named after Zurg, or vice-versa.


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