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The title of this article is not the individual's real name.

Biographical Information
Full nameUnknown


Physical Description

Hair colorNone

Eye colorEmerald

Skin colorOrange
Production Details
Appears inEnemy Without a Face

Voiced byRob Paulsen

The Krnozian is the last of his tribe after a 900-year-long war with the Beletors.

Physical Appearance

He has orange skin, brown lips, and green eyes. He wears brown clothing and a chestnut hat on his head. 


At some point in time, the Krnozian had been infected by the parasite, much like what happened to his people, turning him hateful and violent and causing him to declare war against the Beletors. The 900-year-long war, caused by the parasites, culminated in the near extinction of the Beletors and Krnozians, leaving one member of each species as the sole survivors.

When Team Lightyear crashed onto the planet, the Krnozian thought the Space Rangers were Beletors and attacked Mira and XR. After learning that they are not his enemies, the Krnozian told the two Rangers about his struggles and convinced them to help end this war.

A final battle took place with the Krnozian being nearly killed until Team Lightyear realized the insanity of the situation and tried to stop the Beletor from eliminating him. The Krnozian was removed from his suit but that didn't stop him from trying to attack the Beletor, only to be stopped by XR, who fired ice cubes at him. Unbeknownst to all parties, the cold from the ice removed the parasite from the Krnozian.

With the parasites seemingly extinct, the Krnozian and the Beletor, who also had her parasite removed, lived together in peace.


When he had the parasite on his neck, it turned him aggressive and headstrong but he was still neutral in mind. After the parasite on his neck was frozen by XR's icebag, his personality became more calm and kindhearted.


He gets superstrength and great hand to hand combat from his robotic armor. But he does not have any special abilities without it.


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