King nova.png
Biographical Information
Full nameKing Nova

SpeciesTangean Royal


Physical Description

Hair colorRed

Eye colorYellow

Skin colorBlue
RelativesMira Nova (daughter)

Powers and Abilities
PowersTangean Ghosting Abilities

WeaknessesGetting addicted to energy

Production Details
First appearanceThe Planet Destroyer

Last appearanceWar and Peace and War

Voiced byJohn O'Hurley

King Nova is Mira's father, and the Sovereign King of Tangea.

Physical Appearance

King Nova is a Tangean Royal, and has blue skin and black eyes. He has red hair and two long sideburns that merge to form a moustache underneath his bent nose. Like most Tangeans, he has a long neck.

He is usually seen wearing the same green suit and cane, possibly a sign of his stature as King of Tangea. In times of battle or adventure, he has donned a space suit modeled after Medieval European armor.


Like all Tangeans, with the exception of his daughter, King Nova holds a very elitist attitude, holding his species as superior over all other races in the Galaxy. He is prone to using insulting nicknames to refer to other species, such as referring to humans as "monkeys". Despite his air of superiority, King Nova is not above admitting his mistakes when proven wrong, and can be reasoned with.

His relationship with his daughter, Mira Nova, is best described as tumultulous. He strongly disapproves of his daughter's wishes to join Star Command, feeling such an organization is beneath a Tangean Royal. In truth, most of this disapproval stems from his concern over her wellbeing. Many of King Nova's decisions and arguments with Mira are ultimately revealed to be a father trying to help his daughter avoid the same mistakes he had made in the past.


  • Intangibility: King Nova can phase through solid objects (aka "ghosting") and use it to read, control, and presumably plant ideas into people's minds by phasing his hand into their heads. Being more experienced with his Tangean powers, King Nova knows various abilities including the Power Ghosting state, which almost brought him to the bank of destruction.


The Planet Destroyer

Mira's Wedding

Super Nova

The Starthought

First Missions


  • It has been suggested that King Nova's power exceeds that of his daughter's due to her incomplete training, although the full extent of his Tangean powers is never seen.



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