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Mira Nova
Mira Nova
Biographical Information
Full namePrincess Mira Nova

SpeciesTangean Royal


OccupationSpace Ranger (Rookie and Co-Pilot)
Princess of Tangea
Physical Description

Hair colorRed

Eye colorDark Blue

Skin colorLight Blue
RelativesKing Nova (father)

AffiliationStar Command
Powers and Abilities
PowersTangean mental powers

WeaknessesGrounder and Royal powers cancel each other out when they are in close proximity to each other

EquipmentStar Command-issue

Production Details
First appearanceThe Adventure Begins

Last appearance42

Voiced byNicole Sullivan
“M'kay, hello? The princess has a name!”

Mira Nova is one of four Space Rangers on Team Lightyear, and Buzz Lightyear's co-pilot. She is also a princess and heir to the throne of Tangea. She was inspired to join Star Command after Buzz saved her planet from the Evil Emperor Zurg

Physical Appearance

Mira is a young female Tangean Royal with long red hair, streaked with a paler reddish-orange, and a typical blue complexion. She has large blue eyes and a shapely form.

While in direct sunlight exposure, she can undergo what Tangeans call "yellowing"; their form of tanning that causes their skin to turn bright yellow, and this can also result in a sunburn.


Mira Nova was born on the planet Tangea into the Tangean Royal royal family. Raised to assume her father's throne, Mira first caught sight of Star Command, and the Space Rangers themselves, when Buzz Lightyear came to her world to stop Evil Emperor Zurg from taking over with his Hyper-Hornet. This was the first contact she had with a Space Ranger and ever since then, it had been her dream to enlist and serve; that drive ultimately leading her to become a member of Team Lightyear, a position she currently holds.

Her ex-boyfriend is Romac, a Tangean Grounder.


Princess Mira Nova isn't your typical princess. She is a hot-head, a real firebrand. As a Tangean Royal from Tangea, she has blue skin, red hair, and can also ghost through walls; hence Tangean for intangibility. Unlike other Tangean Royals (minus Fop Doppler), Mira Nova is more than eager to hand evil-doers swift, just butt-whoopings. She can be arrogant and cocky, often times clashing with Buzz, her captain. She can be impatient, and she also stutters when speaking; a habit throughout the series. Despite these shortcomings, she is a solid, decent friend and fighter to her team. She is an excellent shot, and along with that hard head, she won't quit until given the order. She is also confident in her abilities, although a little careless at times. As a Space Ranger, she doesn't like to be called "princess".

Mira is also a very stubborn individual, sometimes deliberately ignoring advice and orders given by others.[1]

Unlike most other Tangean Royals, she does not think herself superior to other species, and even had a brief romance with a Tangean Grounder named Romac (much to the displeasure of her father).


Mira ghosting
  • Intangibility: Mira can phase through solid objects (aka "ghosting").
  • Telepathy: She can also read, control, and presumably plant ideas into people's minds.
  • Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant: She showed off her impressive abilities by beating Level 10 in the training deck, defeating three giant robots. Even without her ghosting powers, she showed a skill level comparable to Buzz's by being able to handle Level 9 with just her ranger skills.
  • Mind Manipulation: Among other powers, Mira is also able to erase people's memories, discern information by picking brains, and can also mind-link with certain individuals who are able to link in turn; Romac is one such individual. It is hinted she has yet to fully discover all her powers, as she has yet to finish all her training.



  • "Wha? Is he kidding, that's craz-! Oh, oh, and about that incident on the playground in the third grade? (she hisses) Yeah, gotta let it go."


  • Her last name, "Nova" is a reference to the phenomenon of the same name in space, involving the explosion of a white dwarf star.
  • She is one of the only rangers shown to have white shoulder pads instead of green, as even the other female rangers have green shoulder pads.
  • She has read the minds of the following people: Buzz, Booster, a Brain Pod, Crumford Lorak, The Fixer, and Gravitina.
  • (Speculation) Her name, "Mira", is a variation of the name "Amira", which means "princess" in Arabic. The creators likely did this on purpose, since she is a princess. It is also possible that she was named after the star Mira, a pulsating variable in the constellation Cetus.
  • In Bunzel Fever it is speculated that Mira either has excessive sweating in the feet or athlete's foot as XR once used a pair of her socks to wake an unconscious Booster.





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