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Madame President
Biographical Information
Full nameMadame President

SpeciesMadame President's species

OccupationPresident of the Galactic Alliance
Physical Description

Hair colorLavender

Eye colorYellow

Skin colorTeal
Production Details
First appearanceInside Job

Last appearanceReturn to Karn

Voiced byRoz Ryan

Madame President (as her title suggests) is the president of the Galactic Alliance.

Physical Appearance

She is of an unknown species of alien with teal skin and yellow eyes. Her lavender hair is statuesque, she has two mouths, and is short and stocky.


Her history before her election to the Presidency is unknown. She currently heads the Galactic Alliance, and is a staunch supporter of Star Command and a proponent of the Space Rangers.


Madame President takes a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to key issues, and does very little in the area of political maneuvering. She states the facts as she sees them, and brooks no beating around the bush. She has a tendency to shout and can be overbearing at times, but is generally a fair-minded and intelligent leader.


Members of Madame President's species have the ability to speak with either mouth, either alternately or simultaneously in unison, which they use for yelling and adding emphasis to their words.


Inside Job

The Planet Destroyer

  • "Rangers, put a sock in it! That is an executive order!"

The Taking of PC-7

Dirty Work


War and Peace and War

Return to Karn


  • The males in the President's species also possess two mouths.
  • The President typically speaks with one mouth after the other, but at times will speak with both at the same time, resulting in two simultaneous voices.
  • The President is voiced by Roz Ryan, who had earlier voiced Thalia, the muse of Comedy in Disney's Hercules franchise.



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