Myka as an adult
Biographical Information
Full nameMyka


OccupationGas Harvester
Physical Description

Hair colorDark Brown

Eye colorBlue

Skin colorTan
RelativesZoey (mother), Joe (father)

Production Details
Appears inLone Wolf

Voiced byHaley Joel Osment
Myka is Zoey's son, and works as a gas harvester.

Physical Appearance


Myka as a child.

Myka is short, full of life, and all around innocent. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes like his mother. He smiles with a wide set of white teeth. His most recognizeable feature is his wide-brimmed hat.

When he grows older twenty years into present time, Myka is seen to have grown into a young man, though he still resembles his younger self.


Twenty Years Ago

Myka is only seen in the episode Lone Wolf, where he and his mother, Zoey, live on a far-off world. Together they harvest gas with their puffers, and thankfully Buzz Lightyear fatefully landed when he did. The local gas baron, Vartkes, was extorting the locals at the time for their land and increased profits and Myka and his mother were threatened and harassed by some of Vartkes' thugs. Vartkes was ultimately defeated by Lightyear with help from Myka and Zoey.


Twenty years into the present, Myka is seen to be a fine young man who helps his mother with the family business of mining gas.


A spunky young thing, Myka has the youth and tenacity of a child. He is optimistic, bright, and generally looking on the more positive side of life. He does show more serious emotions, however, when Buzz Lightyear doesn't believe in himself, prompting a harsh reaction on Myka's part.

Loyal and good-natured, Myka portrays innocence and kind will.


  • "As soon as I'm old enough, I'm signin' up with Star Command Academy. I'm gonna be a Space Ranger. Space Rangers are the best! They fight for what's right, no matter what the odds! They never quit."


  • Myka is voiced by Haley Joel Osment, who at the time had been widely recognized for his role in M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense. Osment would later go on to voice Sora, the protagonist of Disney and Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts series of video games.
  • Given that the last scene of Myka is of him, as an adult, still running his family's business implies that he chose to stay home rather than join the Space Rangers in order to protect his mother and business from other crime lords.



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