Planet X
Planet x
Planet Statistics
Position Unknown
Moon(s) Unknown
Gravity Normal
Atmosphere Breathable
Temperature warm
Population Unknown
Species Natron's species
Society Under construction
Government One supreme rule
Technology Advanced
Production Details
First Appearance Ancient Evil
Last Appearance N/A

Planet X is an unnamed, desert-like planet of unknown origins, housing a plethora of ancient ruins. It was a popular digsite for LGMs until they unearthed Natron from his entombed sleep.


The landscape seems to mostly be a desert, with many structures from ancient civilizations.


Although there is little known about the planet or its history, it is known that Natron had ruled over the planet for thousands of years with an iron fist.


Natron is one of the few inhabitants to be seen, but the rest of the population's status is unknown.


The planet's lifestyle is most likely based on Egyptian culture. There are pyramids, temples and tombs present, but there is some sort of ancient technology present inside and out of Natron's tomb. 


  • The planet is based on the archaeological sites in Egypt.



Under construction.

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