Little Green Men (LGMs)
Little green men
Biological Information
Homeworld Œzạ£▪◊βGæ!
Lifespan Unknown
Abilities Connected through the Uni-mind
Weaknesses Powerless without the Uni-mind
Physical Description
Average Height around 2 feet (60.96 cm)
Average Weight Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black on White
Skin Color Light Green
Characteristics Three eyes, pointed ears, antennae
Political Information
Affiliation Star Command
Allies Space Rangers
Enemies Evil Emperor Zurg
Production Details
First Appearance The Adventure Begins
Last Appearance 42

The Little Green Men, or LGMs, are an ingenuous race whose minds are connected through the Uni-Mind, a mystical orb that enables them to think and act as one. LGMs are also best known for being Star Command's loyal scientists and engineers, and without them the space station and its fleet of spaceships wouldn't be able to run properly.



LGMs are stout creatures about 2 1/2 feet tall and lime green with three eyes, pointed ears, and a clubbed antenna protruding from the top of their head.


LGMs are known to have a homeworld labeled in their language: "Œz£■◊-ßGæ!", though they are known to work at Star Command as technicians and scientists, and in North Polaris as "Elf-GMs".


The LGM race is mentally unified by the mystical orb called the Uni-Mind, located on their homeworld. This orb telepathically places all the knowlege and emotion within itself, having the LGMs function as one, though they can be free thinkers and are free to do as they please. This telepathic connection works through their antennae.

A Space Ranger took the place of an LGM at mission control at Star Command, and the LGMs gave misnomers, indifferently saying that rangers all look the same. This was either a joke, or LGMs look at the world in a much different way.


LGMs are generally known to have the same diet as Humans, but their favorite foods are sugary sweets. It is unknown if they are immune to the side effects sugar can leave behind.


The LGMs speak in the same voice and act as one, thanks to the Uni-Mind, a mystical orb on their home planet that links their minds together.[1]


LGMs are the most loyal beings in the known universe,[2] but are known best for their work as Star Command's science officers, having a passion for creating new devices.[1]


Because their minds are all linked and they think and act as one, they may not require a government, since no one would be likely to deviate from any laws, and they would not need someone to lead and direct them since they would already know (and agree on) what to do.


They have no known military (as shown when Zurg steals the Uni-Mind and they are defenseless) and appear to rely heavily on Star Command to defend them.

Notable LGMs

None, since none of them have names and they all share the same mind.

LGM Homeworld



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